This Is What I Do To Succeed

Not many people who lose weight can keep it off. I don’t blame them, because I know it is not an easy task. It requires a lifestyle change that many are not willing to undertake. Understanding people and helping them change their life for the better is my job. This is Custom Body Fitness’ secret.

Just like people, many businesses struggle. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 50% of new businesses will fail within the first 5 years, and about 1/3 survive 10 years or more. According to the Small Business Administration, about 1/3 of businesses will fail during the first 2 years, and about 50% of businesses fail during the first year in business.

By the way, click this link to listen to my interview —-> You can learn about CBF’s beginning.

When there is a positive behavioral change in a lifestyle, the chance of failure is usually high. For example, for weight loss the statistic says that 95% will drop their weight loss program, and 95% of the 5% left will regain the weight.

There are a few things that explain why so many people fail when they are changing their lives. Here is a list:

  1. Planning: Many people think that changing their lives is about leaving everything to destiny and don’t recognize that planning is a very indispensable tool. Change requires discipline, and the possibility of changing and keeping the new habits increases when there is a plan in action. Achievements do not happen by chance. They are planned.


  1. Effort: Everything that contributes positively to our lives needs some kind of effort that makes us get out of our comfort zone. This could be why people don’t like to change: Many don’t like to get out of their comfort zone. Some of us think that life should be easy and that everything should be given to us without hard work. We might even think that people who have achieved great success are able to do so because they had it easy, when the truth is they worked hard for it.


  1. Synapses connection: Many people have not taken into consideration the need to manipulate their synapses connection in their neurons. To learn a new behavior, the old connection needs to become weaker and the new one needs to become stronger. The connection from the negative habit needs to become small and the one for the good habits bigger. This takes time. However, many people don’t invest the time. But behaviors that are practiced over and over again become easier after a while.


  1. Goal setting: Goal setting, a type of planning, helps us envision our future, making us work for what we are aiming at, whereas a lack of direction can make us get lost in the process. Achieving a goal requires discipline. But if you set yourself a goal and act upon it, you’ll either achieve your goal or at least get close to it.


  1. System: While it is true that everything that is good requires effort, it does not mean that you need to work harder than necessary. Anything that you repeat more than twice can be integrated into a system that is already set up for you. That way you don’t have to waste your time doing the same set up over and over again as you go on with your life. This tool allows you to save time and continue progressing toward your goals.


  1. Chief Executive Officer: People don’t become the CEO of their lives by letting other people manage their lives. When you become the CEO of your life, you are aware of your mistakes, responsibilities and potential. I think this is pretty clear. You have to know how to manage your family, your business, your weight loss, your health, your finances, your business, your vacations and your whole life if you want to be successful in any area.

In this interview I talk about how CBF became a successful local business.

Just like you, I still have to discipline myself to continue progressing, and I fight against negative events and others to get to my goal. Here I have shared with you some tools I use to progress in my life.

I bet if you follow this advice and put it into practice, soon enough, we are going to change the statistics, making a huge impact in the world or even better, in your life!

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Find Meaning In Your Life By Setting Worthy Goals

How strong is the power of direction? How can a purpose change your life? Does a goal give a sense of living to your life?

When I was younger and I had no direction, I remember getting up late every day, playing video games, surfing on the computer, or cruising in my car. My life had no meaning. I spent a lot of time washing my car, talking to my friends and really doing nothing productive. Being unable to walk for at least 4 weeks reminded me of this.

There is no meaning in life without a purpose. Many of us wake up just living and doing, often because we have responsibilities or because we are looking just for pleasures. This is why many of us can’t find our happiness.

Having a purpose and setting up goals to see how my life is changing, how I am helping to change other people’s lives, and how I can improve the world give me all the motivation and passion to continue moving forward. Life makes sense.

Now I understand how people who have created something are very happy about it, not because of the creation itself but because of what it is doing to help others.

Setting goals gives excitement to life, especially when getting out of the comfort zone and doing something different. Life becomes boring doing the same routine without any challenge. This is one of the reasons people like to travel, to go on vacation, spend weekends out of town, go party and try something new. And there is nothing wrong with it. However, I find it more fulfilling to risk my sense of security and continue moving forward by creating. I have some level of fulfillment when I challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. It is rewarding looking back and seeing what that challenge has made me.

Goal setting plays a huge role here because I write and go back to my goals every week to find out what I have achieved and what I have not and why. Is it my fault? Am I procrastinating? Am I waiting for someone else’s decision? Is it the capital? I can’t seem to get the resources? Is it not the right time? Am I too busy with other projects? Why haven’t I achieved my goals?

I have been waking up (if I sleep) for four weeks thinking about my limitations, thinking about who I used to be and how I used to waste time. Not having anything to aim for made my day depressing. The truth is that having a purpose gives me the courage to just go day by day knowing that one day I will be charging towards my goals.

If you are in the same situation I was, I don’t blame you. I needed to suffer before I could find my purpose. Many people tried to tell me about how I could live my life, but I ignored everyone. What did they know about my life? However, my goal here is only to help you spark your life by making your days more exciting and start reaching for your dreams. It is important to know that you can achieve your dreams no matter your age, gender, race, religion, etc.

The power of purpose, goal setting and sense of direction will give you the desire to wake up to continue living every day with excitement.

This Is How To Solve Any Problem In Life

Problems, problems, problems. Have you heard this word lately? I think if you are alive you have problems. Only dead people don’t have problems, and this is what I choose to believe. There are financial problems, family problems, problems at work, problems with friends, legal problems, health problems, car problems, vacation problems, problems with computers, problems at school and if I continue this article will be full of problems, probably like your life and mine.

I have barely defeated one problem when another appears. I am used to it by now. In fact, I love problems. They make me worry for a moment and make my brain work. I get stressed sometimes for hours, other times days. They make me smarter. First thing I do is to find out if the problem has a solution or not, because not all problems have solutions. Why worry about a problem that has no solution?

So the first thing I recommend to defeat problems is to figure out which ones have solutions. Then it’s time for the fun.

So this is what I have learned and apply in my life. I write down all the solutions from the easiest to the most difficult. Besides helping resolve my problems this also helps me with stress, because stress is nothing more than worries. Let’s say the problem is that I’m overweight by a couple of pounds, and I am ready to lose the extra pounds. I think about all my solutions:

  • Go on a diet
  • Get liposuction
  • Exercise in the morning before work or later in the evening after work
  • Take weight loss pills
  • Take promising weight loss supplements
  • Run every day
  • Watch my calories
  • Sign into a weight loss program
  • Join the gym with a friend
  • Buy a home exercise program
  • Get a complete program for weight loss from eating to exercise and execute it
  • Read books about the topic
  • Hire a professional
  • Ask my doctor for his plan if he’s not overweight
  • Model people who are in shape
  • Hire a personal trainer

As you see there are many solutions for the problem. It depends on your beliefs, knowledge, budget and other things. Because of my beliefs, discoveries and motivation, I will choose solutions 3, 12 and 11. I will discard the rest, but at least I know there are many solutions. I choose the best ones even though they will take work.

The same applies to any other problem with solutions. Another example could be having problems at work. You can apply the same technique:

  • Talk to my co-workers about the problem and find a solution
  • Talk to my boss and find a solution
  • Find another job
  • Take care of the problem myself if possible
  • Open my own business
  • Find a plan that takes care of the issue

And you can continue the list. It is like having an algebra problem. There are many ways you can work with the problem until you find the solution. Your brain becomes sharper, and the problems become easier to solve each time.

If you have problems to solve, write them down. When you encounter a problem that really stumps you, focus on finding all the reasonable solutions and then apply the best one.


This Is One Of The Most Important Tools To Succeed

There are three rules I learned to be able to reach my goals. Those are organization, organization and organization. Everything should start by organizing. It should continue by organizing and it should end by organizing. I have noticed that people who are not organized in their life don’t have goals and there for can’t achieve their dreams. The less organize the person is the less this person achieves. If you look around you will find that people who are successful with their families, business, health, trips, and life in general are organize.

There is a law called entropy that states that there is a tendency from the entities more organized to the entities less organized. There is never an increase of order unless is coming from a exterior force.  In other words, disorganization will always exist unless we do a conscious effort to organize the de mess.  Look around and you will find out that the more organization you will find, the more successful the person, the family, school, community or country is.

It impresses me when I see many of my clients coming to their assessments with a package with all the paperwork from past assessments. These are the people who keep track of single detail, organizing their progress and make conclusions accordantly.

I personally achieve more when my day is planned and organized. Many times I have left small project for later and soon you will see me going back and finishing it. Takes me more time coming back later to finish the project left than just doing it in the moment. For example, finishing my laundry and leaving it on my bed instead of folding it in the moment, it takes more time later because my cloth is all over the bed, under, on the sides between the bed frame because I decided to sleep on my bed, or rest or I set other stuff on top of it before folding my cloth.

If I finished cooking and I leave the dishes for later, when I come back later to wash the dishes, I ended up finding more because someone in the house already saw there was duty dishes and left extra ones, or the food dries and is more difficult to wash them. While organizing seems very simple and it seems that won’t affect our day and life, by the end it will take more time to go back and fix what we could have organize in the moment.

Planning is a way of organizing your life. Let say for example that you don’t organize your life and leave everything for tomorrow. “I will give time to my son when I have more money,” I will exercise when I have time,” “I will start cooking when I work less hours,” “I will spend time with my wife or husband when I don’t feel tired.” Can you see where all this will lead? Of course, it will have consequences and it might be too late by when things are prefect. You may try to organize your life then when the “will” but maybe by then you are divorced, overweight, your son is a grown man or you are in the hospital.

What is the rush? Live is easier when everything is in place and you don’t have to think about fixing something later. You don’t have to worry about being overweight when you exercise and eat healthy everyday and not thinking about doing it tomorrow if you organize your day. You won’t have to think about going back and find an important paper and get frustrated or pay money to get a new one or spend all day looking for it or miss an important trip/appointment if you organize your paperwork because you will know where to find it. You don’t have to get divorce, suffer if you organize your life with your significant other. You don’t have to miss all those unique moments with your son if you organize your time with your son.

I have some level of discipline when it comes to organize and planning. Nevertheless, I am not perfect and I have to work on organizing my life event better. Organizing has given me freedom, more time, less frustrations, save money and reach my goals. I am being honest with you. I can still have to work more in organizing.

Everything detail is important in life. Even though the atom is the smalls matter it just as important as the universe. We can’t remove any of the components. Thanks to the atom, we have molecules, cell tissues, organs, organ systems, organism, populations, communities and so on. Everything is important to built the universe. The same goes with organization. Organizing your day is just as important as organizing your year and your life. Organizing your health is just as important as organizing your job and your family.

Today is a good day to start, not tomorrow or next year; today is a good day to start. Find out your weaknesses and start organizing your day and week. If you have an overweight program maybe start with your meals or time to exercise. If your relationship is not in its best, start by setting time aside and talk to your wife or husband. If you house is a mess, maybe you want to do laundry, wash dishes. If you have trouble finding paperwork maybe is where you want to start by organizing your paperwork. Or maybe you are struggling financially. This is where you need to start your organization.

The point is to start somewhere. Wait… one more thing; don’t just do this for one week or one month. Start keeping it as a habit. There is no other way. I wish there were another way to be successful and reach your goals. Believe me. You will be super happy in 5 years you started today.

Try It As Many Times As You Need to Succeed

Have you often achieved a goal and then lost it? Have you found yourself repeating the cycle of losing and gaining? Has life treated you unfairly? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It does that to everyone. That is life.

I want to tell you how I deal with it by telling you my story. It works for me. It might not work for you. But it might. You’ll never know until you try.

I have been exercising since 2001. In 2004 I reached my goal: I finally got the body I wanted. In 2008, I had a knee accident. I had three ligaments sprained from the bone (ACL, PCL and MCL). Back then I got only the ACL replaced because that was what the doctor recommended.

After 9 months of hard work regaining all the lost muscle, I needed to go back because my knee was not stable. This time the doctor reattached my MCL. I lost my muscle mass again and regaining after a year. After this surgery, my knee was better and useful but not trustworthy for many activities. Anyway, I compensated with my right knee, which is the good one, and got on with life. After 8 years, those ligaments gave up after one day of snowboarding. I had stopped snowboarding for 8 years because I was afraid this would happen. But I thought my muscles were strong enough to handle the twist that snowboarding makes me do in my knee.

After this third surgery, I now have the three ligaments replaced, finally.

Anyway, the reason I am telling about my three surgeries is because each time what took me so much time — years — to gain, to achieve, I would lose in 3 weeks. Not everything but a big percentage. Each time was like starting over, and it would take me a year to get to the fitness level I was before.

You might be in the same situation. Maybe you went through a hard divorce, your health was not good, or you lost your job. Before this you were in shape but after it you regained a lot of fat or lost your fitness level. It’s okay, that’s part of life. It’s okay to start over. Like I said, I know how difficult it is to lose what you have worked for, but what else are you going to do?

The key here is to be resilient. It is to be patient again. It is to have a plan in place and follow it until you reach your goal. If you have done it once, you can do it again. Remember that it’s not about what you have achieved in your life. It is about the person you have become in the journey achieving your goals. You have acquired the knowledge and the skills to put it into practice and do it again.

Life is about reaching your goals and setting higher goals to continue progressing, and if for any reason you lose what you’ve worked so hard for, go after it again and put your heart into it. Like Rocky Balboa said, “It ain’t how hard you hit… It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

This is life. Life has misfortunes, and we can just become depressed and complain about “why me” or we can just get on our feet and continue fighting.

So today you are going to get on your feet and go after the body you had when you were happy with it.

Can You Be Like An Eagle?

Did you know that the crowd is the enemy of the eagle?

I was surprised to know that the crowd is the enemy of the eagle.  Crowds get together to take the eagle down.  The only way the eagle is able to defeat the crowds is by flying as high as possible, where the crowd can’t fly.  The eagle has the ability to fly higher than any bird, including any among the crowd.  I want you to imagine yourself as an eagle as you reading this article.

We are social beings.  One of humans’ basic needs is acceptance.  Therefore, we are happier when we are accepted by others.  We want to be important to others, understood, liked and heard.  It is part of us.  Even people who are isolated are looking for people who understand them.

As I mentioned, we are happy when we are accepted, but we don’t like it when we are rejected.  Acceptance gives us a sense of pleasure.  We feel very special when a stranger, organization, family or clan accepts us.  On the other hand, rejection gives us a sense of pain.  People don’t like to be rejected.

Many people do things they don’t like to do or they know aren’t right because they want to be accepted.  This is when our personality gets lost in society.  We do our best for everyone to accept us.  We do things we don’t enjoy and get trapped by these behaviors.  We prefer to avoid pain than pursue pleasure.  Since rejection gives us a sense of pain, we avoid rejection at all cost.

You may have noticed I have a very unique ability to help people.  I’m straightforward about the behaviors they need to change to improve their lives and achieve permanent weight loss.  People who are open-minded do take my suggestions into consideration. They like me, and these are the people by whom I want to be liked.

On the other hand, other people don’t like my approach and criticize my writing.  This is one type of rejection that I get.  Some people simply don’t like my personality because I’m too “positive.” Also in the past I had many friends who I used to hang out with, and now they also reject me.  They don’t approve of the steps I decided to take to achieve freedom. Yet I don’t blame them. I think I’m nuts. I take risky and unique chances that many won’t take.  Sometimes when I get rejected, it makes me wonder how I can fit in everyone’s life. I get some pain being rejected by others.

I would need to adopt behaviors that don’t support my values to be accepted by many, and then conflict would enter my life, pushing away all the people who are helping me succeed.  The reality is that most people will never help me succeed.  They only take energy away from me. I only want to be accepted by those who contribute positively in my life.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with others’ lives.  They like their lives.  The only issue is that we don’t share specific values and behaviors anymore.  Rhino packs are made up of rhinos and lion packs of lions.  We share different values and behaviors.  Many rejected even Mother Teresa and Gandhi when they were helping people to win their freedom and be pain free.

Nevertheless, I have followers who like to be heard, hugged, motivated and pushed. These people love me, as I love them.  We feed each other positive energy and encourage each other to get to our goals.  When we relapse, we support each other.  We teach each other good habits.  We empathize and find the best in each other.  This is my herd, and I depend on them, just like I depend on myself.

Let me get to the point: There is a price we all have to pay to be able to achieve our dreams.  There is always pain before our pleasure.  Rejection is part of the price.  We can’t make everyone happy.  We can only understand who we are and give our best to everyone.  We will be accepted by the people who have the same values and goals.

Weight loss is a goal, and I bet you are reading this article because you want to get there.  Your journey will be easy and more fulfilling if you decide to choose the right people by whom you want to be accepted.  I know you may be thinking that you don’t want to be rejected by certain friends, but if they practice behaviors that will ultimately sabotage your effort, you have to make the decision that’s best for you. You can’t serve two masters.

It is important to be clear in your values and stay grounded even though many people are against your values.  This does not mean that you need to ignore people.  This means that you are very careful in choosing the people with whom you spend time, and you respect their decisions even though they don’t respect yours.

Rejection will always be there, but the pain of it will affect you only if you let it.  The question is: What is more important, your true happiness, goals and achievements or trying to be liked by everyone?

Accepting the price of rejection to help yourself achieve your goal is a small price that you have to pay in life.  In the long run, you will be happier from the pleasure you will get by being accepted by the right people who support you and by achieving your weight loss and other goals.

Leave the crowds behind and fly as highest possible!  Your life depends of it!

This Is How I Avoid Food Temptations

Last week I was interviewed by a high school boy who wants to be a personal trainer. On my way to the interview I was thinking about the best advice I can give him so he can succeed in this career.

I know how important it is to have questions prepared before interviewing someone so that no one’s time is wasted. I didn’t think this young man would be ready with questions.

But to my surprise he asked several very good questions. So my plan to give him good advice didn’t work the way I expected. It happened organically, and I answered his questions with my story.

We talked about how I got into this career, what is difficult about the business, how I passed my test, and food. He was especially interested in food. He wanted to know what to eat and how do I eat, so I told him my basic rules and my diet.

First, I told him that I get all my nutrients from food, I don’t take any supplements,

I eat a high percentage of veggies for lunch and dinner, I eat my fruit as snacks, I eat on schedule, and I avoid processed foods, fast foods, sugar, added sugar drinks and alcohol. I also do my best to eat whole foods.

After giving him an idea of my basic food rules he asked me a very good question that many of us ignore: “How can I avoid temptation?” I replied that I am not a machine, I am a human being just like him, and I do understand how that feels. I know how it feels to be tempted by things that we’re not supposed eat.

So the first thing I do is what a rehabbed alcoholic does: I don’t go where I’ll be tempted. A rehabbed alcoholic must avoid bars, and I avoid fast food restaurants or any other place that sells processed foods that I like.

Then I make use of my best tool: I think about my goals and the end results. If I want a healthy life and a nice body, eating the wrong foods won’t help me. So I always take into consideration the end results of the action I am about to take. Having in mind the goal and the purpose of the goal helps me walk away from temptation.

I think besides wanting to become a great personal trainer, my interviewer also wants to practice what he’s going to teach.

He seems to have some struggles with eating, like most of us. It reminds me of a guy who works at a car part shop who told me that he is doing his best to lose 10 pounds and he has not been able to. He could stand to lose 20 pounds for sure.

I told him that it is very easy.

All he has to do is eat healthily, and he will lose that 10 pounds in a month or two at the most. Then I showed him a picture of my father, who lost 22 pounds in only 5 weeks, to show him that it is possible.

So to start losing weight all you have to do is pay attention to your eating and eat the best, healthy foods. To complement the process, it is also important to remember the results of the action you are going to take when eating the wrong foods and remembering the goal and purpose of losing weight.

Instructions For Weight Loss

If you want to successfully fly an airplane, you need to learn how to fly the airplane. I don’t think you will just jump on it and “try”. I would say the same about visiting a new place. If you want to be there safe and actually be there and on time, you may need instructions from a friend who was there before, from a GPS, Map or others. We need instructions to do everything successful, even the things that come to us naturally such as talking need instructions and practice.  Someone else thought us how to do it. The better the teacher the faster and better results.

Weight loss is not the exception and since I have being helping lots of people in the valley to reach their goal, I have learned a lot of useful tools that I want to share with you for you to get in shape. I promise you if you follow these 9 tools, you will lose weight, get a nice body and keep it forever young.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started…

I read that somewhere and I don’t remember who I should credit this to. The truth is that if you want to see results soon, you must make up your mind and start now. Leaving it for tomorrow will only prolong it because usually tomorrow becomes next week, next month or next year.

You never fail; you learn…

It is hard for many people to go back in track into a weight loss routine or fitness routine when they have tried a couple times and they have not seeing results and things simple did not come out the way they wanted. An injury may happen, a negative experience with other people at the gym, a bad relationship with the trainer. There will be always these types of events. However, this is not a sign to give up.

This is an experience to learn and move on. Maybe the exercise form was correctly learned or taught or you were distracted and got hurt. Maybe people are in their own world and they are not trying to be rude; they just had a bad day or maybe there is other facility where people are nicer and you can try. Thank god there are so many personal trainers. There is one of each taste and need. You don’t have to stick with one. Learn from the event and move one.


When you lose fat and see the change in your body, recognize and don’t focus on what you have not achieved yet. Instead reward yourself by going to the hot springs, a massage or new cloth. In the other hand, if you don’t lose any fat or you gain, make sure you know that you did not work for it. Make it painful in you and understand that is a mistake. However, once you know that you made a mistake, let go and go back in track and feel the passion that is coming from your mistake and that now you will get great results.

Break all complex tasks into small tasks…

The other day my girlfriend’s car was parked just by my car and the three dogs where in her car. I was transferring them to my car and I open her door and my door. I asked them to get in the other car. Max was the first to think about it but got it right away. He jumped down to the ground and then up to the other car. Ashes and Pelon were trying to figured out. They wanted to jump from car to car. While Max broke such a “complex” task into pieces, Ashes and Pelon wanted to eat the whole elephant with one bite. You have a long way to get a fit body. Don’t make it to complex find the basic on your eating habits and exercise. Eating whole foods and starting with walking is not complex. You don’t have to follow the fad diet or start with a structured weight lifting program. You may progress there, but the point is to break the complex task into simple ones.

One thing at a time and everything will flow smooth…

Be patience. When you are doing everything that is in your hands, everything will fall into place. Results are not over night. Results will come at the right time. When we try force things or make try to get them faster, things never happen. Do your best and wait for magic to happen.

Destiny chooses our parents; we choose our friends…

Another great quote that I can’t remember the author. You are an ambitions person. If you are waiting for everyone to support you, you may stay like that for your whole life. There are many people that don’t want you to change, not because they are bad people. Simply, they don’t want to stay behind and they don’t want to change and is easier for them to try to stop you than work to your level. Find the right people who are doing what you want to achieve and let them help you. They want to see you succeed.

Go Pro…

Many of us feel intimidated because never gone for a run, never lifted weights, biked, hiked, or be active. We focus in what other people are going to think about us. Everyone started somewhere, no one born doing it. Get your exercise outfit and act like a pro and learn as you go along or hire someone who can teach you.

Keep your promises…

I am not sure about you, but I pray everyday no matter what. However, when I am in more need is when I pray the most. When I want something to happen in my life and I need an immediately or desperate change and I can’t find an exit, I always make a deal with God. I don’t forget about my deal and I honor God. If you asked for help and made a promise, make sure you keep your promise.

There is no end…

Weight loss is not a trend, can’t be approach by pills, surgeries, lotions, magic tricks, wraps or any other fast method. Weight loss and being fit is a lifestyle. It can’t be only done for 1 month, 1 year, 10 years. The road to weight loss has no end.

There you have the 9 tools. Put them into practice and wait for your body to change. Everything takes time, but is worth the time. Remember that you will get the body of your dream thanks to the reasons you have to change your body. Before starting to practice these tools, I recommend you go back to the reason why you want to transform your body. The reason will give you the motivation to get momentum.

How To Burn The Last 5 Pounds or 2% of Body Fat

Let’s be honest and face reality.  Not everyone wants to lose the last 5 pounds or 2% of body fat to get that toned body.  When people get to the point of losing the last 2% of fat and entering the athlete category, the reality is that they are doing it to look good.  There’s nothing wrong with this goal: We get a feeling of accomplishment and feel more comfortable with our bodies.

Now, many people want to have a toned body, but not everyone wants to pay the price.  I think if you eat healthily and exercise daily, you don’t need to lose the last 5 pounds.  You are already healthy and are taking good care of yourself.  Accepting your body and being happy with it is a mature decision.  We all have different dreams and desires.  I believe no one should persuade you to change if you are happy with your body.  In the end what really counts is that you are physically and mentally happy.

But if you decide you want to lose the last 5 pounds or 2% of body fat, the first step is knowing that you need to get out of your comfort zone and make the extra effort to improve your body.

It’s my opinion that to lose the last 5 pounds you need to be mentally focused toward your goal.  My plan is not to persuade you to do the next steps I’m about to give you.  My plan is to give you the resources you need to lose the last 5 pounds or 2% of body fat if that is what you choose to do.

There are three basic factors I’ve noticed you need to focus on to lose the last 2% of body fat.

  • Your eating habits should include eating completely cleanly by eliminating refined sugars, added sugar drinks or alcoholic drinks; eating on schedule; eating a healthy breakfast; eating organic; cooking at home; eating a high percentage of veggies; snacking on fruits; and controlling portion size. There is no diet to follow, just simply eating healthily.  My guess is that you want your toned body to stick with you forever, so plan on finding what works for you and enjoy your meals … and your life.


  • You need strength training to tone muscles. It’s simple: If there are no muscles, there is nothing to tone.  Fat can’t be toned.  Find a weight lifting program that works.  There are many programs out there that work, just make sure you choose one that has a periodization base and low injury risk, that works all the big muscle groups, and does not take more than an hour.


  • Cardiovascular training is the last factor. You don’t need to sign up for a marathon or any competitive event.  However, if this is what motivates you to do cardio, then by all means, do it.  But once again, think about your lifestyle and make sure it’s something that you can keep up with.  Keep in mind there are many types of cardiovascular training you can participate in: hiking, swimming, running, biking, cross country skiing, jumping rope and others. Try them all and do the ones you enjoy.  I believe all are fun to do.

As I said before, we all have different passions.  If different types of athletes have healthy eating as a base, they all can be healthy.  There are some runners whose only exercise is running.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Their bodies are skinnier than a weight lifter’s; they may not have the strength of a weight lifter, but they are healthy.  On the other hand, a weight lifter may not be as skinny as a runner, and they may not have the endurance of a runner, but they can still be healthy.  Both have different passions: One loves the endurance and the speed, and the other loves to be strong and to pick up heavy things.

Now, to have a toned body and enjoy both worlds, one must do both.  This is the best way to get rid of the last 5 pounds or 2% of body fat and have the muscle to tone.

There are many levels of accomplishment, and you truly know how far you want to get.  Do you want a toned body? Go for it and get it.  Remember that the goal is to be healthy, and you don’t have to have a toned body to be healthy.  These recommendations are only for the people who want to go the extra mile.

How to Burn The First 10 Pounds or 6% of Body Fat

Burning the first 10 pounds or 6% of body fat is easy for a beginner.  If you need to lose 100, 50 or 40 pounds of fat, it is easy to lose the first 10 pounds if you practice the right habits.  You can lose up to 10 pounds a month in the beginning, with small changes in your eating and exercise habits.

I think what is the most important about wanting to lose the first 10 pounds is acting upon the desire. The first step I recommend is to set up realistic goals.  If your plan is to lose 10 pounds in one month, you need to specify everything you are going to do to reach your monthly goal.  The more you are planning to lose, the more you need to do, common sense, right? You need to be honest and real with yourself; if your plan doesn’t include exercising 6 times a week and getting all the junk food out of your diet in the first month, I think it’s unrealistic for you to aim to lose 10 pounds.

If the plan is to lose 5 pounds per month, the changes in your lifestyle can be smaller than if you’re trying to lose 10 pounds, obviously.  If you plan to lose 5 pounds, instead of exercising 6 times a week, you may exercise 3 times a week, and you’re still allowed to eat some of the addicting foods that are hard to get rid of in the beginning.

Having an exercise program scheduled every day will help you be more efficient in your weight loss.  Walking won’t be enough; an exercise program that is structured to get the most out of an hour will yield better results than just planning to exercise to a rhythm, which won’t deliver real results.  Hiking is a good exercise that will yield results in the beginning to help you lose your first 10 pounds.  Keep in mind that each week you need to progress.  For example, if it takes you 1 hour to hike up and down ¼ of a mile, maybe by the end of the second week, you can do ½ of a mile.

There is no exercise that will overcome eating poorly, so it is important that you work on fixing your eating habits.  The first changes you should make are eliminating fast foods and ultraprocessed foods, increasing your fruit and veggie intake, eating on schedule, minimizing alcohol intake, not drinking any added-sugar drinks including energy drinks, and eating breakfast.  When you follow these steps, your calorie intake will be less and the nutrition will be higher, increasing your metabolic rate.

Keep in mind that there are other factors that may affect your weight loss program.  Antidepressants and birth control, for example, are big contributors to weight gain.  Before starting a weight loss program, it is very important that you inform yourself about all the factors that may contribute to weight gain, because you will get frustrated if you don’t see results by the end of the month.  Talk to a capable, licensed health professional about any medical conditions before you attend to lose weight.  Remember that the decision is always on you, and the best decision come from a very informed person.

Getting rid of the first 10 pounds or 6% of body fat is an easy task when you’re ready to change your lifestyle.  You need to be committed and be persistent about the daily changes you are making.  Set up goals and work on your exercise program and eating habits, and by the end of the month you will weigh 10 pounds less.