When is the Best Time to Eat? is some controversy about how many times and when people should eat if they want to lose weight

Many say eating breakfast is not important, while others say it helps people lose weight.  Many believe that eating late at night contributes to weight gain, yet others say it doesn’t make any difference.

Some will tell you that in terms of weight loss it doesn’t matter if you eat more than two times at day, while others specifically recommend that people eat more than two times a day.

I have been helping people lose weight for more than five years and my clients are very successful at it. I honestly don’t think that I’m the only expert, and everyone’s point of view is valid.  I think people make recommendations because they believe what they’re saying: It probably worked for them or their clients.

My job here is to help you understand the pros and cons of eating many times a day compared to a few times a day.

Thermic effect of food…

The thermic effect of food is the amount of energy the body expends when digesting. According to experts, this process takes at least 10% of the body’s daily energy needs.

So the logic is that the more often you eat, the more often the thermic effect is activated. 

On the other hand, people eat fewer times a day in an effort to eat fewer calories. I don’t think the thermic effect makes a lot of difference in weight loss, and I have not read a strong study showing otherwise.  But I do think that every single grain of sand adds up.

Eating at night does not make people fat…

Food is food at any time of the day and the body burns calories 24/7.

The calories that go into the body at 8pm. are the same as calories that go in at 5pm.  Your likelihood of late-night snacking depends on how much time there is between dinner and when you go to bed.

I think the myth of eating late began because people tend to choose the wrong foods to snack on when in front of the TV.

What I have learned is that we are designed to survive, and food is part of our survival…

If we were living where there were limited healthy food resources, eating one or two times a day wouldn’t make us fat.  It would be difficult to overeat something that we lack and the body would not have enough calories to store.  Keep in mind that I’m not saying this is healthy.

The truth is we live where there are more than enough food resources, not only healthy food but also junk food high in empty calories.

What does this mean? 

Since we are designed for survival, hunger is a signal telling us we need energy. Therefore the instinct for survival coupled with readily available unhealthy food choices can add up to weight gain. We live in a society where we are in a rush and don’t take the time to plan our eating schedule.

Sometimes we wake up, don’t eat and go to work and then notice we are hungry. What happens then?

We eat anything that’s in front of us…

We are so hungry that we don’t care what we eat; it could be healthy, high in empty calories, or chemical-laden.  We go to the closest fast food restaurant or buy packaged foods.

The only thing we want is to eat soon.

We also overeat…

Because we have been waiting to eat for hours (maybe 5-8 hours), we don’t control our appetite. We eat foods high in calories and eat a lot of them. Then we feel guilty and we try to understand why we can’t control ourselves.

But we repeat the cycle and wait many hours before our next meal.

I have found that that people who eat breakfast and have snacks between meals choose the right foods and eat the right amount…

That’s because they’re not very hungry by the next meal, and their mind is clear to make conscious decisions about the foods they will choose. These people usually choose the healthiest foods. Also, they don’t overeat because they don’t need to compensate for the eight hours during which they have not eaten.

It seems obvious that a person who eats fewer calories than needed will lose weight. 

However, the right environment is required to eat minimum calories and health can be jeopardized with a low-calorie diet. If we are realistic, we can understand that our brain makes survival decisions that are difficult to control under certain circumstances.

The best action we can take is to avoid those circumstances (in this case, not to let hunger catch us off guard) and to make conscious decisions.

To sum it up…

My conclusion is that eating at least three times a day with one or two snacks, if required, is the best approach to weight loss for people who are not consciously aware of their food decisions.

An example of the best time to eat:

– breakfast at 6am
– fruit at 10 am
– lunch at 12pm
– fruit or kefir serving at 4pm
– dinner at 7pm

Eating just a few times a day may decrease your caloric intake and help you lose weight, but for this to happen you need to overcome the feeling of hunger and eat the right foods and the right amount.

If this doesn’t work, eating more times a day may help control your hunger and, therefore, help you choose the right foods and the right amount.

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De-Stress to Eat Less

Why people stop their weight loss program

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is weight loss.

Therefore millions of people start a diet, hire a personal trainer, join a gym, embark on an exercise program at home, take dieting pills or engage in some weight loss program. Everyone wants to start their year on the right foot.

Studies show that nearly 95% of people fail to achieve their weight loss goal, and 95% of the 5% who lost weight, will regain it.

That doesn’t leave many success stories!

Why do most people fail?

Being overweight involves a complex interaction of many factors involving psychological, environmental, evolutionary, biological and genetic causes.

All these factors interact affecting each other and it is hard to comprehend how to deal with this issue.

This is one of the reasons many people fail to achieve their weight loss goals. They don’t understand what they need to do for them to succeed.

For this reason, it is important to know about each individual part of the complexity of the overweight epidemic to succeed in the weight loss resolution.

Stress definition

Everyone has heard the word “stress” before, however many don’t really know the correct definition of it.

Collin’s English Dictionary explains stress as ‘the special emphasis or significance attached to something, mentally, emotionally or physically. For the human being, stress is thoughts that give us some level of worry about something.’

As an example: A person who is married, has a car, a job and any other responsibilities, has some level of stress or attachment towards the responsibility.

These thoughts have different levels of severity.

For instance, an individual maybe worry about paying his or her bills by the end of the month while he or she is holding a job.

Compare the same individual trying to pay his or her bills when he or she does not have a job. Some lead to the same cause, but the consequences are different.

Therefore the level of stress is different in each situation.

How can stress lead to being overweight?


When a person is under stress, the individual may only want to cope with it.

Coping with negative emotions is more important for most people than sticking to a lifestyle modification.

People usually don’t see the benefit of keeping to their new weight loss program when they are under stress fall back to a sedentary lifestyle.

Furthermore, research show that stress can also encourage dietary disinhibition or lapses in dietary intake among dieting individuals.

Both physical inactivity and lack of time to prepare healthy meals further increase weight gain among people with continuing stress.

Another way that stress affects a person is by overeating or choosing the wrong foods

Researchers have proven that individuals who eat in response to stress exhibit an increased preference for high fat and sweet foods which leads to increased body weight.

The reason why people choose these types of foods is because, according to scientists, eating high fat and carbohydrate caloric content “comfort” food may help in reducing biological stress system activity and concomitant negative emotions during chronic stress.

This means that those comfort foods help an individual to control the chemicals released in their bodies as a reaction to stress.

These stress factors do occur unconsciously and they need to be approached.

What not to do

Stress is a synonym of worry. Therefore it should be treated and not ignored.

Ignoring stress can lead to more stress and problematic behaviors as Susan Hoeksema, psychologist and author, explains; “The way people cope with illness and other stressful life circumstances can affect their health.”

Many people have heard different ways to deal with stress, such as a glass of wine a day, yoga, and perhaps a vacation.

Likewise, people use food as a stress reliever.

These methods will help the individual to relax, but they won’t fix the problem, and they will only repress the worries if the individual just relied on these methods.

This can be referred to as avoidance coping: denying that the individual is ill or he or she is facing other obvious stress.

Avoidance coping has been linked to several health related problems. The methods to deal with stress are simple.

The solution is dedication.

Solution to stress

Here are some examples of stress:

retrospective, present or futuristic worries.

These worries can involve issues such as money, health, relationships and psychological problems.

Here are a couple of suggestions to deal with stress:

– Prioritize worries from the most severe (important) to the less severe (less important). Find different solutions.

– Discard the unrealistic and execute the chosen one. Make realistic goals and work towards those goals.

– Get anything that needs to be done, done. Do not ignore it. Don’t make another problem with the problem already made.

– If one problem gets out of control,  don’t let the problem affect other aspects of life.

– Take care of the stress right of way.

– Find answers for past stress that may still be a bother.

– And last but not least: seek professional help when necessary.

Stress management is only part of the solution

Overweight is a complex interaction between psychological, environmental, evolutionary, biological and genetic factors.

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to the overweight problem.

By dealing with stress, people may be able to control overeating, chose the right foods and keep control of their body weight.

It is important to continue getting new information about how to maintain or achieve, a healthy body weight.

In addition, the information acquired is not enough. It needs to be practiced. Professional psychologists agree that it takes more than information to change people’s actions. In other words, the individual needs to be ready to change his/her lifestyle.

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Are The People Around You Holding You Down?


Do you know who Anthony Robbins is?

If not, don’t worry, I didn’t know either. However I am currently reading one of his best selling books where he talks openly about his personal battle with being overweight.

He mentions how he was extremely overweight and how he realized all he needed to do was observe and model people who were thin, find out what they ate, how they ate, what they thought, what their beliefs were, and he could produce the same results.

Drop those who are pulling you back

He made me think about past articles where I talk about how important is to leave “crab” people behind and continue with your fitness journey.

Crabs have a tendency to pull another crab back.

When fishermen catch crabs they put them in a bucket. And becasue they want space they attempt to climb up to the top but all the time others pull them down. Sound familiar?

Many people do the same with others who try to succeed in their weight loss program

There are many reasons. Some people are lazy and don’t want you to be progressing because they don’t want to be left behind. Others simply don’t want to lose you and since you are adopting different habits they feel that you are spending less time with them.

Their reasoning usually is not about supporting you.

This makes me think about the people who we spend time with. Are they people of progression or are they time wasters?

We all model other people. Subconsciously we model our peers, co-workers, families and celebrities.

Negative people pull us down from our success, but even then we also model them making our positive change even harder.


This behavior keeps us in the comfort zone, gets us used to the negativity and it is hard for us to see a success.

Have you heard about the 100 Monkeys Effect?

There were 100 monkeys that couldn’t cut open coconuts. They traveled from their region and found another troop of monkeys whom they saw breaking coconuts by smashing them against rocks.

The impossible mission to cut open the coconuts was now possible for them. People see events impossible until they find others succeeding in the impossible event. It is the same in human endeavour. It’s a fact that once somebody breaks a barrier – the Four Minute Mile, swimming the English Channel etc – then very quickly others follow…

Do you want to succeed in your weight loss and fitness journey?

Presumably you do. Then stop modeling people who have negative habits, cut the “crab” out of your life, and model people who have been successful in their weight loss and fitness goals.

Do you want to know how experienced people do it? Do you need models to follow?

You can follow family or friends who are self-motivated, already following a healthy lifestyle and start making plan with them. Another idea is to go to the gym, find a fit person and interview them.

You could also visit your local gym and meet people who are on the way to achieving their goals or have already achieved them.

Does it sound easy enough for you to get to your fitness goals? The reason why it sounds easy is because it is. Act upon your knowledge. Action is what makes people successful in attaining their weight and fitness goals.

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The Fear of Losing Control


Living a normal life

Michael has a normal life just like most of us. He has a stable job, a wife, two kids, a mortgage and a new car payment, and he takes care of his health.

Michael understands that his family, mortgage, car payment and health expenses depend on his job.

Michael has a ‘perfect’ life, and it’s going the way he wants it to until, just as could happen to anyone, he undergoes a series of catastrophic events.

When the whole world flips upside down

One of his son turns suicidal; his hours at work get cut by half, so he loses his benefits and can’t afford his mortgage or car payments; and his wife suffers a disability and cannot work.

With all of this he is considering canceling his personal training membership. Michael now is under physical, moral, financial and health stress.

What are the best decisions to make?

Will you stop exercising and work double to keep the house and the car? Will you double your son’s drug prescription? What are the best steps to take when under stress?

What would you do?

Fortunately, Michael knew that good times are not forever and there will be bad times, so he saved some money for these events.

He decides to sell his house and buy a smaller, more affordable apartment, and he does the same with his car.

Now he can make both payments without getting another job and hopefully he can get a promotion by performing better.

Michael understands that his family is more important than any material or social status, so he starts helping his son understand life and spends extra time with him, taking away all the psychiatric medication that made his behavior worse.

Also he supports his wife and helps her to get better, so she can help out as soon as possible. They are very supportive of each other.

Committed to his health

The commitment he made a year ago to his health is still strong, but he does downgrade on his personal training sessions.

Instead of paying several sessions a month, he decides to meet only once with his personal trainer to go over his program, which he will continue on his own.

By doing this, he will save money on doctor visits, medication and personal training.

Stay strong…

These catastrophic events are a step back for Michael. He did not plan for them.

However, Michael is resilient and continues going forward.


Rehabbing his son, supporting his wife and getting a promotion at work won’t happen overnight. But he knows that if he continues moving forward someday his life will go back to normal.

After four years, Michael’s life is better

Michael has become the CEO of his company; his son is no longer on psychiatric drugs and is doing great in high school, winning some scholarships for college thanks to his grades and dedication; his house and car are paid off with his wife’s help, and they are planning to rent their small apartment and move to a bigger house.

And Michael is strong and healthy and training to do his first triathlon.

…and you can fix your life!

These events were a wake-up call for Michael.

He responded by coming up with a plan, spending more time with his son, doing better at work (where he had been just going through the motions), supporting his wife and buying something he could afford no matter the consequences, all without dropping his health habits.

Can you imagine what would have happened if he had stopped exercising, put his son on psychiatric drugs, divorced his wife and tried to maintain his social status by getting a second job?

What are your tendencies? Are you resilient? What is your strategic plan? What would you do?

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How to Replace Your Bad Habits with Good Habits

Bad habits lie in wait for us to adopt them, like evil pets!

We can find them around the corner with no effort. And once we have adopted them, they make our lives unhealthy and often unhappy.

One of my clients, “Bob,” told me recently that he doesn’t like to miss his exercise sessions because when he does he gets too comfortable and he might stop coming at all. He has achieved his first goal of losing 24 pounds. He’s 61 and thought that it would be almost impossible to lose weight, yet he achieved it. He’s now going for five more pounds.

One of Bob’s strengths is that he knows his weaknesses and is willing to fight them. Many of us don’t want to see it when we are sliding down the slope into bad habits, but Bob does and works to prevent relapses.

From personal experience I know that life is a constant fight to adopt and maintain positive habits. Unlike bad habits, however, good habits are not easy to adopt. Nonetheless the benefit of good habits is a higher quality of life, which in turn means happiness.


Bob came to see me because he knew he needed motivation to start a good habit, and now that’s really acquired it, he has the will continue exercising himself.

To stay on track, Bob focuses on the benefits that a good habit like exercise provides – such as weight loss, better appearance, strength, fewer visits to doctors, diminishing aches and more energy. Plus, the exercise habit has nowmotivated him to improve other habits and he eats better now.

Bad habits cannot be “deleted,” only replaced by good habits. And once you start by adopting one positive habit, other positive habits are easier to get on board. One becomes more conscious of one’s ability to improve and keeps going! Our health depends on our good habits.

Whoever thinks that practicing negative behaviors only for a short time will be exempt from consequences is making a mistake. It’s like playing with fire and not wanting to get burned.

You can be the prisoner of  your bad habits


When I was young I got into drinking, but a wise man saw me messing up and asked if I planned to drink like that my whole life. I was shocked and told him no.

He continued: “Do you think the people who become alcoholics or addicts dream of becoming alcoholics or addicts?”
“No,” I responded again.
“So,” he pursued, “you think you can control your drinking, but let me tell you, it becomes a habit and soon you’ll be prisoner of that habit. People who become addicted think that they are the exception.”

I’ve never forgotten those wise words. Since then, I’m cautious about my habits. People don’t plan to become a slave of their desires or addictions; instead they like to make choices.

Be strong willed

I’m gratefu I have the willpower to choose to make progress and improve my health and my body, just like Bob. He’s has chosen to better his life over his couch-potato tendencies. He’s happy to be leaving behind a sedentary lifestyle to improve his health and quality of life.

Psalm 126, verses 5-6 tell us that, “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He, who goes out weeping carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.” My take on this ancient wisdomthat they are talking in their own way about habits.

Bob and I understand that good habits are the only genuine way to lose weight and keep it off. Don’t believe those silly TV and Internet ads: There isno shortcut!

Is weight loss your goal?

Do an inventory of your habits and find out which bad habits are making you gain weight. Then, start developing good habits that will do the opposite. Keep in mind that you may be so used to your bad habits that you might not be able to identify them. And you may have become so attached to those bad habits that unconsciously you don’t want to give them up.

Believe in yourself

But believe in change: You are stronger than any bad habit you have developed. Reclaim your life and start losing the pounds  you always wanted to lose.

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How Your Environment Affects What You Eat

If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.

— John Allston

How do you make decisions?

Are the decisions you are making strictly your own, or are they influenced by someone else?  Do you think you have control over your mind or that your mind has control over you?  Is junk food really what you want, or did someone else put that idea in your head?

I made some bad decisions in the past that yielded bad results.  These decisions were based on my experiences, knowledge, beliefs and feelings.

Went things went wrong, I used to blame it on everything and everyone.  I thought I was born with destructive desires and that there was nothing I could do to fix it.

First step: admitting blame

My negative desires were so powerful that I enjoyed them and I didn’t want to do anything about them because they gave me immediate pleasure.  Thinking about the future results of my negative behaviors was not one of my strong points.

There came a time when I admitted I was making wrong decisions and wanted to change.  I became hungry for knowledge.  This was the first time I challenged myself with questions that challenged societal norms.

The truth is that soon everything started to make sense to me.  I understoodwhy people were different and why cultures have different beliefs.

For some people it is very difficult to ask questions that go against their beliefs because their life has been guided by those beliefs.  It would be like building a house, living a comfortable life there and suddenly demolishing it.

Overcome negative influences from the environment

I started studying why I’d been making bad decisions.  It was partly because of the information I got from friends, teachers, my parents, TV and my surroundings.  This is what we call environment: everything that surrounds us and affects us.

A social environment is usually designed by the beliefs of the majority.  For example, if most people say that the earth is flat, then most people believe it.  Or if most people say that diseases are genetic, most people believe it.  And when someone goes against these norms, they are seen as being out of touch.

So my research led me to understand that my brain was programmed according to the environment and that no one taught me how to control my feelings.  I had no control over my mind.

The difference between a computer and a human being is that we have feelings upon which we base our decisions.  Machines make decisions according to their programming only.

Even if I don’t want it to, environment does affect my brain.  The reality is thatI can’t control my outside environment, but I can control how I respond to it.

Negative influences within your environment

For instance, if there are commercials on TV that make a particular food sound very delicious and cheap, I can choose not to watch TV at all.  I can’t control the commercials, but I can control what I can do about it.

This is why I would avoid TV: I’ve learned that food commercials are designed to touch us in a deeper level.  They may play upon a feeling, such as happiness, boredom, depression and so on.  Remember that more than 85 percent of our actions are unconscious, so these commercials affect our unconscious decisions leading us to choose these specific foods.


My friends can also affect my decisions. Sometimes we choose what our friends choose simply because we want to be accepted by them.  By choosing the same foods, even though we know these foods are not good, we feel accepted.  However, if I want to control what I eat, I need to control my decisions, but I can’t control my friend’s decisions, including their rejection.  I might want to find new friends.

Common wisdom

So-called common wisdom is another way environment affects me.  I used to trust authority, but now I question everything, and I make sure I find real research that backs up any statement. I use common sense as well.  I noticed that believing without questioning put me on the wrong path. Therefore I don’t take action without doing my own research.  (Well, I can still be foolish once in a while but not that often and soon I get back in track).

Environment will always affect the decisions I’ll make in the future.  However, I can also affect my environment by choosing what to watch, what to read and who to be with, and by actively searching for knowledge.

“It is virtually impossible to understand how biology works outside the context of environment.”

–Dr. Robert Sapolsky

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Exercises to Slim Down Your Hips

What are the best exercises to slim down your hips?

Exercising your legs or doing exercises that require your legs is the best exercise you can do to lose weight and tone your body and hips.

This is because your legs are the biggest muscle you have in your body and do require more energy than any other muscle. Before we get to the exercises that tone your hips, I want to help you understand why the myth of isolating or targeting fat on the body is just that – a myth.

Isolation exercises are not the best for burning fat

We all want your attention. I want your attention, the personal trainer wants your attention, the “magic lotion” seller wants your attention. Our job is to convince you that our product or our services are the ones that are going to work for you.

Therefore, we use all our strategies to convince you to buy from us. Now the question is, do we want to help you and exchange real value for your money, or do I just want your money by offering you something “easy” that will deliver what you want?

The reality is that there is not an exercise out there or method that will isolate fat on your body.

Let me show you some logic.

How does your body use fat for energy?

The body uses Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) as energy. Fat is one of the nutrients that is converted into ATP for the body to use as energy. Fat is stored on your entire body, some people store it evenly, others in mostly their hips and others in their stomach.

When you do any exercise, let’s use your hips, for example, by doing squats, your body will extract fat from your whole body, not only your hips, to deliver it to the liver to convert it into ATP and then it will be delivered to the working muscle. In other words, you will lose weight evenly on your body.

Follow an effective weight loss program

Therefore to slim your hips, your stomach or your body in general, you will need to follow an effective weight loss program.

(I recommend you focus on your eating habits, cardiovascular training, strength training and mental health. I have found out that this is the most effective way to slim down your hips).

The best exercises to slim down your hips

Once you are using an effective weight loss program, if you want to tone your hips and legs, here are some exercises that are guaranteed to tone your hips and legs:

– Lunges; front lunges, reverse lunges, jumping lunges, walking lunges
– Bulgarian split squats
– One leg squat
– Romanian deadlift
– Deadlift
– Step ups
– Jumping squats

Benefits of compound exercises

These exercises will target all big muscle groups, such as the gluteus maximum, gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, leg abductors and adductors, quadriceps and hamstrings.

In addition, I will recommend that you learn more about weight lifting periodization, if you are looking to tone your hips.

My job is to help you save time in your life and help you reach your goal quickly. Find a healthy and effective weight loss program, follow these exercises and your hips will get slim and toned.

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Whole Body Maintenance Regime

You probably already know what I’m about to tell you, but maybe you haven’t looked at it this way before…

Have you noticed that as soon as you clean your house, it just gets dirty again? Or maybe you feel like you just took your car in for service and it needs to go back to the shop already.  What about your laundry? Or your nails or hair — is it time to get them done again? Think about it.

Everything in life requires maintenance

If you stop doing your hair it may not look its best, or if you don’t take your car in for servicing it may die in the middle of the road (like mine did).  If you don’t clean your house it will probably become a mess.

Just like all of these other things, your health and body require maintenance.  If you stop maintaining your body, you may gain some extra weight, develop diseases, feel weak, get older faster and become dysfunctional.

You have a gift and it is one of the most valuable gifts of all.  Not everyone has the privilege to have a body just as perfect as yours. If you want to get the best from it, maintain it.  You will find more enjoyment in your body, health and life.

Here are a couple of things I recommend you do to maintain your body:

1. Exercise daily.  This could be running, walking, biking, weightlifting, hiking, climbing or swimming.  There is nothing like exercise to keep your body younger and performing at a high level.  Exercise will increase your metabolism, give you more energy, increase your strength and make your body a highly efficient machine.

2. Eat real foods.  By using premium gasoline my car runs smoothly and I go further on a tank.  If I were to use diesel in my gasoline engine, it might run, but it would break down soon.

The same happens to your body.  Find the best fuel for your body.  It is your body and it deserves the best!  Fuel it with organic, natural and whole foods.  Find out what is in everything you eat.  If you put in the wrong fuel, sooner or later your body will pay the consequences.

3. Get a checkup from a physician once in a while to make sure your body is running great.  You’ll notice that the healthier you are, the fewer doctor visits you will need.

4. Sleep from 6 to 8 hours.  I sleep 6 hours every day because I love to reach my goals.  My goals are what give me the energy to wake up every day. However, sometimes my body feels that it needs more sleep. Therefore, I take naps when I need them.  I have noticed that I function better when I have rested enough.

5. With all you put your body through — weightlifting, running, waking up early and digesting every day — I recommend you also spoil it once in a while with a cleanse, massage or acupuncture.

You will see what a difference any of these will make in your body.  To get true enjoyment from any of these relaxation methods, you need to put your body in maintenance stage.

Take care of your body – work at it every day

To live longer and stay healthy, strong and young, you need to maintain your body.  Of course, nobody will force you to do so, but there is no other way to get the benefits of maintaining your body than by working at it every day.

High maintenance of your body is a better feeling than coming to a clean house, having your hair done or driving a high performance machine. Live to the fullest and get your maintenance plan in action.  One, 10 or 50 years from now, you will be happy for having made the decision to take care of your body.

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Body Composition vs. Numbers on a Scale: Which Means More?

How many times have you got on the scales either at home, at the health club or in the doctor’s office?

What are the first thoughts that come through your head when you are about to get on the scale? Are all pounds equal when it comes to improving physical appearance and health?

Keep your focus away from the scales

People usually focus in different areas, some focus on the scale, others on the difficulties of their new habits and others in old and new goals. When peopleonly focus on the scale and don’t pay attention in their new habits and other changes, sometimes they end up dropping their weight loss program because they don’t see the scale change.

Body composition assessments are very important in a weight loss program

There are many ways of assessing body compositions, bioelectronical impedance, hydrostatic weighing, infrared body composition analysis, skinfold are some examples.

All have different costs and some are more accurate it than others.  Choosing a body composition assessment method comes down to preference availability, cost and beliefs.

My point here is to find a way to do a body composition assessment and here are the reasons why:

The results are not on the scales

When some of my clients focus on the scale, they become discouraged because they see a little or no change on the scale. However, usually they tell me that their clothes fits better, looser on the waist and shoulders.

Even though is not applicable for everyone, most of them, are losing fat and gaining muscle, reason why they weigh the same and the body is shaping to a smaller size. We, as a society, have an illusion about scale’s expectations even though we are already seeing results that can be measure in other ways.

Don’t be afraid of weight lifting

Many women are afraid of weight lifting because of many myths in society. I had many clients who were afraid of getting “muscular,” but as soon as they see their body taking form and toning, there worries are gone and they push more.

Weight loss is not what we should focus on

The first areas that we should be focusing on are habits and lifestyle changes. Ones we understand that, we need to focus on losing fat, not weight.

For some people the scale changes drastically. For others, is periodically small. It all depends in the levels of fat and muscle that the body has and the metabolism of the body. In addition, don’t forget that as we age, less muscle and more fat the body tends lose and gain.

Simply weighing a person does not tell us anything about their body composition

Thus, a muscular individual may have a higher weight but less fat compared to a “healthy weight” individual. Focusing on weight loss as an indicator of improved fat loss has a similar limitation. By developing healthier living patterns, one’s body composition may change.

This may result in a loss of body fat, a slight increase in muscle mass, a smaller waistline with little or no change in body weight. Therefore, relax if you don’t see any changes on the scale and continue changing your lifestyle.

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Burning Desire: the Secret to Weight Loss

The secret to your success in weight loss

Here are two indispensable virtues you need to succeed in your weight-loss and health goals: desire and commitment. These two virtues are correlated. The bigger your desire to reach your goal, the more committed you will be to your program. On the other hand, the less desire you have, the less committed you will be.

Let me explain further. We can guess that all people who are enrolled in a weight-loss program have a desire to lose weight. But the reality is that many of these people do not. They just want all the benefits that a healthy body weight provides. Many people want to enjoy many active recreational activities and fit in clothes that they fit in when they were younger. But they don’t want to pay the price. This is one of the reasons why they opt for easy ways out like surgery, diet pills, hormone treatments, diets and so on.

What is a ‘burning desire’?

A burning desire means that the person is willing to sacrifice anything to get to his or her goal (except his or her personal relations, integrity and health). Not many people have a burning desire.

I remember when I started to exercise. I was at the gym 6 times a week no matter the consequences. Back then, I had to work two jobs, one after the other. My day started at 6 a.m. and ended at 2 a.m. My first job started at 7 a.m. and finished at 4 p.m. Then, my second job started right after the first one ended and I be finished by 12 am. I’d drive to the 24-hour gym, work out for an hour and drive home. I had a burning desire to improve my appearance. Now that I’m where I want to be, all I have to do is maintain it.

I heard that where we spend the most energy to move anything is at the beginning. Think about a car, ship or airplane. The same rule applies to any goal. Just like any object, once we are moving toward the goal, things gets easier.

Determine your goals

I have a burning desire to help people to be happier and achieve their fitness goals and also to open a nonprofit organization to help animals all over the world, and I’m working on it. I prefer to sacrifice all distractionsthat keep me from moving toward my goal. This is one of the reasons why I take the time to write all these articles to you.

I have some clients that have 3-5 children, own a business, have physical limitations, are older than 70, and have stressful lives, yet they continue fighting obstacles and negative thoughts. Nevertheless, I have also found people that have fewer limitations and yet they make excuses. It is easy to conclude who has a burning desire to get to their goal.

How committed are you?

This leads to the level of commitment that the person will devote to his or her program. People who don’t have a burning desire to be fit, lose weight and be healthier are simply not committed. They come out with all kinds of excuses to avoid their program. As a result, they never reach their goal.

I don’t blame anybody for not having a burning desire. Such a thing is not easy to discover in yourself and not everyone understands the need for a healthier life either, which helps wake up the desire to exercise. However, if you are ready to enjoy a healthier life and you want to kindle that burning desire, here are some tips for you:

First you need to understand that exercise, eating healthy and dealing with stress is good for anyone who wants to improve his or her life and also contributes to genuine happiness.

Identifying your problems

The past

Once you understand that, you need to think about your past and the suffering that a sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices have caused you, such as diabetes or other diseases; the chance you had to ride your bike, but you had to say no because you didn’t think you were fit enough; the time when you wanted to be part of a sports team, but you didn’t feel in good enough shape and had to turn down the offer; the time when your kids or grandkids wanted to play with you and you simply did not have the energy. Or when you wanted to wear those pants that looked good on you in the past but you could no longer fit in them.

The present

Now think about your present problems. The doctor bills you must pay because of the insulin you are taking only because you are not exercising and improving your eating habits. Think about how difficult it is to climb stairs or carry your luggage when you are traveling, that this summer is gone and you did not want to go to the beach because you lacked confidence in your appearance.

The future

What will the future bring if you continue a sedentary lifestyle? I’ll let your imagination work. I know it sounds a little depressing, but this pain is part of what drives me to be healthy and to achieve other things, such as building my future organization. When I see people mistreating animals I suffer so much that I get upset. But being upset won’t help me or the animals. So I use this pain to get out of my comfort zone and help push myself to achieve my goal.

Overcoming personal barriers

Now let’s talk about the real you, the one who wants to conquer the world. You are going to think about all the benefits that exercise is bringing to your life. When you finish reading, I want you to close your eyes and bring these ideas into your head, smell them, feel them, listen to them.

Think about the pleasures exercise and eating healthy are bringing to your life. No more medicine, no more “no” to any recreational activity. Now you are playing with your loved ones. You are hiking the hill that you always wanted to. You are riding your bike with no boundaries. Those pants that you were thinking about giving away are now fitting like never before. You can go to sleep every night restfully and without pain. You are not getting older but stronger and more aware now that your body is rejuvenating. When you are traveling, you are carrying your luggage and helping the elderly or beautiful woman who needs assistance and you feel proud because YOU CAN.

You are not depending on anyone anymore. Your quality of life has increased thanks to the effort you have put into improving your health.

Wake up your burning desire to lose weight and get healthier.

Burning Desire = Commitment = Results.

This is the only way to get what you want. There is no way out. I hope my words have changed your thinking pattern, or cognitive thinking, as psychologists call it. My dream is to make a change in this world, and I hope I spent these two hours writing this article in a productive way.

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