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Weight Loss Is Easier When You Set A Destination

Weight loss is like a destination. You need directions to get there.  Usually on the first assessment and goal setting meeting with new members, I ask them if they remember the first time they traveled by road. Then I ask if they remember how they got to their destination.

I get many answers:

My friend drove

I got directions from my friend

I followed the road and stopped at gas stations to ask the way

I used a map

I turned on my GPS

I got there safely (This is the one that I like the most)

The reality is that no one can get to their destination without knowing where they are going and how to get there.

Everyone needs some type of assistance: GPS, a map, a friend who knows the route. Some people used to take directions from the stars when they were traveling. We all need guidance.  If people don’t follow directions, they can end up far, far away from the real destination. They can be going in circles in the same area like I did when I got lost for 5 hours driving in Mexico City. They can even take a different road that leads to a different destination.

The rules for weight loss are the same as for that road trip. You need to know where you are going and how to get there to achieve your goal.  You need a map (instructions) to lose the pounds you want to lose.  People can get distracted or go slowly or take the wrong turn when they’re not following their directions when driving. Therefore, it might take longer for them to reach their destination. Same thing happens when you don’t follow and constantly refer to your weight loss goals.

The steps to get to your destination (weight loss goal) are:

Determine your destination (how much fat you want to lose, why, and by when)

Split it into monthly goals. When you’re on a road trip, it helps to know you’ve passed or are close to a city, town or state line. That helps you psychologically.  It gives you a sense that you are closer and motivates you to continue.

Make specific goals that will lead to the monthly goals. To start your road trip, you need to plan it and know the directions you are going to use. Planification requires knowing the things you will do as you travel, such as eating, stopping and getting gas, using the bathroom, resting, maybe enjoying the view, stretching, and fixing problems like flat tires.

Not planning or specifying your goal can leave you with consequences you probably were not prepared for. If you want to go to Florida to get away from the winter and start driving without destination, you may end up in New York.

Or if you did not plan and check your car before driving, you may come back home in a tow truck.

Goal setting is very important. I do it with all CBF’s members. As a matter of fact, one of our members has lost 25 pounds in 3 months and passed the goal setting — or “tips,” as he calls them — along to his brother, and he lost 20 pounds in 3 months.

Get real results by taking into consideration a tool that has helped many people achieve their destination — goal setting.

Don’t Confuse Fit with Healthy

Last week I assessed one of my clients.  He had lost 12 pounds in 2 months. He said that he recommends me to his group of friends.  He enjoys our sessions, feels healthier, has more energy, is stronger, and — the most important reason he talks about CBF to his friends — he’s happier.  When he refers me to his friends and shows them my website, some of them expect to see a picture of a bodybuilder.

He was telling me that he knows a couple of guys who are huge; they use drugs to increase muscle mass.  Some other guys he knows use supplements.  Since I advocate “natural fitness,” he assumes I don’t take any drugs or supplements.

While it is true that 6 years ago I used protein shakes and creatine, I now know that these products don’t really help me perform any better or add value to my health.  Also, they are likely to do more harm than good.  In my experience, acne and lack of oxygen at night were only two side effects of these products, which is why I stopped taking them.  When it comes to drugs everyone seems to have a different opinion about them.  My opinion is that drugs simply don’t contribute to health even though they may increase muscle mass, endurance or some other facet of human performance.

Even though it sounds sad, many professionals nowadays don’t distinguish between fitness and health; but being fit does not mean being healthy.  Someone taking drugs or using supplements may be able to run fast, have tremendous lean muscle mass or lift incredible weights and can be classified as fit.  However, this person may not be healthy.  Such a person may suffer or develop side effects such as sex impotency, osteoporosis, high blood pleasure, cancer and others.

However, fitness is a factor that contributes to health just like eating nutritious foods and controlling thoughts and emotions.  But many people put their health in jeopardy to be fit.

Weight loss has also taken the same path.  Many people have heard from their doctors that they need to lose weight because of their high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, knee problems, etc.   Many look for the easy exit, taking pills, using hormone therapies, taking supplements or undergoing surgery.

Even though weight loss is the goal, the purpose can get lost while trying to attain the goal.  The purpose of weight loss is to be healthy.  While some people are looking to lose weight for a better appearance (and there’s nothing wrong with losing weight to be physically attractive), they, also, miss the real purpose.  Losing weight in an unhealthy manner won’t help an individual become more attractive.

Getting to know the difference between fit and healthy helps us a lot with the habits we need to practice.  It helps us be aware of our health while we get fit and to remember that we get fit to contribute to our health.  Weight loss is not about being fit only.  It is about being healthy by incorporating fitness in our lives.

The Results You Are Getting Are From Past Decisions

Sometimes when I assess members, they start the conversation with, “This week was a horrible week. I ate pretty badly.” Usually what they’re thinking is that the food they eat will affect their fat gain right away, and it will show in their results. While it’s true that eating the wrong foods will affect the body right away, it’s also true that the body takes times to store food and convert it into fat. What you eat this week won’t affect your fat levels until next week.

When I changed my ways to a better life, I remember going through some of the residuals of my past. This means that even though I was doing the right things, I would still have negative effects from the past negative actions I took.

One of my friends had a pretty unhappy life because of the decisions he had made. One day he decided to start taking the right actions, but after he started, he would still have negative effects from his past negative actions. He complained that even though he was doing the right things, his results were not changing, and life still brought him misery. I told him that of course he still needed to deal with the residuals from his past decisions.

The residuals of our actions usually come a while after we take them.

For example, all the damage we did to the earth in the ’80s and ’90s by mistreating it with waste and pollution we are suffering from now.

Your body responds the same way. Many people say they can eat anything and never get fat or suffer from disease or have any physical problems. However, years later, it catches up with them.

I called it the residual effect. It will take time to see the results of actions taken now. But there will be results. This is why so many people don’t change their ways even though their brain is telling them that they are not making the best choices. Or when they are making the best choices, they usually aren’t satisfied because they are not seeing the results fast enough.

This is how recession, depression or environment degradation starts: Everything begins by slowly neglecting the system.

History can teach us a lot of what happened and how it happened. Many times we expect the inevitable so we ignore it. We continue taking the wrong actions thinking that everything will be okay because something magical will compensate for our wrong decisions.

We can avoid these disasters by making the right decisions now. It’s common sense, right? If you don’t want to gain any undesired fat, then don’t eat the wrong foods and do your exercise. Don’t just hope that fat magically will just “melt down” or that taking a pill will take care of it.

We want the best place to live, and we want our descendants to inhabit it, but we have not stopped to think about how our decisions are affecting this earth and that they may need to suffer to fix our mistakes. We want to be healthy, have a nice body, be young, strong, happy, disease free. But we have not stopped to think about how drinking, eating junk food, drinking energy drinks, doing drugs and not exercising is going to affect us in the future. We mean to do well, but many times when we make decisions we think about how we are going to benefit short term without thinking about the future.

I understand it’s difficult to live a perfect life. I have made many wrong decisions in my life, and I still make them. However, I do my best to make conscious decisions thinking about how I can improve my life and this planet to enjoy all the results of the residuals of my decisions in the future.

Something that makes me happy is thinking that together we can change this world and make it better not only for ourselves but for all future generations. Remember that it’s ingrained in human biology that thinking about others makes us happy. In addition, when we think about our decisions and how beneficial they are in general, we are not only thinking about others, we are thinking about our own life, and this is in turn how others benefit. In the end, the real beneficiary is oneself.

Either thinking about your weight loss, the planet, your financials or the way to treat people around you, there is always residuals from your decision.  Start thinking about the future consequences of your decisions and you don’t have to worry about fixing anything in the future.

Exercise According To Your Goal

I have learned that the first thing people need before starting a weight loss program is to unleash their desire to lose weight.  This could be a doctor’s call, a divorce, a true look at the mirror or the inability to perform physically.

After the wakeup call, action is required to lose weight.  Some people take imperfect action, and others hire a professional to help them.  But what matters most is that action is taken.

While many people get distracted, discouraged or busy in life and drop their program, others continue perfecting their actions.

For those who drop their weight loss program, nothing changes, they just go back to their precontemplation stage.  In contrast, for those who continue, something magical happens.  After a while, the body starts changing.  As they continue getting results, they notice that they need to modify their program according to their needs, and they do.

A walking-and-small-eating-habit program can be effective for you if you need to lose 100 pounds: Walking every day and cutting out some junk food may lead you to lose pounds of fat monthly.  However, results can come faster if a professional designs a program for you.

If you are only 20 pounds overweight, the same approach may not work. It will help, but you need to work deeply on your exercise and eating habits. For example, you may need to find a more intense exercise than walking and work on your eating schedule and start getting into a cleaner diet.

Now, if you don’t need to see a difference in the scale, but you want to tone your arms, get rid of the muffin top or inner thigh fat, lose inches on the hips and get a flat stomach, you need the deepest and most advanced exercise program.  This will help you get rid of the fat by getting muscle instead.  You may not lose pounds, but your fat levels are decreasing.  Walking, running or eating on time won’t do it for you.  At this stage you need a periodization weight lifting program.

This means that you need an exercise program that is constantly challenging you.  You may need to have clean eating habits.  This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to eat the foods that you like.  This means that you need to understand that there are things that are not made to be digested.  This may get you into weighing the short-term pleasure of eating the wrong foods versus the damage they cause to your body.

In whatever phase you are make sure you continue taking action and improving your actions to get the body that you deserve.  Yes, it’s true. Not many people have the desire to pay the price (time, effort and what the program requires) to be in their best shape.  Be honest with yourself and find out how far you want to go.  But don’t defeat yourself by thinking that it’s impossible.

Remember that the key is to continue taking action to get the body you want.  And when you get there all you need to do is maintenance.

Your Health Contributes To Your Happiness

I love writing and sharing my knowledge with others.  You probably know that because you receive my newsletters once or twice a week.  I also write an article in the Post Independent the second Tuesday of the month.  Plus, I wrote a book that has been published and I am working in my second one.

Another thing that I enjoy is public speaking.  I often do seminars.  I have been invited to do seminars at local high schools, health and wellness symposiums and community events.  People read my newsletters and articles and find out about me, and they ask me to teach their employees, students or clients about nutrition, exercise, motivation and so on.

I just enjoy teaching and helping others to be healthier, reach their goals and by the end find real happiness.

Last week I was invited to do a speech at Literacy Outreach.  The topic was nutrition.  I honestly have no trouble talking about nutrition or eating habits.  However, I think the hardest part of a speech is making people interested in the information and helping them change their life.

So what I often do is remind people why they were born.  Many of us forget why we’re here.  But the real reason we are born is to be happy.  Many forget because they are too busy searching for happiness.  So when people understand how important their health is in achieving true happiness, they are interested in the topic.

Here I’m suggesting that you take a moment and think about why you do what you do.  The reality is that you do everything you do because you think it will contribute to your happiness.  Sometimes you will make the wrong decision and adopt bad habits, thinking that they will contribute to your real happiness. Don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  All humans do the same thing.  However, the more you know about the truth, the more aware you are about the choices you make.

Let me tell you about my experience.  I had made many wrong decisions in my past by adopting bad habits that I thought would make me happy.  I used to smoke, drink, party, etc.  However, I had a hole in my heart that I couldn’t mend no matter how much I practiced these negative habits.  I thought I was happy because I rationalized and justified my acts.  Sometimes I thought “Everyone does it,” “It feels good,” “Life is short,” and so on.  Until one day, my life changed.  I asked the right quality question, and quality questions lead to quality answers, and quality answers lead to quality actions, and quality actions lead to quality results, and quality results lead to a high quality life.

Well, I found that the human being needs to go through a series of zones to be happy.  Here is where exercise and eating healthily makes sense.  Otherwise, it is difficult for people to adopt these behaviors.  For many, the effort that they need to put into exercise is perceived as pain.  Remember that we do things searching for happiness, and many people keep happiness separate from pain.

Anyway, here I’m sharing with you what I realized people such as Abraham Maslow, Tony Robbins, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan and others have being following to find true happiness.  So far these zones have worked for me.  I hope it makes sense to you:

Body Zone:  Here we need to take care of the body by exercising and feeding it the right foods.  This zone is the base we need to be able to perform better in the next 7 zones.  According to psychologists people can get stuck at this level with vices like greed, laziness, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. Any physical problems force us to devote priority attention to this zone.

Emotional Zone: Once the body is healthy and happy, we need to feel at peace, without fear, anger or fright. In the emotional area we seek to attain the fundamental spiritual balance.

Approving Zone: With the body and mind in peace, we begin to think about being accepted, admired and loved by others.  We all need a level of approval, and here is where we share similar habits with our peers.

Material Zone: Once we’ve found a minimum level of approval, we start our search for goods, safety and economic stability. Philosophers says that many people get trapped in this area. Greed and desire for power become a vice.

Learning Zone: Here we understand that we must grow and mature each day. We enjoy reading, listening, speaking, researching, studying and drawing conclusions.

Creative Zone: We enter this superior zone when we’re writing, painting, composing music, building models, weaving, designing, etc.

Service Zone: Love is experienced in this zone. We venture into this area when we choose to put ourselves second and put the needs of others first. When we think of the needs of others, we extend a hand to the helpless, listen to the lonely, comfort the afflicted, teach for free, take care of our loved ones and create happiness in others.

Mission Zone: This peak in life implies the awareness of having been created with a special purpose. People living in this area are capable of transcending and leave a trail of love and service wherever they go.

I can explain each zone deeply, but I’ll be writing a book.  My point is that eating healthily is part of our happiness, and sometimes we put this positive behavior on the side and give priority to other negative behaviors.

Start eating healthy and exercising and your body and mind will thank you and you will find more joy in life.

Keep This In Mind If You Plan Is To Tone Your Body

One of the most important activities for astronauts is exercise. People on the moon lost their strength — and therefore their muscle — in days. That’s because of the lack of gravity.  Astronauts have difficulty walking on earth after a trip to the moon, according to NASA. After a couple of days the astronauts readjust to the earth’s gravity, and they start walking normally again. This is why exercise is very important. If you think about it, the body needs to develop a level of muscle to be able to survive on earth. I want you to think about this when you want to grow muscle to tone your body.

You’ve probably seen commercials featuring girls with very nice, toned bodies doing aerobics with 3-pound dumbbells. Of course, we all want the easy way to get results. Usually if the commercial is trying to sell an exercise program, it is not going to advertise it as hard work. If you really looked into the routine of those toned girls you’d find that it’s nothing like the 3-pound-weight commercial.

Many people are not looking for weight loss. They are really looking for a nice body. They try everything — even exercise — and it seems they can’t get it. Many people who lose weight will still have flabby areas; that’s because they still have fat to get rid of, and without having much muscle, they look flabby.

So the reality is that as we age we all lose muscle even if we don’t want to, we eat healthily and we take basic care of our bodies. There is no way someone can tone his body without building muscle. Exercise in general will not lead to a toned body. Any exercise can help you lose weight, but toning your body requires more. It requires weight lifting and periodization.

Just as the body on the moon gets accustomed to the resistance on the moon — hence the loss of muscle mass — the body will adjust to any new resistance anywhere. The body transforms itself when subjected to new resistance. In other words, if the resistance is low, the body becomes weak, loses muscle and adapts to the need of that specific resistance. If the resistance is high, the body becomes stronger, gains muscle and adapts to the need of that specific resistance.

To say it differently, if you want to tone your body, you must build muscle. Muscle is hard, and fat is flabby. To grow muscle you must challenge your body to a higher resistance. Our members do this and are very happy with their results; they have strong, toned bodies and are getting rid of the undesired fat. The secret is very simple: Increase your weight lifting by following periodization.

For example, if you are squatting 20 pounds, you must go to 30 pounds when your body allows you and so on. When you are a beginner your progress is measured in weeks. Nevertheless, the stronger you become the longer it takes to go to the next level. It may take you months to advance after 6 months of constant training.

Now, if you were squatting 20 pounds and go to 30 pounds and then to 40 pounds, you have gained enough muscle to lift 40 pounds, and your body has responded to the new resistance. What happens if you decide to go back to 20 pounds or 10 pounds because you’re tired and don’t feel like doing it? Of course, your body readjusts to the new resistance and you lose all you have gained. This is why people who only exercise without following a plan or without knowing how to use periodization never can tone their bodies.

The key to having a nice, toned body is discipline, and many can’t do it. If you’re looking for weight loss, any exercise will suffice when coupled with the right eating habits. If you are looking to tone your body then you need to lift weights using periodization. And don’t be afraid of gaining big muscles. That is not true. It is a myth. I have trained lots of women who have toned their body by lifting heavy weights, and they have the most amazing toned bodies without having big muscles. There is no science that shows the development of big muscles in women unless they’re taking some kind of drug.

If you have being trying everything to tone your body, even exercise, and can’t seem to do it, try something new that works. I promise that if you follow these recommendations for at least 6 months you will find yourself seeing a toned body in the mirror. You will not regret it.

Options For Weight Loss If You Can’t Afford A Porfessional

People have seen the results our clients get from training at our facility. They see it in our publications; they hear it from friends or from other people. Thanks to this I have lots of people visiting me and requesting my services.

I never give advice I would not follow, and I never follow advice I don’t fully understand. One of the reasons why I am so happy and I can keep a balanced life is because I know how to spend my money. Therefore, I want people to do the same when they hire our services.

While there are many people who can pay $100 for personal training sessions, spending $400 a week, $1,600 a month for years, there are others who can maybe afford the recreation center (we are not even half as expensive as the personal trainer rate, but also maybe four times as expensive as the recreation center).

Usually the first assessment with me is free because I want to find out more about our new member and if we are a good fit for them in all aspects such as the environment, our type of training, their goals and so on.

I have had a few people who come to me and tell me that they can’t afford our membership, and I see a disappointed look on their face. Maybe they think I am the only way they can lose weight. Many people are waiting for the perfect program, for the best personal trainer, the right moment or place in their lives to start losing weight.

Although it’s true that you can hire someone who knows how to deliver faster and easier results with less frustration, it is also true that it can be done without the help of a professional. The key is action.

So my advice to people who can’t afford fitness professionals is: I do understand you can’t afford us, and I respect that. However, you don’t need the best personal trainer or program to start your fitness goals. It can help, but it is not a need. What we can do is make the trip faster and easier, but you can still get to your goals without us.

What you need is to take action, any kind of action, I call it imperfect action. You can be part of our newsletter, Facebook groups, watch our videos, attend our seminars, follow other health professionals and start a plan; start walking, eating your breakfast, stop drinking added sugar drinks, start eating more veggies, cut all the processed foods, eat on schedule, but start doing something.

You may want a toned body and to be in shape. You probably want to learn to lift weights and be motivated, have a program ready for you to follow, so you don’t have to worry about it. You want to know your progress every month to see that your hard work is paying off. You may want to know what is safe for you do to if you have limitations and what can aggravate your limitation. You may want to know exactly how to eat and what to avoid, how to set your goals weekly and monthly. Yes, I do encourage you to learn all these and have a professional to help you along the way.

But if you can’t afford the professional, start walking and eating as healthily as you can; it won’t hurt you, and it will help you lose weight. In addition, you have many options to play with to be in shape and learn fitness tools:

  • You can buy and read a book about how to tone your body
  • You can hire a personal trainer to teach you a session once a month
  • You can buy one of those home exercise programs
  • You can pay group training for 1 month and learn the basics and then do it on your own
  • You can find a friend who knows and can teach you

There is no limitation when you really want something.  As you see there are many options to choose from that you can afford and which will give you the basic knowledge.  The whole point here is to take action on your dream and plan.

This Is What I Do To Succeed

Not many people who lose weight can keep it off. I don’t blame them, because I know it is not an easy task. It requires a lifestyle change that many are not willing to undertake. Understanding people and helping them change their life for the better is my job. This is Custom Body Fitness’ secret.

Just like people, many businesses struggle. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 50% of new businesses will fail within the first 5 years, and about 1/3 survive 10 years or more. According to the Small Business Administration, about 1/3 of businesses will fail during the first 2 years, and about 50% of businesses fail during the first year in business.

By the way, click this link to listen to my interview —-> You can learn about CBF’s beginning.

When there is a positive behavioral change in a lifestyle, the chance of failure is usually high. For example, for weight loss the statistic says that 95% will drop their weight loss program, and 95% of the 5% left will regain the weight.

There are a few things that explain why so many people fail when they are changing their lives. Here is a list:

  1. Planning: Many people think that changing their lives is about leaving everything to destiny and don’t recognize that planning is a very indispensable tool. Change requires discipline, and the possibility of changing and keeping the new habits increases when there is a plan in action. Achievements do not happen by chance. They are planned.


  1. Effort: Everything that contributes positively to our lives needs some kind of effort that makes us get out of our comfort zone. This could be why people don’t like to change: Many don’t like to get out of their comfort zone. Some of us think that life should be easy and that everything should be given to us without hard work. We might even think that people who have achieved great success are able to do so because they had it easy, when the truth is they worked hard for it.


  1. Synapses connection: Many people have not taken into consideration the need to manipulate their synapses connection in their neurons. To learn a new behavior, the old connection needs to become weaker and the new one needs to become stronger. The connection from the negative habit needs to become small and the one for the good habits bigger. This takes time. However, many people don’t invest the time. But behaviors that are practiced over and over again become easier after a while.


  1. Goal setting: Goal setting, a type of planning, helps us envision our future, making us work for what we are aiming at, whereas a lack of direction can make us get lost in the process. Achieving a goal requires discipline. But if you set yourself a goal and act upon it, you’ll either achieve your goal or at least get close to it.


  1. System: While it is true that everything that is good requires effort, it does not mean that you need to work harder than necessary. Anything that you repeat more than twice can be integrated into a system that is already set up for you. That way you don’t have to waste your time doing the same set up over and over again as you go on with your life. This tool allows you to save time and continue progressing toward your goals.


  1. Chief Executive Officer: People don’t become the CEO of their lives by letting other people manage their lives. When you become the CEO of your life, you are aware of your mistakes, responsibilities and potential. I think this is pretty clear. You have to know how to manage your family, your business, your weight loss, your health, your finances, your business, your vacations and your whole life if you want to be successful in any area.

In this interview I talk about how CBF became a successful local business.

Just like you, I still have to discipline myself to continue progressing, and I fight against negative events and others to get to my goal. Here I have shared with you some tools I use to progress in my life.

I bet if you follow this advice and put it into practice, soon enough, we are going to change the statistics, making a huge impact in the world or even better, in your life!

Here is the link again in case you missed it:


Find Meaning In Your Life By Setting Worthy Goals

How strong is the power of direction? How can a purpose change your life? Does a goal give a sense of living to your life?

When I was younger and I had no direction, I remember getting up late every day, playing video games, surfing on the computer, or cruising in my car. My life had no meaning. I spent a lot of time washing my car, talking to my friends and really doing nothing productive. Being unable to walk for at least 4 weeks reminded me of this.

There is no meaning in life without a purpose. Many of us wake up just living and doing, often because we have responsibilities or because we are looking just for pleasures. This is why many of us can’t find our happiness.

Having a purpose and setting up goals to see how my life is changing, how I am helping to change other people’s lives, and how I can improve the world give me all the motivation and passion to continue moving forward. Life makes sense.

Now I understand how people who have created something are very happy about it, not because of the creation itself but because of what it is doing to help others.

Setting goals gives excitement to life, especially when getting out of the comfort zone and doing something different. Life becomes boring doing the same routine without any challenge. This is one of the reasons people like to travel, to go on vacation, spend weekends out of town, go party and try something new. And there is nothing wrong with it. However, I find it more fulfilling to risk my sense of security and continue moving forward by creating. I have some level of fulfillment when I challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. It is rewarding looking back and seeing what that challenge has made me.

Goal setting plays a huge role here because I write and go back to my goals every week to find out what I have achieved and what I have not and why. Is it my fault? Am I procrastinating? Am I waiting for someone else’s decision? Is it the capital? I can’t seem to get the resources? Is it not the right time? Am I too busy with other projects? Why haven’t I achieved my goals?

I have been waking up (if I sleep) for four weeks thinking about my limitations, thinking about who I used to be and how I used to waste time. Not having anything to aim for made my day depressing. The truth is that having a purpose gives me the courage to just go day by day knowing that one day I will be charging towards my goals.

If you are in the same situation I was, I don’t blame you. I needed to suffer before I could find my purpose. Many people tried to tell me about how I could live my life, but I ignored everyone. What did they know about my life? However, my goal here is only to help you spark your life by making your days more exciting and start reaching for your dreams. It is important to know that you can achieve your dreams no matter your age, gender, race, religion, etc.

The power of purpose, goal setting and sense of direction will give you the desire to wake up to continue living every day with excitement.

This Is How To Solve Any Problem In Life

Problems, problems, problems. Have you heard this word lately? I think if you are alive you have problems. Only dead people don’t have problems, and this is what I choose to believe. There are financial problems, family problems, problems at work, problems with friends, legal problems, health problems, car problems, vacation problems, problems with computers, problems at school and if I continue this article will be full of problems, probably like your life and mine.

I have barely defeated one problem when another appears. I am used to it by now. In fact, I love problems. They make me worry for a moment and make my brain work. I get stressed sometimes for hours, other times days. They make me smarter. First thing I do is to find out if the problem has a solution or not, because not all problems have solutions. Why worry about a problem that has no solution?

So the first thing I recommend to defeat problems is to figure out which ones have solutions. Then it’s time for the fun.

So this is what I have learned and apply in my life. I write down all the solutions from the easiest to the most difficult. Besides helping resolve my problems this also helps me with stress, because stress is nothing more than worries. Let’s say the problem is that I’m overweight by a couple of pounds, and I am ready to lose the extra pounds. I think about all my solutions:

  • Go on a diet
  • Get liposuction
  • Exercise in the morning before work or later in the evening after work
  • Take weight loss pills
  • Take promising weight loss supplements
  • Run every day
  • Watch my calories
  • Sign into a weight loss program
  • Join the gym with a friend
  • Buy a home exercise program
  • Get a complete program for weight loss from eating to exercise and execute it
  • Read books about the topic
  • Hire a professional
  • Ask my doctor for his plan if he’s not overweight
  • Model people who are in shape
  • Hire a personal trainer

As you see there are many solutions for the problem. It depends on your beliefs, knowledge, budget and other things. Because of my beliefs, discoveries and motivation, I will choose solutions 3, 12 and 11. I will discard the rest, but at least I know there are many solutions. I choose the best ones even though they will take work.

The same applies to any other problem with solutions. Another example could be having problems at work. You can apply the same technique:

  • Talk to my co-workers about the problem and find a solution
  • Talk to my boss and find a solution
  • Find another job
  • Take care of the problem myself if possible
  • Open my own business
  • Find a plan that takes care of the issue

And you can continue the list. It is like having an algebra problem. There are many ways you can work with the problem until you find the solution. Your brain becomes sharper, and the problems become easier to solve each time.

If you have problems to solve, write them down. When you encounter a problem that really stumps you, focus on finding all the reasonable solutions and then apply the best one.