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Meditation to Achieve Weight Loss

It has been more than 5 years since I acquired the habit of hiking. Hiking has helped me mentally.  It is a way of meditating.  While hiking contributes to my fitness, it does not replace my exercise.  My exercise time is when I’m at CBF lifting weights. Any other outdoor activity is part of my meditation.

Any outside activity not only contributes positively to my fitness, but it also keeps my mind healthy…

Running has been a big part of my life. However, after I dislocated my knee, completely sprained 3 ligaments — anterior and posterior cruciate and medial collateral — and fractured my meniscus, I stopped running for almost 5 years because of the consequences of the high impact on my knee. After two surgeries and time, my knee feels better. Now I’ve decided to do my running again.

There is something magical about doing outside activities alone…

The mind asks some deep questions about reality and truth, and these questions lead to deep research and finding answers. Last Tuesday, while I was running (after the 5 minutes of difficulty — warmup), I asked myself who I am and why I’m advocating a healthy lifestyle.  I thought about my body and the ability that I have to run and feel good. I know I have no limitations. Since I have a high quality of life, I want everyone to have the same. So that answer led to other questions.  Why do I enjoy a high quality of life? Because of who I am. I am my body,  I am my soul (mind and heart), and I am my spirit.

I’m a tridimensional being…

My thoughts and research make me understand that maintaining all my dimensional areas is what keeps me healthy and having a high quality of life. Any dimensional area can corrupt the other areas if I do not maintain it.

There are many ways to corrupt the body…

One example is through addiction. We can become addicted to any substance or behavior. All behaviors and substances can be addicting. And not all behaviors are good even though they are recommended. For many behaviors balance is the key. Here is an example: An anorexic who has her mind corrupted will exercise excessively to the point that it is not beneficial for her anymore. The addiction started in her mind. She thinks she needs to stay thin, and the more she exercises, the skinnier she will get. She is afraid of gaining weight for many reasons. Just like this example, many people practice destructive behaviors that have become addicting. Our body ends up paying the consequences. Drinks, refined sugars and other things can also become addicting. This can lead the person to gain weight. The problem is not only the behavior but the way our minds are set up to respond to the behavior.

There is a connection between the human mind and behaviors

Humans behave according to their mind and spirit. The spirit is who we are, our essential personality. However, the mind is molded according to society and the beliefs someone has created in us.  When we let society lead our mind by leading our thoughts, they start controlling us, and the mind gets corrupted. Our decisions are now made by society, not us. When we take our time to meditate (do outside activities alone, with no distractions), we can touch our spirit and find out exactly who we are.

Meditation has a lot to do with weight loss…

Meditation allows our spirit to connect with a Higher Power which helps us make wiser decisions about who we are. These wiser decisions help us stop the unconscious negative and addicting behaviors that we have developed over the years.

Food and exercise are not the only factors needed for weight loss …

The mind and spirit do play a tremendous role in weight loss, not only in any weight loss, but in a healthy and long-life weight loss.

I do my 5 days of exercise (weight lifting). Plus, I add 3 to 4 days of outside activities to improve my fitness, but the reality is that I do outside activities to meditate and find my whole self.

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Patience Is An Important Virtue For Weight Loss

When it comes to results, I am one of the people who want to see them fast. I remember after I got my two knee surgeries, I wanted to walk the next day. It was the same when one of my dogs had a herniated disc: I wanted him to walk normally within a week.

When I read about successful ideas and businesses, I want Custom Body Fitness to be covering all of Colorado. When I implement a new idea at Custom Body Fitness, I want it to be successful right away.

When new members join Custom Body Fitness, I want them to lose weight quickly, just as they do. I want my clients to understand all the concepts of weight loss in the first assessment. I want them to be strong and know all the exercises from the first day.

When I start reading a new book I want to finish it the same week. I want to know everything as soon as possible.

When I save and invest money, I want the money to duplicate in a couple of weeks. I want to be able to help all the dogs I can as soon as possible.

When it comes to patience, I am the most impatient person you will ever meet. However, many of my clients tell me that I am very patient. I have noticed that most human beings are impatient. This is one of the reasons we don’t get what we want and we are unhappy. We plant a seed hoping the next day the fruit has already grown.  We don’t take the time to water it, protect it from pests and remove the weeds.

Many times we choose the fast and easy way to get what we want, paying the consequences of an illusion.

Mother Teresa said that patience is a virtue we develop – we aren’t born with it. I have come to understand this, and I have developed patience. Therefore, when I want all the results of the seed I just planted, I remind myself that patience gives me more than desperation. Desperation turns off anything. As a woman if she will date a desperate guy.

Frustrations, bad decisions, disappointments and negative consequences are some of the effects of not being patient. There is nothing a patient person can’t get with action.

Weight loss is the same; we all want to change our bodies in days. But we often forget that it took time for neglect to change our body, and it would take at least the same amount of time to recuperate.

It is very easy to forget that weight loss requires time. So if you are ready to lose weight or you are already in the process, give it some thought and allow yourself a realistic amount of time to avoid disappointment, which could lead to dropping your efforts.

Start by being patient and understanding that weight loss is a process. Practice all the behavior that will lead to weight loss, just like you would take care of a seed that will bear the fruit you want, and soon enough you will be enjoying the results.

So far patience has worked for me. Not only have I achieved many of my goals and I am a good teacher because of it, but it has helped me to enjoy the process. I always remind myself, “What is the rush? What I want to do later, I’ll have time to do.

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All Factors Add Up: Invert The Process To Achieve Weight Loss

After taking her measurements, I asked, “What do you think happened this month?”

My client replied, “I am not sure. I have missed a couple of sessions here.”

“Yes, a complete week and many days here and there.”

“Yes, I think I only came one time one week and two times the other week.” She thought a moment and said, “I don’t think I have been eating terribly.”

“Tell me about what you can remember.”

“The only thing that I ate was an energy bar.”

“That is all?”

She took some time to think and started talking about her favorite dishes. I replied, “I don’t think that would affect your weight gain this month. I don’t see anything wrong with that. You are eating real food.”

“Do you think adding sugar to my coffee will do it?”


“Every time.”

“Is that it?”

“Well, the energy bar I just told you, sugar in my coffee, a couple of drinks here and there.”

“How many drinks?”

“I am not sure. Not many.”

“What is not many? Can you recall?”

“Let’s see,” she once again stopped and thought. “I will say 2 drinks a night.”

“Let’s do the math; 2 a night is 14 a week. Continue.”

“A candy bar, I ate a sandwich with regular bread, I drank maybe 4 sodas this month,” she finally wrapped up her tally and then said, “I didn’t really think about it before, but it looks like I’ve been eating more of the bad stuff than I was aware of. Does everything add up?”

Many of us don’t think about how our decisions will affect our future. Instead of eating an apple, we eat the energy or candy bar. What difference will this make? Do you think in the long term it will make a difference? The answer is “of course.”

“Let’s put some logic together.” I started to show my client some research I had done. “First, everything that has been refined and processed has almost no nutritional value, even though many claim otherwise. That means that these products offer very little to help the body, and even then the nutrition will be very minimal compared to the empty calories they contain. For example, while a banana, apple or any vegetable or meat has real vitamins, minerals, protein and complex carbohydrates that the body can process and absorb and use for its benefit (such as potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, magnesium and others), processed foods have only empty calories, as mentioned.

“Second, let’s do some math; when you are getting all the body needs from veggies, fruits and other whole foods, you are getting limited calories. For instance, a banana has 105 calories, an apple 95, 200 calories in a bowl of rice, 400 calories in a 6-ounce chicken piece, no calories in water and 250 calories in 30 ounces of veggies.

“Let’s say you eat 60 ounces of veggies, 2 pieces of chicken, 2 pieces of fruit and 2 bowls of rice for lunch, snacks and dinner. While your breakfast is ½ cup of oatmeal at 150 calories plus another piece of fruit, and you drink 10 glasses of water during the day. Don’t forget that you are getting real nutrients that the body needs to be healthy with all these choices. 500 calories of veggies, 300 calories of fruit, 800 calories of chicken, 400 calories of rice and 150 calories of oatmeal. That adds up to around 2,150 calories.

“Now let’s modify that to what you’ve been eating: You replace your fruit with bars, your rice with bread, you add sugar to your coffee and you replace your water with soda and alcohol or just simply add those to your diet. Your caloric intake would increase 100 to 200 calories from sugar if you drink only one cup of coffee; from 300 to 400 from the bars, depending on the bar and how many you eat, estimating you do eat 2; 300 calories from 2 sodas; 640 calories from 4 pieces of white bread for a sandwich; and from 200 to 1,000 calories from alcohol depending on what you drink. When you add these up it will be, more or less: 800 from chicken, 500 from veggies (if you want to eat your needed nutrients), 400 from bars, 200 from sugar, 300 from sodas, 640 from white bread, and 500 from 2 drinks, for a total of 3,340. That is more than a thousand unnecessary calories in your diet.

“This is only an example for a person who thinks he’s eating somewhat healthily. Can you imagine the total for a person who eats fast foods, foods high in fats, pre-made foods and so on? Some people end up eating up to 5,000 calories a day, and these are some people that think their thyroid is not working.”

I continued, “Now wait, that is not all; what about your sedentary life? Even though you think you are active, what do you really do during the day — drive everywhere and walk in your house? What else? Some minimum physical work? Now, I could be wrong. You tell me.”

She replied, “Yes, true.”

“Okay, so how many calories do you think you burn during the day? You are not only adding extra calories that your body doesn’t need, by not exercising you are also not expending calories and not increasing your metabolic rate. You are the one who admitted it. However, I am going to ask you again the question you asked yourself: Do you think all these add up?”

“It makes sense,” she replied attentively.

So I concluded, “If you eat more than a thousand calories, you need to exercise more than an hour to burn those calories and exercise even more to burn the extra fat you want to get rid of. I don’t think living in the gym is a good idea. This is the reason why many people who focus only in exercising and don’t pay attention in their eating habits can’t lose weight. Every decision you make in life, even the most insignificant, will affect your future and your goals, and if you don’t have it planned, it won’t work. You need a plan. We created one and you invested in it. Do you think after developing a plan you can just put it away and it will help you reach your goals? Something that will help you is to go over your plan every day to know what to do to get to your desired weight loss.”

If your goal is to lose weight and get in shape, pay attention to every single decision you make to get the best out of your day, week, month and life overall. It will affect your future. Developing a plan, reviewing it often, and following it carefully is the best way to get to your goal. Each factor will add up.

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Feel At Your Best Always No Matter the Situation

About two months ago I had a car accident. I was on the main thoroughfare when the SUV in front of me stopped abruptly. I stopped right behind it, and I was looking in my rear view mirror because I had noticed a car driving fast a couple of seconds before. I knew that the driver behind was not aware that we had stopped, and when she hit me, she pushed my car into the SUV.

The lady in front got a little upset. The one who hit me was worried about me getting angry.  I got out of my car and made sure that everyone was okay; then I checked my car. I told everyone that things are just perfect: Nothing happened to anyone, and material things can be fixed, while a human life or health often cannot.

After dealing with insurance and all the paperwork and research they do, they finally paid me what they think my car was worth.

With the insurance money, I found someone to fix my car. This past weekend, the car was ready for delivery. I got a call from the business giving me the “bad news.” One of the workers did not install the tire correctly, and the tire came off the car while it was in motion.

I knew he was okay, and he told me that he needed to fix the damage done to my car and deliver it to me. It would take 4 more days. I told him not to worry about, to fix it and deliver it when it’s ready, that I am happy he is okay.

I am very thankful for being alive and having abundance in my life. I am super healthy; my family is healthy, progressing and united; my business of helping people is growing; and I continue reaching my goals, creating and helping.

I think one of the factors that keeps me happy is that I am thankful every day for what I have, and I do not focus on the things I don’t have, taking into consideration that I need to progress.

I don’t focus on the negative things of events.

We like to think that we like surprises. The reality is that we only like the surprises that we want, but we don’t like the surprises that we call accidents.

Accidents will always occur, and if we take it personally and fail to understand the situation, chances are that we are going to react negatively towards it. The truth is that our perception towards the event is not reality.

We create our reality and suffer the consequences of the reality we create. Therefore, why bring in negative emotions because of an accident? What good would it do if I got angry, argumentative or sad about my accident? Nothing will change. The best action is to focus in the good things and that we are healthy and alive! The rest we can get it as we live, and be thankful that we, who have had the accident, have another day of life.

It is not about thinking positively. It is about making sense and understanding life and making the event work with us instead of against us.

Be happy ☺

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Massive Action – The Key to Change

I’m sure you’ll probably meet people who do nothing to achieve their goals (such as losing weight). 

They are leaving it for the “next time,” maybe next year or even later. They are waiting for something to change their lives. However, they get no results.

Then you find people who start something but when it gets difficult, they quit. 

They try dieting, exercise (Zumba, aerobics, weight lifting, biking, swimming), weight-loss products, you name it. But they always end up quitting. They are never consistent in their efforts and they get no results.

Then you have those who do average work. 

They want better results, but they don’t understand that they can’t get results that are better than the effort they put in.

Then you get people who kill it, people who stand apart from all the other categories. They take massive action and never get tired.

It seems like they are on some kind of mission. They are persistent and never stop until they reach their goal. These are the people that succeed in their goals.

Let me put it in other words

If you do nothing, you get nothing. If you do something and quit, you still get nothing. If you do average work, you get average results.

But if you want to stand apart, you need to take massive action.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with failing to achieve your goals or with getting average results, body or health if you are truly satisfied. But you need to be honest with yourself.

Are you dieting because you want an average body?  Are you happy with your health? Are you happy not achieving your goal and giving up? Are you happy dreaming without doing something to realize your dream?

If you complain it probably means that you are not happy. The best thing you can do is to put your energy into taking immense action with persistence towards your goal.

No matter what you do, it will require energy.

Take massive action to achieve your goal

So if you are truthful with yourself and you really want to achieve your goal, then take massive action.

Be obsessive with your goal, write it down, do research about it, dream about it and create a plan. 

Make sure that people know what you are after.  Make sure that people have no doubt about you achieving your goal.

Back when I started lifting weights, people asked me if I was training to compete or fight or if I was a personal trainer. None were true. But it was clear to people that I was after something. I was obsessive about my goal.

These days my business is very successful because people see my passion and my obsession to help others.  They have no doubt about my mission.

I take massive action. I don’t doubt I’ll get what I want.

If I can do it, anybody can do it.  So next time you dream about getting something or achieving something, think about what level of effort you are going to practice:

“nothing”,  “half-hearted”, “average” or “massive action”.

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The Purpose of Being Patient for Weight Loss

Wise words

“Look me in the eye. It’s okay if you’re scared. So am I. But we are scared for different reasons. I am scared of what I won’t become. And you are scared of what I could become. Look at me. I won’t let myself end where I started. I won’t let myself finish where I began. I know what is within me, even if you can’t see it yet. Look me in the eyes. I have something more important than courage. I have patience. I will become what I know I am.” – Michael Jordan

Take your time

After she told me that she loves my articles and I confirmed that I’m “that guy,” Susie went straight to the point.

“I’ve been exercising and eating healthily now for a month, and I don’t see results,” Susie said to start the conversation.
“Are you sure? Did you measure and weigh yourself and find your fat levels before you started?” I replied.
“No, I only weighed myself. I have seen a couple of pounds go down on the scale, but that is nothing compared the changes I have made.”

We were talking at the coffee shop where I often sit and work on my computer.
“The best thing you can do is have a reliable baseline to go back to for comparison.”
I need to get rid of these ‘muffin tops’ as soon as possible.”

She was not listening to my advice, and I was not listening to her. I was the one making the mistake, so I shut up and listened. Susie continued expressing herself. After her “muffin top” sentence, I thought maybe she was seeing real results but that she was not patient enough to appreciate it. Being pateint for weightloss is important.

Nowadays, I have the body I always wanted.

Yes, when I started to exercise I saw results in a month, then three months later I saw an improvement and six months after that I noticed more muscle tone. A year passed and I saw more results. I felt that I got to my plateau after three years. That is when I felt my best. Right now, I continue improving but my improvement is at a slow pace.

Now I laugh because I find pictures from those days and see very little results. However, I felt like Arnold back then. My perception and my patience paid off. Even though my results were minimal, I still focused on them, finding them fulfilling.

WatchFit – The Purpose of Being Patient for Weight Loss//


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Always focus on goals

However, anyone can be impatient. I have goals set up in all areas of my life. I have learned to be patient with my body and that has paid off, as I mentioned. With other goals, however, sometimes it’s difficult to wait.

My business, the opening of more employment opportunities, my contribution to the world and others, and the rehabbing of my animals are some goals with which I sometimes feel impatience. I get lost in the desperation mode and focus on wanting things NOW!

I learned that life shouldn’t be the way I want.

There is a process that needs to be followed for life to unfold the way we want, and that process requires patience. Consequently I take a deep breath and meditate. I turn back and notice how much I have accomplished.

That, yes, life is not where I want it to be, but I have gotten so far. I’m helping the world, I have happy employees, my dogs are walking better, my business is better than ever. I go back and focus on the small results to make them bigger, and when I do that the desire to continue doing what I’m doing grows stronger.

Sustainable success

“Susie, yes, maybe you are not where you want to be, maybe the ‘muffin tops’ are still there. However, if you are doing everything right, you probably are seeing results that you are not focusing on. This may lead you to desperation. I recommend you get a baseline and follow up every month, even though your baseline is only a picture, and be patient with the process”, I replied after my conclusions.

“Do you think I should continue doing what I’m doing?”

“Of course, if you are eating healthily and exercising, I don’t see why not. Time will always tell. One month to get rid of the ‘muffin top’ is not enough, however. Oh, and next time I recommend not getting a cappuccino with whipped cream on top. Get a tea or black coffee,” I wink.
She laughed and left the building smiling.

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Cognitive Process – Making Changes in Your Mindset

I spend most of my Saturday mornings assessing Custom Body Fitness members.  An assessment is very important to ensure people get results, and one of the many pieces to be assessed is the cognitive process.

The cognitive process

There are many facets to the cognitive process, such as knowledge, attention and memory.  Judgment, evaluation and reasoning are also important.

Everything works together.  This is one of the reasons it can be difficult to focus on only one area of our cognitive process.  For example, if a person wants to change his reasoning, first he needs to change his beliefs, which in turn are a product of his memory.  However, his beliefs can be changed with new experiences, which affects his reasoning, which in turn creates new memories.


My point is that it’s not a simple process to change one’s cognitive process.  It won’t happen overnight. It takes time and requires patience.  But it is important to take the first step.

Assessing one of my clients last Saturday, I noticed that she had relapsed.  Relapsing is not uncommon, but it’s important to figure out why it happened.  In this case it was partly because of her cognitive progress.  She sabotaged her weight loss program by thinking and saying things like, “I’ll start tomorrow,” “It is my cheat day,” “I’ll burn it off,” “I already ruined my day,” “I’m justifying what I eat with my emotions,” and the list goes on.

This type of thinking is like breaking your arm and, instead of setting the bone and letting it heal, saying, “My arm is already broken. Let’s just amputate.” It does not make sense!

Peer pressure

Also, her friends may inadvertently cause her to drop her weight loss program by telling her things like, “You already look great and you’re already skinny. Eat whatever, like me.”

Peer pressure can push our cognitive progress to make wrong decisions.  This is why some people kill, get into accidents, go broke, etc.  Sometimes we do what others want in order to be accepted without weighing up the consequences.

However, relapses are not all bad.

They remind us to get back on track.  We need to work on our cognitive progress.  The real problem here is not the foods we eat or the decisions we make.  Therefore willpower does not work.  Thoughts become actions and actions become reality.  Consequently, the focus needs to be the cognitive process.

Changing your mind

Only a small percentage of people are ready to change their cognitive progress, which is why only a small percentage are successful in their weight loss program.

Are you are part of the less than 1% who are ready to change?  Here are some skills that I have found help many of my clients to change their cognitive progress.

1) Be aware of your thoughts and approach them.  Knowing what you are thinking and understanding that the process can be improved to get what you want — in this case weight loss — makes it easier for you to find tools to help your cognitive process.

2) Challenge your beliefs.  Even if you have been taught that the earth is flat since you were a baby, be open if someone comes and tells you that it could be round.  Do some research, use some common sense, and if it makes sense change your beliefs.

3) Read books on how to control your thoughts, and follow successful people.

4) Cut your links with negative peers or people who push you to be worse and don’t help you to become better.  Rather, find people who are pushing you to be a better person and teach you how to fish, not how to beg for a fish.

Understand the importance of your mindset

Many times the problem is the way we think — our cognitive progress.  An eating plan will not help.  Being open to new beliefs, being conscious of our thoughts, putting new positive information in our brain and modeling people who have achieved what we want are ways to improve our cognitive process.

Follow these recommendations, be patient, and be kind to yourself if you relapse. Get back on track and repeat the cycle.  Each time your relapses will be less frequent, and you will adopt a new way of thinking that affects your actions and helps you get what you really want from the bottom of your heart.

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Contemplation – Benefits of Introspection

Death and rebirth

Three years ago, I lost someone that I loved which was very difficult. It was painful. I touched rock bottom; I was depressed and with no energy to do anything in life.

I have imagined a marathon runner losing his legs, a writer losing his eyes and a basketball player losing his arms. These people have lost part of their life, as I did, and I needed to open my eyes to different perspectives. Nevertheless, it is painful to accept the reality.

Finding happiness in everything you do

After such event, I understood that material things come and go, but when a love is gone, he or she can’t ever be replaced. Since then, I take my time to enjoy the small events around me, such as watching my dogs play, contemplating my brother’s reading, watching birds bathing in the river… Even the air that I inhale I enjoy.

You may ask yourself, “Why is the reason that Sandro is telling me his life?” Because I want to share something that made my life more fulfilling, less stressful and happier, with greater knowledge and imagination.

Learn to focus on yourself

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I will touch on this later in this article.

I have read the same concept that I’m about to share over and over again from different authors, such as recognized psychologists, ancient philosophers, mathematicians, and even the Bible talks about it. And I have applied it in my life.

However this concept is not superficial. The need for inner change needs to be applied to be able to perform it.

To begin with, I comprehend that we need to control our mind, not the other way around – letting our mind control us. Once we can control our thoughts and get rid of the desires that society has make us crave, we can begin our journey.

Practice makes the master

It requires a lot of practice to master the mind and it can be very difficult, but not impossible, for people who drag their past issues around with them. There are many books and therapies that can help with past issues.

Once past issues are taken care of, mastering the mind will be our priority. By the way, to achieve anything worthy in life, effort and persistence is a requirement. Now back to the concept.

Here is how an author put it to me, “Everything is always created twice, first in the mind and then in reality”

In other words, whatever it is that we want, we need to take time to think about how we see ourselves in the future. We need to see ourselves doing the steps required for us to be where we want to be.

As an example – if you want a healthy body, shut your phone off, be in a quiet place, close your eyes, take two deep breaths and think about you with a healthy body as you want it.

Think about your workouts, about the weights that you are lifting, about the food that you are eating (healthy food of course), about your hiking, etc. Soon enough you will be operating at your desire thoughts.

This works in all aspects of your life, monetary, relationships and others.

One more thing that makes my life happier is my purpose

I do not have to think about work anymore. To me, I play every day. There is not a single day that I do not want to be in my studio or waking up. I’m looking forward to continue my day, my week, my month and my year.

The reason is because I have found my purpose.

Like I always say, all the amazing brains such, such as Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus, Socrates and those who left a positive mark in life, recommend that we need to find our purpose. And such purpose needs to be “worthy,” worthy meaning that our purpose needs to help others and make this world a better place.

There is magic in all the knowledge that these transcendent people left for us, & there are benefits of introspection. Let’s take advantage of it and be happy. It that not what we all are looking for?

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Are The People Around You Holding You Down?


Do you know who Anthony Robbins is?

If not, don’t worry, I didn’t know either. However I am currently reading one of his best selling books where he talks openly about his personal battle with being overweight.

He mentions how he was extremely overweight and how he realized all he needed to do was observe and model people who were thin, find out what they ate, how they ate, what they thought, what their beliefs were, and he could produce the same results.

Drop those who are pulling you back

He made me think about past articles where I talk about how important is to leave “crab” people behind and continue with your fitness journey.

Crabs have a tendency to pull another crab back.

When fishermen catch crabs they put them in a bucket. And becasue they want space they attempt to climb up to the top but all the time others pull them down. Sound familiar?

Many people do the same with others who try to succeed in their weight loss program

There are many reasons. Some people are lazy and don’t want you to be progressing because they don’t want to be left behind. Others simply don’t want to lose you and since you are adopting different habits they feel that you are spending less time with them.

Their reasoning usually is not about supporting you.

This makes me think about the people who we spend time with. Are they people of progression or are they time wasters?

We all model other people. Subconsciously we model our peers, co-workers, families and celebrities.

Negative people pull us down from our success, but even then we also model them making our positive change even harder.


This behavior keeps us in the comfort zone, gets us used to the negativity and it is hard for us to see a success.

Have you heard about the 100 Monkeys Effect?

There were 100 monkeys that couldn’t cut open coconuts. They traveled from their region and found another troop of monkeys whom they saw breaking coconuts by smashing them against rocks.

The impossible mission to cut open the coconuts was now possible for them. People see events impossible until they find others succeeding in the impossible event. It is the same in human endeavour. It’s a fact that once somebody breaks a barrier – the Four Minute Mile, swimming the English Channel etc – then very quickly others follow…

Do you want to succeed in your weight loss and fitness journey?

Presumably you do. Then stop modeling people who have negative habits, cut the “crab” out of your life, and model people who have been successful in their weight loss and fitness goals.

Do you want to know how experienced people do it? Do you need models to follow?

You can follow family or friends who are self-motivated, already following a healthy lifestyle and start making plan with them. Another idea is to go to the gym, find a fit person and interview them.

You could also visit your local gym and meet people who are on the way to achieving their goals or have already achieved them.

Does it sound easy enough for you to get to your fitness goals? The reason why it sounds easy is because it is. Act upon your knowledge. Action is what makes people successful in attaining their weight and fitness goals.

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How to Replace Your Bad Habits with Good Habits

Bad habits lie in wait for us to adopt them, like evil pets!

We can find them around the corner with no effort. And once we have adopted them, they make our lives unhealthy and often unhappy.

One of my clients, “Bob,” told me recently that he doesn’t like to miss his exercise sessions because when he does he gets too comfortable and he might stop coming at all. He has achieved his first goal of losing 24 pounds. He’s 61 and thought that it would be almost impossible to lose weight, yet he achieved it. He’s now going for five more pounds.

One of Bob’s strengths is that he knows his weaknesses and is willing to fight them. Many of us don’t want to see it when we are sliding down the slope into bad habits, but Bob does and works to prevent relapses.

From personal experience I know that life is a constant fight to adopt and maintain positive habits. Unlike bad habits, however, good habits are not easy to adopt. Nonetheless the benefit of good habits is a higher quality of life, which in turn means happiness.


Bob came to see me because he knew he needed motivation to start a good habit, and now that’s really acquired it, he has the will continue exercising himself.

To stay on track, Bob focuses on the benefits that a good habit like exercise provides – such as weight loss, better appearance, strength, fewer visits to doctors, diminishing aches and more energy. Plus, the exercise habit has nowmotivated him to improve other habits and he eats better now.

Bad habits cannot be “deleted,” only replaced by good habits. And once you start by adopting one positive habit, other positive habits are easier to get on board. One becomes more conscious of one’s ability to improve and keeps going! Our health depends on our good habits.

Whoever thinks that practicing negative behaviors only for a short time will be exempt from consequences is making a mistake. It’s like playing with fire and not wanting to get burned.

You can be the prisoner of  your bad habits


When I was young I got into drinking, but a wise man saw me messing up and asked if I planned to drink like that my whole life. I was shocked and told him no.

He continued: “Do you think the people who become alcoholics or addicts dream of becoming alcoholics or addicts?”
“No,” I responded again.
“So,” he pursued, “you think you can control your drinking, but let me tell you, it becomes a habit and soon you’ll be prisoner of that habit. People who become addicted think that they are the exception.”

I’ve never forgotten those wise words. Since then, I’m cautious about my habits. People don’t plan to become a slave of their desires or addictions; instead they like to make choices.

Be strong willed

I’m gratefu I have the willpower to choose to make progress and improve my health and my body, just like Bob. He’s has chosen to better his life over his couch-potato tendencies. He’s happy to be leaving behind a sedentary lifestyle to improve his health and quality of life.

Psalm 126, verses 5-6 tell us that, “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He, who goes out weeping carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.” My take on this ancient wisdomthat they are talking in their own way about habits.

Bob and I understand that good habits are the only genuine way to lose weight and keep it off. Don’t believe those silly TV and Internet ads: There isno shortcut!

Is weight loss your goal?

Do an inventory of your habits and find out which bad habits are making you gain weight. Then, start developing good habits that will do the opposite. Keep in mind that you may be so used to your bad habits that you might not be able to identify them. And you may have become so attached to those bad habits that unconsciously you don’t want to give them up.

Believe in yourself

But believe in change: You are stronger than any bad habit you have developed. Reclaim your life and start losing the pounds  you always wanted to lose.

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Lose Weight Permanently

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