Optimum Weight Loss – Three Things You Need to Know

“Sandro, I heard you have a secret to help people lose weight,” Jessica commented.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen my friend, and I saw her yesterday. She looks great; she has a beautiful body. She told me that she is training with you.” I replied, “You friend is doing all the work. I’m just giving her the tools. Everyone knows the ‘secret’ to losing weight. It is very simple: strength training, cardiovascular training and a healthy diet. The three concepts work perfectly together. Practicing them together will give you optimum results.”

Jessica was interested in the conversation, so I continued explaining what she wanted to hear.

Strength training can be done in many ways, such as plyometric, calisthenics and weight lifting.

Strength training, when properly done, will increase live tissue, which increases the individual’s metabolism. Live tissue requires energy and the more live tissue the more energy it needs. In other words, the bigger the muscle mass, the faster the metabolic rate. However this is not the only requirement for losing excess body fat.

Cardiovascular training also helps to speed up optimum weight loss. Practicing such training will increase stroke volume, which is the amount of blood that the heart sends to the entire body each time it beats. Increasing the stroke volume will increase the amount of oxygen that the cardiovascular system (heart, lungs and vessels) delivers to the body.

Now, fat burning happens between these two agents, oxygen and fat. This is called fat oxidation. This will allow the individual to further increase the metabolic rate. Moreover, by doing any of these two types of training (strength and cardiovascular), the body burns calories which also contributes to weight loss.

A healthy diet is the base of any weight loss program.

No one can get to a healthy body weight without a healthy diet. Eating healthily has been defined in different ways, according to the professionals’ beliefs. However, I have found that eating 3 to 5 times a day, eating breakfast, staying away from processed foods, cooking at home, eating fruits and vegetables, cutting down your meat intake, eating organic and drinking only water has yielded results without negative consequences.

Find the right foods for you. A healthy diet will help the individual not eat excess calories.

As is true for the other two techniques, a healthy diet by itself is not optimum. As the body ages, it loses muscle mass and stroke volume. Therefore, the body needs fewer calories, and the individual should eat less to maintain a healthy body weight. To be able to eat healthily and stay healthy, the human body needs to be rejuvenated by exercising.

Strength training, cardiovascular training and a healthy diet are a perfect combination to achieve weight loss.

Strength and cardiovascular training increase the body’s metabolism and will create a caloric deficit. A healthy diet will also create a caloric deficit by avoiding calories the body doesn’t need. It is important to do all three things to achieve a healthy body weight.

“So, all I need to do is lift weights, run and eat healthy and I will look like my friend who is training with you?”

“Yes, it sounds easy, but it requires more than ‘wanting.’ It requires action. However, ‘wanting’ is a great starting point. Now follow these recommendations and get more information to keep you on track. Or you could simply hire me.” We laughed.

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How To Achieve Weight Loss Goals

I get very excited when new clients walk through my door ready to start their weight loss program.

After I introduce myself, we go straight to the body composition assessment. Based on their body composition, we start talking about their lives, desires and goals.

It is very important for my clients to be transparent about what they hope to achieve and what is stopping them from achieving it. Before we set up goals, I ask basic questions that help me understand if their problem is superficial and can be properly fixed by healthy eating and exercise.

In most cases this is simple and straightforward. This means that most people only need to understand their bad habits and replace them with good habits. This is when goal setting is very simple.

But that is not always the case. Sometimes it is not so simple to achieve weight loss goals. I have some clients who come with other difficulties: some are taking anti-depressants, others don’t have control of their lives yet and some are going into a very difficult part of their lives.

While weight loss is possible for people in these situations, the reality is that most people need to take care of their first issue, or at least have a plan to overcome it, before being able to stick to a weight loss program.

Here is an example of how one such issue can affect weight loss: anti-depressants contribute to weight gain.

While a person can lose weight while using anti-depressants, the weight loss might be very minimal. They must be extremely meticulous about what they eat and exercise rigorously to see a change. The problem is that most people can’t follow a structured lifestyle plan under these circumstances.

While I help my clients set up their weight loss goals, I advise them about the limitations they face because of the other factors that contribute to weight gain. I think the most ethical thing a professional can do is to disclose all side effects, including short and long-term, to the client.

With knowledge comes power. The best we can do is provide accurate information, but it’s up to the client to ultimately make a decision.

Before planning any weight loss program my advice is to talk to a capable doctor and find all the factors that may be contributing to your weight gain.

Then, when you start your weight loss program, you won’t feel like you’re swimming against the current.

Also, having a supportive family is a powerful contribution to adhering to a weight loss program. This means that the members of the family will respect the individual’s decisions about what is best for him or her in their weight loss program.

Forcing a person to do something she or he does not want to do will not deliver results. Understanding and support will deliver results.

Having devastating events, such as losing a loved one, are events we can’t control.

However, we can control what we can do about it. Many people decide to change their life and lose weight when they’re going through some emotional pain.

There is nothing wrong with changing one’s life in this stage. However, we need to understand that our commitment must be stronger than our emotional pain.

Evaluating all the factors that will impact on your weight loss program is a must for you to be successful.

These factors can be from medication, to support and emotional events. Find the right answers to all of them and don’t settle until you achieve your goal.

Committed to your happiness, health and well-being,

Using pain and pleasure to our advantage: Kick-start a whole new lifestyle

Pain vs. Pleasure…

Pain and pleasure — does that ring any bells?  What gives you more pain: exercise or the fact that you can’t buy the clothes that you want because they don’t fit you? Is eating healthier food more painful than taking medication with side effects to control a health issue?  What is more painful: spending money on exercise and eating the right foods to improve your health or spending money at the hospital?

It is human nature to run away from pain and look for pleasure.  We usually do this subconsciously.  Only people who are mature enough can differentiate when pain is good.  That may sound funny, but let me explain.

Short term relief vs. long term consequences…

Usually people think in the short term.  If something provides immediate relief they are willing to do it: having a couple of glasses of wine every day, watching TV for hours, eating fast food, going relief shopping and so on.  All of these bring some immediate relief or pleasure, but we don’t think about the long-term consequences they cause when the pain we need relief from just gets worse because this prompt relieve only covers the pain.

On the other hand, exercise, eating healthily, saving money, and controlling our thoughts when we are stressed bring some kind of pain short term, but they bring a lot of pleasure long term. These habits contribute to improve our health. If you can be aware of these two feelings, you can make pain your ally.

At one point in my life I used to seek prompt gratification. Until one day I suffered so much that I could not handle it anymore. I told myself, “Enough, it is time to change my life. I’m tired of being in pain.” Later in my life I concluded that many people don’t change because their level of pain is minimal.  Many people need to suffer a high level of pain to change.

Maybe for many to start losing weight, they need to feel uncomfortable when they can’t fit in an airline seat.  For others to change, they need to see a close loved one be consumed by a disease and die before they’ll change their eating habits. Others need to lose everything, including their family, before they accept that they have a problem.

Making pain your friend…

I’m motivated to help many people change their life and help them understand the power of pain and pleasure. When we say, “Enough, I’m ready to change my life,” is the time when pain becomes our friend.

I think pain makes us more human, and this is the reason I put effort and time into my job and writing this article. I want to change lives positively. For me it is more painful wasting my time partying, drinking and watching TV than sitting in front of my computer writing hoping to make a positive impact in your life. I get some level of pleasure when I finish writing, when people tell me that they like my articles and when I see results in people.

Now you have to keep in mind that, as is true with many things, it required a level of pain or discomfort when I started.  But now it is automatic.

We all are driven by pain and pleasure.  We are always weighing the consequences of our decisions on the scale of pain and pleasure.  For some people making breakfast at home  gives them more pleasure than pain because they see the long-term results: They save money, they choose the right foods, they eat healthy calories and they have control of their nutrition contributing to their health, weight loss and life.

On the other hand, some people see more pleasure than pain in stopping at a fast food restaurant and getting something on the go: They get to sleep more, they don’t worry about what they need to eat, and they think the fast food tastes good.  While they get these “benefits,” they may also pay the consequences of eating foods with no nutrients, high in fat and pay more in the long term.

Both examples are driven by pain and pleasure; one is focusing on the long-term pleasure and short-term pain, and the other is focusing on the prompt relief and ignoring the long-term consequences

My point here is that you can make pain your ally; visualize the long-term results.  Keep in mind that your health will only develop when you practice or improve your good habits every day.  No matter what is your goal- weight loss, avoid disease, tone your body, be independent, run a marathon, you should keep in mind the power of good habits.

And good habits usually bring a sense of discomfort in the beginning. However, by thinking in long term effects, the good habit becomes easy to practice improving your life.

Change your life for the better will bring you happiness— you will enjoy it more and inspire others to do the same.

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Can Frogs Help You Lose Weight?

Can Frogs Help You Lose Weight?

Not really, but if you understand the frog’s behavior, it may motivate you to get out of the boiling water.

IMG_3537I have being assessing various Custom Body Fitness’ members. As expected, all yield great results. However, I have stuck in my head one member in specific. She has been a member for 4 months already and she lost 21 pounds so far. When she started, she was obese with a fat level of 38%. Now she is 33.4%. Our member said that I would be proud of her for all the chances she has made. She said that it was not easy in the beginning, but now she is eating her breakfast, lunch and dinner when she used to skip all meals and over eat at night. She comes at CBF 3 times a week and started an active lifestyle.

I asked her if she was ready for her before and after and she said to give her more time. She is looking great, but she wants to look better. So I decided to show her the before pictures we took 4 months ago. We were looking at her pictures and she said, “gross!” By the way, she is very funny. She mentioned that she did not realize how bad she mistreated her body. And what she said is true. Many people do not have the idea how unhealthy their body is until they get out of the old frame.

That reminds me when I used to live in Mexico. I’m from the poorest area. There are a lot of gangs, violence and crime. I saw people shooting other people, guys being beaten into a coma, people doing drugs and other negative behaviors. I had no idea that I
was in the dangerous zone until I got out of that frame.

I read that frogs are cold blooded animals. They adjust accordingly to the temperature of the environment they are in. When a frog is submerged into a pot with room temperature water, and temperature is increased slowly until boiling, the frog will adjust its temperature until is too late to escape and will die cooked in the pot.

Humans and frogs have something in common, we both are accustom to our environments, and we are losing our life in the same way – as the frog boils in water. We think we are adapting while we are putting ourselves on the burner. We practice negative behaviors and we don’t realize that those behaviors are taking our body from us.

Our member saw in her before picture a person that she was not empathizing with. She did not recognize herself. She said that she is very happy by the decision she made by joying Custom Body Fitness as we were looking at her pictures, specially that one of her back shot. We both stared at her back shot picture and stayed silent for more than 10 seconds and she asked me, “Doesn’t it excite you!?”

frog1Since she is very funny and makes some jokes out of context, I replied, “Of course, not.”

She laughed and replied, “No, I’m talking about the results that your clients get when they come to you.”
I laughed with her and I told her yes. I told her that I assessed at least 4 other clients that week and all got good results. This is exactly what we do at Custom Body Fitness. Help our members get results, by education, positive atmosphere, fun programs, empathy, being an expert in the body transformation and weight loss, and understanding that we all are human beings and we need support and comprehension.

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The Qualities You Need for A Successful Weight Loss Program

The Qualities You Need for A Successful Weight Loss Program

IMG_3802Many people have concluded that to have a healthy body all we need to do is exercise and adopt positive eating habits. This is true yet many of us simply can’t follow through.

There are many reasons why we may lose our focus in improving our health, but I’ve come up with a short list of useful personality traits that may help you. People who continue their healthy life are:

1.Brave- They face challenges even if the challenges look intimidating.
2.Strong- They have integrity in difficult moments in life.
3.Diligent- They practice over and over again to defeat negative habits.
4.Searcher- They have want to learn more. They ask questions and research issuesIMG_3542 - Copy of concern themselves.
5.Responsible- They know they are the results of their own decisions.
6.Spiritual- They like to meditate or build in reflective time in their lives.
7.Active- They exercise and they avoid being lazy and other destructive behaviors.
8.Assertive- They resist negative habits and temptations. They make their own decisions and don’t let others decide for them.
9.Optimistic- They see the positive side to things. They trust themselves and are happy. .
10.Adaptable- They are resilient and cheerfully deal with unexpected situations. They are flexible.

People who follow their fitness and positive eating habits program are categorized by these qualities. And these qualities can be learned…

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Factors that Contribute Negatively to Your Weight Loss Program

Factors that Contribute Negatively to Your Weight Loss Program

IMG_3307Having difficulties losing that extra fat and toning your body? Getting in shape is not easy as it may seem. Either in my experience as a Body Transformation Expert and other research, I have noticed that losing weight and getting fit takes more than exercise and eating healthy. The problem is more formidable than people think although of course it is highly attainable.  Signing up in a weight loss program is a first, easy step, though keeping up with the program is harder.

Stress is one of the factors that can affect one’s intentions to work at a weight loss program.  One’s working schedule as well as health problems are some form of stress. Work and health issues sometimes are out of our control and, therefore, it mess up with our weight loss program. But a balance always can be found. If we don’t find it, we will never get to our desired body weight.

Other factors that can disrupt a weight loss or fitness program are bad habits. I read that a human being can never erase a bad habit. It needs to replace by a positive habit. Sometime, due to lack of knowledge, people don’t even know that their habits are putting their health at risk. Of course, others simple don’t want to give up bad habits because of their prompt relief.  Instant gratification is reinforcing, but we can learn to think more long term and, with steady work begin to morph our day to day practices and diet. Good habits result in slow but lifelong rewards which a bad habit does not do.

Another factor in determining whether or not people will change their lifestyle can be the existence of past traumas. The other IMG_3003day, on my walk, I ran into a young man I know who confided in me that he was afraid to try a real career because he’d been raised to feel he would be a failure no matter what he tried. He was a bright person but had pretty much stopped trying at all! We chatted for a while, and I tried to make him see that without some failures we can’t learn to succeed. And it’s true. People who are successful needed to make many mistakes to get to where they are. For the many arrows that missed the target, one of them will hit it. Some people who have been traumatized by their past don’t give their best or make the commitment to succeed, whether it’s losing weight or sticking to a workout routine. They say “Why try? I’m not going to succeed,” So they are ready failures before they start. My feeling is that, as scary as it sounds, we need to enjoy our failures as much as our success. Life is a journey.

One more factor that sometimes prevents people from beginning physical training is past injuries to the body. People are afraid of pain and want to avoid reinjuring their bodies. For them, if they feel any pain while they exercise, it’s a warning sign to them, and stop exercising. That’s where a Fitness Professional comes in! We can help a person differentiate “good” pain from “bad” pain.  There are pains which show us that we are getting in shape: one overloads the muscles a little each time, and this helps us get to our goals. Once we know what pain is “good,” we can train our minds not to panic if we feel a twinge or two while or after a workout. On all levels of life pain is part of life, and is needed to succeed in most aspects of life. It is important to talk to a professional dedicated to your wellbeing to understand the difference between pains.

IMG_3043Sometimes we wonder why we can’t lose weight and change our lives. These factors most likely are unconscious. Thus many factors contribute to our weight loss or fitness problems, including psychological, physical, and environment dynamics. Nonetheless, we have control over our lives, and we can do whatever we want if we really want it from the bottom of our heart. The power of changing is with you and only you.

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Weight Loss Success is Only for the One Percent

Where do you stand in the statistics of weight loss?

Weight Loss ExercisesAccording to studies nearly 95% of people fail to achieve their weight loss goal and 95% of the 5% who lost weight, will regain it back. This means that out of 400 people 380 will drop their weight loss program. Left are 20 people who completed some weight loss. Out of these 20 people 19 will regain the weight lost. That leaves only 1 successful person out of the original 400 people. What does this 1 person have that the other 499 don’t have? It’s the accumulation of many factors. However, he or she has a burning desire to lose weight. He or she is willing to do anything that requires effort to get to his or her goals. He or she exercises and eats like the last and first day of their program, with the same passion they had when they started, and with the feeling that time is running out.

Let me tell you a story that I heard:

It was about a youngster who wanted to be successful and in his town was a guru who knew how to achieve anything in life. He was a successful man in all areas of his life. The youngster went over to the guru’s house and asked him to teach him how to succeed in life.  The guru replied, “Meet me by the beach tomorrow and get ready to get wet.”

The youngster met the guru the next day at the beach and he told the guru that he was ready. The guru told him to get in the water until the water covered his ankles and the youngster did so. The guru told him to go in deeper until the water covered his knees, following his hips and then his chest. Once the water covered the youngster’s neck, the youngster said, “I’m here to learn how to be successful and not how to swim.” The guru got close to the youngster and pushed him just ahead to where the water was deeper. The youngster started to desperately swing his hands and feet to get to the safe spot. He was able to manage and make it to a safe spot.

Once the youngster was calm, the guru replied, “When you are in your comfort zone, you don’t give the best of you, but when youHow to be successful get out of it, you do your best to survive. This is how people succeed.”

The story reminds me of when I was drowning in a river. I’m not a good swimmer. In fact, I don’t know how to float. On one of my vacations in Chiapas, Mexico I was swimming in a river and did not take into considerations that rivers have deep spots. Once I got tired and I wanted to stop; I tried to touch the ground and couldn’t. I panicked for I realized I was drowning. In 5 seconds, my past, and my future came into my mind. I couldn’t believe I was about to die in just a blink of an eye. The human being gets resources from his inner self when it is in threat. I decided not to die there, I did my best to catch my breath, and get enough energy to swim back. I made it and I could touch the ground!

The 1 person who succeeds out of those 400 hundred lives his or her life like it’s their last. She or he does not leave things pending for the next day, next month, or next year. He or she understands what counts is what she or he is doing right now in the moment, and to give the same effort to every moment. The only thing that matters to him or her is what he or she doing right now. She or he is committed to their desire to lose weight and get in shape; no excuses are big enough to stop them. When was the last time you wanted something and really fought for it? Did you make excuses or did you give it your best? Are you living your life to succeed or just going with the flow? You want to get rid of that “muffin top,” “love handle,” DSC01736and get a flat stomach? Achieve your ideal weight loss? Exercise like it was your last opportunity, eat like you had a deadly disease caused from bad foods, meditate like it was your last day of life, and love yourself like you never have before.

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Habits: Pain or Pleasure

Habits: Pain or Pleasure

Habits are behaviors that people practice over and over again:

Habits to succeedWhat comes to your mind when I say “pain”? What comes to your mind when I say “pleasure”? Humans have the tendency to run from pain and search for pleasure. It is common sense, but sometimes we don’t see the outcome of pain and pleasure.

Habits are behaviors that some of us practice unconsciously while others are conscious about them. We have the habit of traveling, cooking, exercising, partying, working, watch TV, reading, shopping, gathering with the family and so on. Habits are behaviors that the human being can’t escape from. Even not having a habitual pattern creates a pattern of chaos which can be classified as a bad habit. Now good habits are those that contribute positively to our lives enhancing our health, financial state, family, mind, body, and over all our wealth-being.  Bad habits deteriorated our well-being making us struggles in life. An example of a good habit is exercise daily. Exercise has many benefits and contributes positively to someone’s life. An example of bad habits is eating junk food often. Junk food has been attributed to many diseases including diabetes, cancer and obesity.

People perceive the words different, according to their past experiences, present reality and belief system. While an event is the same, people can give it a different meaning to it. For instance, weight lifting for someone who perceives the burn as results can have a positive effect in the individual. In the contrary, someone who has a perception of injuries while weight lifting, the burn can be a negative feeling.

Out of the comfort zone

Bad habits bring momentary pleasure in the beginning, but in the long terms they bring negative consequences. I think this is the reason why they are called bad habits. Therefore, people tend to practice bad habits in their lives. The pleasure or relief that these habits provide attracts us. It is easy to get stuck in bad habits since the perception of the pleasure is in the moment. Usually people don’t think about the future consequences. People who fight bad habits actually do study the consequences and they stay away from them. This is due to the person who learned from a past experience or is intelligent enough to understand the pattern of bad habits. Good habits work the opposite way, they start with pain or discomfort and they work up contributing positively to our well-being. This is the reason why they are called good habits. Take exercise as an example, there is discomfort and pain at the beginning. Many people are not willing to go through the beginning of a workout program since the gratification is not right in the spot. The gratification comes when the event is over and in the long term.

Exercise HabitsSo when people who are looking for a prompt relief, usually they have a positive perception of a bad habit. Only people who are aware of bad habits perceive bad habits for the future outcome, same event,but different perception. People who run away from discomfort are not willing to start a good habit and people who study good habits are willing to do it because they have already thought about the results.

Adding value to your life is to acquire good habits. Good habits are not a sign of pleasure in the beginning, but you should consider all the consequences of a good as well as a bad habit.

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Couple Reasons Why You Should Cook

Couple Reasons Why You Should Cook

“Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

–Dalai Lama


Do you have a fast-paced life? Have you questioned yourself where are you going with such a stressful existence?  Many of us are living a life of no sense. We work and make money, shop, party, gather with people and other activities. But we don’t think about why we are doing all this.  Some of us may assume that someday we are going to be successful and happy with all this running around.   But wait a minute, let’s redefine success. Many people think that success is money, others popularity, recognition or power. My plan here is not to argue the definition of success, but to suggest that we redefine it.

One of the reasons why people are here on earth is to be happy. Many argue that one can’t be happy all the time, and of course I’ll admit that happiness comes from a balance of many factors. But this is what I called success, to find all these factors and be happy no matter the consequences.

We have become people who get stuck in ruts without always enjoying the smaller acts in life which, in turn, can lead us a healthier life. An example is how we Americans treat food.  Food has a great and rich history, and I encourage you to do some a research on how real food is prepared and enjoyed. We have become people who grab something to eat in the way to work, often packaged or fast food. We often eat on the go. We eat out. We usually don’t cook. These habits contribute to the obesity epidemic and other health issues, including cancer.

Cooking is important for human beings; it contributes to our happiness. Real food is more nutritional than packaged food or fast food if fast food or processed food is nutritional at all. Preparing food and eating together brings people together and solidifies family and community.  Eating real food also helps us fight and prevent disease and obesity. An added benefit is that when you cook from scratch, you know what’s in it–transparency rules.

When I was researching food facts, what really caught my attention is that people who cook from scratch are healthier than those who don’t. I learned that the human body adapts to any natural source of food, except the western, fast-food diet. This is because we eat a lot of meat and processed foods that often include hormones, preservatives, chemicals, and added refined sugars and salts.  Humans are designed to eat food, not chemicals; no wonder the body develops many diseases in reaction to these processed products we eat. According to New York Times reporter and foodie author Michael Pollan, a study was conducted that introduced the western diet to primitive hunters who killed and cooked their own food.   These people developed medical problems just as we do: high sugar levels, low insulin levels, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and others symptoms.  Happily, two weeks after they when back to their native habitat and food sources, these problems disappeared.

We have lost the culture. Cooking is not only a unique skill but a contributor to our health. Cooking is a positive habit that helps people to lose weight and live healthier.

So, if your goal is to stay healthy and find happiness, I suggest that you cook at home. What is the rush anyway to continue our day without enjoying the beauty of this world? Is health contributed to the whole definition of success?

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Lose Weight PermanentlyGrilled Chicken and grilled broccoli with onion spacy citrus

13 Steps for Weight Loss

13 Steps for Weight Loss

Here are my steps for weight loss 

I was walking to the park when a person stopped me and asked me what is the best steps for weight loss. I replied that there is onlyphoto (2) one legitimate and true way to lose weight and keep it off forever. You have to change your lifestyle, other methods are only temporally. So I gave him the my steps for weight loss:

  1. Set your goals
  2. Do small changes
  3. Be persistent
  4. Don’t ever think of dropping your weight loss regiment, no matter how difficult life gets
  5. Be ambitious
  6. Get rid of all the extra calories that your body does not need, such as junk food, cookies, chocolate, ice cream candy, added sugars, sodas, flavored water, refined flour, deep fried food (French fries, etc.), beers, drinks and others
  7. Cut your meat intake and replace it for vegetables and fruits.
  8. Eat organic
  9. Exercise daily
  10.  Walk everywhere; use the stairs instead of the elevator. In other words, be active.
  11. Pay attention to the reason why you eat. Are you eating because you are hungry or because you are under stress?
  12. Don’t overeat. Eat small, healthy snacks between your main plates.
  13. Eat grains for breakfast instead of high fat foods, such as fried eggs, bacon and sausage.

Steps for weight lossAnd the most important one of all:Do all these steps for life. Nothing will help you in the short term. It is like taking all the contaminated water from a lake when the creek still running contaminated water back into the lake. If you want to clean the lake, you need to approach it from the source. If you don’t take all these steps seriously, sorry but you are not ready to lose weight. Other approaches will only lead you to failure in the long term.

I wished him the best and I continued with my walk.

I thought about all my clients and understood that the steps for weight loss are not easy to follow. However, I’m blessed by having clients that are supportive to each other and they are fighting for what they want and I know they won’t stop until they achieve the body and health they desire.

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