Factors That Interfere With Your Weight Loss Program

Having difficulties losing that extra fat and toning your body? Getting in shape is not easy as it may seem. Either in my experience, I have noticed that losing weight and getting fit takes more than exercise and eating healthy. The problem is more formidable than people think although of course it is highly attainable.  Signing up in a weight loss program is a first, easy step, though keeping up with the program is harder.

Stress is one of the factors that can affect one’s intentions to work at a weight loss program.  One’s working schedule as well as health problems are some form of stress. Work and health issues sometimes are out of our control and, therefore, it mess up with our weight loss program. But a balance always can be found. If we don’t find it, we will never get to our desired body weight.

Other factors that can disrupt a weight loss or fitness program are bad habits. I read that a human being can never erase a bad habit. It needs to replace by a positive habit. Sometime, due to lack of knowledge, people don’t even know that their habits are putting their health at risk. Of course, others simple don’t want to give up bad habits because of their prompt relief.  Instant gratification is reinforcing, but we can learn to think more long term and, with steady work begin to morph our day to day practices and diet. Good habits result in slow but lifelong rewards which a bad habit does not do.

Another factor in determining whether or not people will change their lifestyle can be the existence of past traumas. The other day, on my walk, I ran into a young man I know who confided in me that he was afraid to try a real career because he’d been raised to feel he would be a failure no matter what he tried. He was a bright person but had pretty much stopped trying at all! We chatted for a while, and I tried to make him see that without some failures we can’t learn to succeed. And it’s true. People who are successful needed to make many mistakes to get to where they are. For the many arrows that missed the target, one of them will hit it. Some people who have been traumatized by their past don’t give their best or make the commitment to succeed, whether it’s losing weight or sticking to a workout routine. They say “Why try? I’m not going to succeed,” So they are ready failures before they start. My feeling is that, as scary as it sounds, we need to enjoy our failures as much as our success. Life is a journey.

One more factor that sometimes prevents people from beginning physical training is past injuries to the body. People are afraid of pain and want to avoid reinjuring their bodies. For them, if they feel any pain while they exercise, it’s a warning sign to them, and they stop exercising. That’s where a Fitness Professional comes in! We can help a person differentiate “good” pain from “bad” pain.  There are pains which show us that we are getting in shape: one overloads the muscles a little each time, and this helps us get to our goals. Once we know what pain is “good,” we can train our minds not to panic if we feel a twinge or two while or after a workout. On all levels of life, pain is part of it, and is needed to succeed in most aspects of life. It is important to talk to a professional dedicated to your wellbeing to understand the difference between pains.

Sometimes we wonder why we can’t lose weight and change our lives. These factors most likely are unconscious. Thus many factors contribute to our weight loss or fitness problems, including psychological, physical, and environment dynamics. Nonetheless, we have control over our lives, and we can do whatever we want if we really want it from the bottom of our heart. The power of changing is with you and only you.

Best Exercise Tips

There are different exercise tips that need to be fulfilled in an exercise session to reach your fitness goals. Attending an exercises session is the first step; however, it is not all it takes. You could compare this to attending a lecture class and not paying attention to the teacher. Nothing good will come of just showing up. There should be a sense of concentration, taking notes, reading, participating, actively asking questions, etc. The same goes with exercise, engaging our muscles and our minds. Here are six exercise tips that you should follow if you want to see results:

  1. Be in discomfort: Any well designed program made to give results should not keep you in a conform zone. You should feel some sense of challenge all the time. If you don’t feel any challenge, the body is accustomed and will not change to meet the demand. Therefore, you will not see results.


  1. Don’t go backwards: Many people think because they pushed last week, they don’t need to push in the present. Remember that the body becomes accustomed to the resistance given. In other words, if instead of increasing your weight lifting from 15s pounder dumbbells to 20s and go down to 12s, or if you run less or slower than most times, the body will get used to the new resistance. This means that either you get more toned and lose weight by increasing your weight lifting or running distance, or you get gain fat and lose muscle by decreasing your weight lifting or running distance.


  1. Have a “progression” mentality: Think “what can I do better today?” Some examples could be, increase your weight lifting, increase your intensity of the exercise, try to do your entire program in less time, add other exercises and so on.


  1. Live the moment: Concentrate in your exercise and forget about everything else. This is your time to get in shape. Everything else will have its own time.


  1. Find people who are more motivated than you: People who do what it takes to get results usually motivate us, both by personal encouragement and by inspiring us. These people will help you get to your goal.


  1. Enjoy the exercise: Exercise should be challenging, but you must have in your mind that you love it. If you think the opposite of it, you will drain all your energy and you will not get results.

Take these six exercise tips into consideration and get results. My goal is to give you tools to continue your fitness journal. Exercise is a need to stay and live healthy.  I think we all want to do it right, enjoy it and get the most out of it. Don’t waste your time and start this week!

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Starting Your Motivation

I love having new members walking into Custom Body Fitness (who does not love people walking into their business). Even though it seems common sense that I love people coming in, the real reason why I love it is because I love hearing people’s stories.

When people walk into Custom Body Fitness door it means that they have a reason to come (another common sense sentence). My job is to discover these reason or reasons.

I had all type of clients. People are not usually looking for an exercise program. They are looking for something more. They are looking for a solution for their problem. So this is one of my first questions, “What brought you here.”

Of course, many people are shy to tell me the real truth. I get superficial answers in the beginning. I am a stranger for them, why they should tell me the real reason why they are requiring my services? Many are afraid I am going to judge them and others think I won’t be able to understand them. I don’t blame them. It is difficult for many people to empathy now in days and be guanine to others problems.

Once they know how sincere I am, they start telling the real reason why they are at Custom Body Fitness. I am telling you my secret for my success. I pay attention to people’s reasons that brought them to me. This is the key- the reasons.

These reasons made them come to a stranger and pay him to find a solution to their problems. Here, let me repeat this again. These reasons are the cause of people coming to me, so I can help them.

To make it clearer, many people are motivated by their reasons. This is why they decide to change. It could be because they don’t fit in their old cloth, they don’t feel comfortable trying new cloth because don’t fit right, the doctor told them that are diabetics or borderline diabetic, they are getting married, they quality of life have diminished, they are tired of feeling tired, their family are following their bad habits, and developing the same body or they are getting out of a break up. You get the idea.

Now, my questions to you is, why are you reading this article? reinforcement? Knowledge? Starting your new life? Support? You also have a reason.

Let’s make it even more clear, your reasons are the motive of your life and this is what I remind people, every day, if you want to succeed in your goal, you must read and go over reasons every month that brought you here looking for a solution. If you forget your reasons, if you forget the pain, you will stop finding a solution.

Write down all your reasons why you are motivated to stay healthy and never forget. The decisions that you are making today will affect your tomorrow and if your decision is not moved by your good reasons, chances are that you are going to make the wrong decision.

Get all your reasons straight, clear and ready to work for you and go over them everyday, very week, every month, every year and you will see how everything else becomes easy.

Eating will be easy, exercise will be easy, feeding your mind the right information will be easy and developing good habits will be easy.

It works for me, it works for my clients, I don’t see why it won’t work for you.

How Far Are You Willing To Go?

I have heard many stories about women who were anorexic or overweight, men who used to drink, or do drugs who have changed their habits to exercise.  Even though exercise is a good habit, it can become negative.

After these people found a better way to cope with their negative behavior, they start going to the extreme.  Now they do almost anything to get a perfect body.  They take steroids; they start doing unhealthy dieting and spend an unhealthy time exercising.   Now, if you research, you will find many testimonials from these people and how they got lost in the other end. When they find out that their lives were not sustainable and realistic, they start looking for a balance.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a nice body, lose weight and tone your body.

My fat levels are 11% and I am happy how my body looks and how I feel.  Back in the past I wanted to be like the guys on the magazines. Then, I found out that they are not natural and they health is in risk. Also, I am not willing to be a fit only by season.  Many of these magazine models are fit only for the season and when they are in off season usually are out of shape and overweight.

I am not against their decisions and desires or I don’t think what they do is wrong.  However, I don’t know how someone can sustain that lifestyle and stay healthy.

This is what I teach my clients., to be healthy, look great, have a balance and have a happy lifestyle.

Everything has a price.  The more you want the more you need to pay.

What would you like to do? Lose a 5, 10 or 20 pounds? Or tone your body? Anything is fair, but you need to make sure what is that you want because your program depends of this.

I know I am not going to look like Arnold looked in his best because I am not taking the extra help with steroids.  But that is okay because I am happy the way I look. I keep a balance.

The same you should take into consideration. Before starting your weight loss rutting, it important for you and your trainer to know how far you want to go.

If you want to increase some strength and lose 5, 10 or 20 pounds, almost any exercise and eating healthy can do it.  You can do zumba, you can run, hike, swim, bike or light weight lifting. However, if you are planning to tone your body, you need more than just any exercise.  You need a structured weight lifting program that allows you track your progress with periodization.

The body accustoms to the resistant you put it into it.  For example, according to NASA, if astronauts don’t exercise, their bodies start losing bone and muscle, bone and muscle loss mean decreased size and strength.  Once they land on Earth, weakened muscles and bones would make walking difficult.

This is because the body is adapting to the gravity in space which is much less than the one in earth.  In other words, if you give minimum resistant to your body, your body will accustom to it.  If you want your muscles to tone you must increase your weight lifting as you progressing.

One more factor, we are fighting against aging, as we age we lose muscles mass and the only way to regain muscle is by strength training.

Are We More Capable Than Animals?

Many members of my family have or have had struggles with addictions, especially alcohol. I have an uncle who almost puked his liver out. The story goes like this: He has been beaten up several times for getting in trouble due to bad decisions he made because he was drunk.  He has been sent to the hospital often for cirrhosis.  He has been sent to rehab more than 6 times. He lost his family.  He depends on other family members. Two years ago he went to the hospital vomiting blood.  The doctors said his liver was giving up, and he had only a few hours left to live. He finally went into a coma.  However, he recovered.

I thought for some reason this event would change his life. I was wrong.  He still drinks just like he used to.  I have seen similar stories with lots of other people. For example, my mom got into a lot of trouble thanks to alcohol.

I saw the story of a famous American drug dealer who got arrested and spent most of his life in prison. When he got out, he thought the next thousand-dollar drug deal would be the last one, and he got caught again.

People eat the wrong foods and overeat, regretting it every time, but then they do it again. Other people gamble and lose it all thinking the next time will be the last time.

One of my dogs, Pelon, overate last year. His was served more than he usually gets due to miscommunication.  My bed is around 3 to 4 feet high. Pelon is a small dog that has the strength to jump onto and down from the bed.  You probably know the story already about when he got hurt and slipped a disc because he jumped down with the extra weight of overeating.

He loves food, as many dogs do.  He will get in the trash to eat bones, and he will eat the leftovers from the other dogs I own.  I do my best to be careful and put the trash where he can’t reach it and make sure food is not around him.  This year he has overeaten three times to the point where his health is in danger.

The first time, I got in the shower and forgot to move the trash to a safe area. The second time I was given organic ham to take home, and we forgot it in the car while we stopped at the supermarket. When we came back to the car the ham was gone.

And this last time, I was given dry food for another dog that I was taking care of. I never used the food because I feed organic ground beef to our dogs, and I fed the same to our visitor. The dried food was in the car, and I completely forgot to get it out, so Pelon got into it when I left him in the car. This was the worse time ever. His stomach was very big, and he was in a lot of pain.

I got very upset with him, very upset. The reason it bothered me was because he was in a lot of pain, and he is very valuable to me. I bet no one wants to see their loved ones in pain. I also got upset because it could have been avoided. How many times does it need to happen for me to understand that I need to be careful with Pelon’s bad habit? It could have been avoided, but I can’t go back to the past.

Now, when is Pelon going to learn about the pain he experiences when he overeats? Or the real question is, does Pelon have the capability of adding 2+2? Does Pelon understand his behavior? Who is going to get it first, Pelon or me? The truth is that I am a human, and I have a more developed brain than Pelon (or at least that is what I want to believe).

This is what makes us so different from animals: We can make conclusions about cause and effect. We have the potential to change our lives for the better when we notice that our behavior is not helping us to grow, feel better, stay healthy, or to be alive, free, without pain and happy.

We can make a couple of mistakes and understand that we are doing something wrong that is not contributing to our lives in a positive way. When do we stop being animals and become humans? Or is being human determined by our psyche instead of our actions?

What I certainly know is that I have control over my decisions and control over my desires, and I make conclusions about my behaviors. I want to think that all of us humans have something in common.

What Motivates You To Lose Weight?

I have been helping a lot of people lose weight. My specialty is to help them realize that they can do it, and that is very simple when I understand their desires.

I have lots of people come to see me who tell me that they have tried many things to lose weight. Some have the notion that counting calories is the key, others exercise, some dieting and others are sure that protein shakes work.

While I’m not against of any of those, the first thing I make sure my clients understand is that none of that matters if they have not set up their mind to achieve their goal. It doesn’t matter how effective the program is if the individual is not ready to change.

You must be ready to leave your past and the bad habits that sabotage your success. You must be ready to think about the future that your weight loss success will bring you: no more medications, no more back pain, no more feeling tired, no more hiding your body in loose clothing, no more picking clothes that fit instead of the clothes you want to wear, no more worries about your health … These are only some of the benefits of losing weight healthily.

It is very easy to get motivated by other people’s results, the mirror, your friend or your doctor and sign up for a weight loss program. However, the most difficult part is to stay motivated, to remember why you decided to sign up, to remember that life is short and if you give up now, you’re losing time and your dream may become impossible because you could be doing the same thing over and over again, giving up.

I can honestly tell you that I have seen a lot more results from people who are committed and do not know anything about weight loss than those who know and do nothing about it.

We set up a plan, they follow it and — boom — magic happens, they lose more weight than they expected.

But staying motivated is not enough to get results: You have to understand why you are doing everything you are doing to lose weight, to understand your motivation and desire to lose weight.

Once you understand that, everything else is secondary.

Eighty percent of your success is psychological and the other 20 is physical. Many people fail not because they stop counting calories, the diet didn’t work, life was too busy or work got in the way. They fail because they haven’t made a real commitment to lose weight and find out the reasons why they want to.

Next time that you think about a car that you want, the partner you’re looking for or the trip you’ve been dreaming about, think about how nothing will prevent you from getting it. Why? Because you really want it and have set up your mind to succeed.

Same thing applies to your health: Set up your mind, get rid of excuses, and go after it. You will see that counting calories or dieting won’t matter anymore since you’ll be following the perfect program.

Find Meaning In Your Life By Setting Worthy Goals

How strong is the power of direction? How can a purpose change your life? Does a goal give a sense of living to your life?

When I was younger and I had no direction, I remember getting up late every day, playing video games, surfing on the computer, or cruising in my car. My life had no meaning. I spent a lot of time washing my car, talking to my friends and really doing nothing productive. Being unable to walk for at least 4 weeks reminded me of this.

There is no meaning in life without a purpose. Many of us wake up just living and doing, often because we have responsibilities or because we are looking just for pleasures. This is why many of us can’t find our happiness.

Having a purpose and setting up goals to see how my life is changing, how I am helping to change other people’s lives, and how I can improve the world give me all the motivation and passion to continue moving forward. Life makes sense.

Now I understand how people who have created something are very happy about it, not because of the creation itself but because of what it is doing to help others.

Setting goals gives excitement to life, especially when getting out of the comfort zone and doing something different. Life becomes boring doing the same routine without any challenge. This is one of the reasons people like to travel, to go on vacation, spend weekends out of town, go party and try something new. And there is nothing wrong with it. However, I find it more fulfilling to risk my sense of security and continue moving forward by creating. I have some level of fulfillment when I challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. It is rewarding looking back and seeing what that challenge has made me.

Goal setting plays a huge role here because I write and go back to my goals every week to find out what I have achieved and what I have not and why. Is it my fault? Am I procrastinating? Am I waiting for someone else’s decision? Is it the capital? I can’t seem to get the resources? Is it not the right time? Am I too busy with other projects? Why haven’t I achieved my goals?

I have been waking up (if I sleep) for four weeks thinking about my limitations, thinking about who I used to be and how I used to waste time. Not having anything to aim for made my day depressing. The truth is that having a purpose gives me the courage to just go day by day knowing that one day I will be charging towards my goals.

If you are in the same situation I was, I don’t blame you. I needed to suffer before I could find my purpose. Many people tried to tell me about how I could live my life, but I ignored everyone. What did they know about my life? However, my goal here is only to help you spark your life by making your days more exciting and start reaching for your dreams. It is important to know that you can achieve your dreams no matter your age, gender, race, religion, etc.

The power of purpose, goal setting and sense of direction will give you the desire to wake up to continue living every day with excitement.

This Is How To Solve Any Problem In Life

Problems, problems, problems. Have you heard this word lately? I think if you are alive you have problems. Only dead people don’t have problems, and this is what I choose to believe. There are financial problems, family problems, problems at work, problems with friends, legal problems, health problems, car problems, vacation problems, problems with computers, problems at school and if I continue this article will be full of problems, probably like your life and mine.

I have barely defeated one problem when another appears. I am used to it by now. In fact, I love problems. They make me worry for a moment and make my brain work. I get stressed sometimes for hours, other times days. They make me smarter. First thing I do is to find out if the problem has a solution or not, because not all problems have solutions. Why worry about a problem that has no solution?

So the first thing I recommend to defeat problems is to figure out which ones have solutions. Then it’s time for the fun.

So this is what I have learned and apply in my life. I write down all the solutions from the easiest to the most difficult. Besides helping resolve my problems this also helps me with stress, because stress is nothing more than worries. Let’s say the problem is that I’m overweight by a couple of pounds, and I am ready to lose the extra pounds. I think about all my solutions:

  • Go on a diet
  • Get liposuction
  • Exercise in the morning before work or later in the evening after work
  • Take weight loss pills
  • Take promising weight loss supplements
  • Run every day
  • Watch my calories
  • Sign into a weight loss program
  • Join the gym with a friend
  • Buy a home exercise program
  • Get a complete program for weight loss from eating to exercise and execute it
  • Read books about the topic
  • Hire a professional
  • Ask my doctor for his plan if he’s not overweight
  • Model people who are in shape
  • Hire a personal trainer

As you see there are many solutions for the problem. It depends on your beliefs, knowledge, budget and other things. Because of my beliefs, discoveries and motivation, I will choose solutions 3, 12 and 11. I will discard the rest, but at least I know there are many solutions. I choose the best ones even though they will take work.

The same applies to any other problem with solutions. Another example could be having problems at work. You can apply the same technique:

  • Talk to my co-workers about the problem and find a solution
  • Talk to my boss and find a solution
  • Find another job
  • Take care of the problem myself if possible
  • Open my own business
  • Find a plan that takes care of the issue

And you can continue the list. It is like having an algebra problem. There are many ways you can work with the problem until you find the solution. Your brain becomes sharper, and the problems become easier to solve each time.

If you have problems to solve, write them down. When you encounter a problem that really stumps you, focus on finding all the reasonable solutions and then apply the best one.


This Is One Of The Most Important Tools To Succeed

There are three rules I learned to be able to reach my goals. Those are organization, organization and organization. Everything should start by organizing. It should continue by organizing and it should end by organizing. I have noticed that people who are not organized in their life don’t have goals and there for can’t achieve their dreams. The less organize the person is the less this person achieves. If you look around you will find that people who are successful with their families, business, health, trips, and life in general are organize.

There is a law called entropy that states that there is a tendency from the entities more organized to the entities less organized. There is never an increase of order unless is coming from a exterior force.  In other words, disorganization will always exist unless we do a conscious effort to organize the de mess.  Look around and you will find out that the more organization you will find, the more successful the person, the family, school, community or country is.

It impresses me when I see many of my clients coming to their assessments with a package with all the paperwork from past assessments. These are the people who keep track of single detail, organizing their progress and make conclusions accordantly.

I personally achieve more when my day is planned and organized. Many times I have left small project for later and soon you will see me going back and finishing it. Takes me more time coming back later to finish the project left than just doing it in the moment. For example, finishing my laundry and leaving it on my bed instead of folding it in the moment, it takes more time later because my cloth is all over the bed, under, on the sides between the bed frame because I decided to sleep on my bed, or rest or I set other stuff on top of it before folding my cloth.

If I finished cooking and I leave the dishes for later, when I come back later to wash the dishes, I ended up finding more because someone in the house already saw there was duty dishes and left extra ones, or the food dries and is more difficult to wash them. While organizing seems very simple and it seems that won’t affect our day and life, by the end it will take more time to go back and fix what we could have organize in the moment.

Planning is a way of organizing your life. Let say for example that you don’t organize your life and leave everything for tomorrow. “I will give time to my son when I have more money,” I will exercise when I have time,” “I will start cooking when I work less hours,” “I will spend time with my wife or husband when I don’t feel tired.” Can you see where all this will lead? Of course, it will have consequences and it might be too late by when things are prefect. You may try to organize your life then when the “will” but maybe by then you are divorced, overweight, your son is a grown man or you are in the hospital.

What is the rush? Live is easier when everything is in place and you don’t have to think about fixing something later. You don’t have to worry about being overweight when you exercise and eat healthy everyday and not thinking about doing it tomorrow if you organize your day. You won’t have to think about going back and find an important paper and get frustrated or pay money to get a new one or spend all day looking for it or miss an important trip/appointment if you organize your paperwork because you will know where to find it. You don’t have to get divorce, suffer if you organize your life with your significant other. You don’t have to miss all those unique moments with your son if you organize your time with your son.

I have some level of discipline when it comes to organize and planning. Nevertheless, I am not perfect and I have to work on organizing my life event better. Organizing has given me freedom, more time, less frustrations, save money and reach my goals. I am being honest with you. I can still have to work more in organizing.

Everything detail is important in life. Even though the atom is the smalls matter it just as important as the universe. We can’t remove any of the components. Thanks to the atom, we have molecules, cell tissues, organs, organ systems, organism, populations, communities and so on. Everything is important to built the universe. The same goes with organization. Organizing your day is just as important as organizing your year and your life. Organizing your health is just as important as organizing your job and your family.

Today is a good day to start, not tomorrow or next year; today is a good day to start. Find out your weaknesses and start organizing your day and week. If you have an overweight program maybe start with your meals or time to exercise. If your relationship is not in its best, start by setting time aside and talk to your wife or husband. If you house is a mess, maybe you want to do laundry, wash dishes. If you have trouble finding paperwork maybe is where you want to start by organizing your paperwork. Or maybe you are struggling financially. This is where you need to start your organization.

The point is to start somewhere. Wait… one more thing; don’t just do this for one week or one month. Start keeping it as a habit. There is no other way. I wish there were another way to be successful and reach your goals. Believe me. You will be super happy in 5 years you started today.

Start Growing Younger

I started lifting weight when I was 19 years of age.  I remember going to work all excited about my workout and telling my coworkers about the weight lifting achievements I did that day or week (back then I worked in a restaurant as a server).

Many of them were older than 30 years of age.  Of course, they were out of shape.  They would usually tell me that I was very young and with a lot of energy, reason why I could achieve my goals.  That I should wait until I hit the 30s and then I will go down and start with pain, feel tired and life would be more difficult.

I’m 35 years of age now and I don’t feel pains, I’m stronger, with more energy, healthy, and better than ever!  Their prophesy did not come true.  Now I hear many people say that I’m in my peak and when I hit my 40s life will go down.  I feel like I hear this prophesy in the past.

When Michael Jordan left his career as a Basketball player for the first time and came back years later, people thought he would not make it.  He proof everyone wrong.  He came stronger and better than before.

Why some people age faster than others?  According to research, humans start aging after turning 26 years of age, losing muscle and bone mass, stroke volume along with oxygen and nutrient extraction and longer time to heal, among other declinations.

There is no way to stop this process.  Nevertheless, there are many actions we can take to slow down the process.  For example, doing strength training increases bone and muscle mass, and doing cardiovascular training helps the heart hypertrophy and be more efficient with the stroke volume affecting oxygen and nutrient extraction in a positive way.  In other words, the body gets all but exercise comes and rejuvenates it   by adding what it’s losing.

So what keeps me young is that I exercise challenging my body while many others don’t challenge their body.  This is the difference between my ex coworkers and I.  They are aging and I’m maintaining my biological age.

Exercise can be defined as chewing your gum, walking, squatting, running, hiking.   Any movement can be categorized as exercise.  Nevertheless, real exercise should be challenging enough for the body to adapt to the level of challenge that we are putting our body into and when it adapts, we can need to follow the same process.

I know exercising is painful and this is the reason why many people don’t exercises.  But getting old it is also painful.  Not be able to get off the couch, or pick up the coin was dropped, or be independent or depending of oxygen or be able to walk. I prefer muscle burning, lung discomfort, lack of oxygen, and exaction for an hour than suffer the consequences of aging every hour of my day.

It is true that death is the destination that we all share.  But living a high quality of life it is our responsibility.  It is never too late to exercise and slow down the process of aging.