Custom Body Fitness is hiring full time Group Instructor/Personal trainer
Requirements: Personal Training Certification and must carry liability insurance. In addition, punctuality is a must.

Job description: Group Instructor/Personal Trainer

The Group Instructor/Personal trainer position is responsible for maintaining close observation on participants utilizing Custom Body Fitness and to perform related work as required. The employee will be responsible for monitoring members and instructing. Employee will also be active while on duty, interacting with members while monitoring performance and appropriate equipment usage, as well as, assessing appropriate length of time on equipment. Assures the safe and proper use of all fitness related equipment and maintains orderly function of the facility through enforcement of rules and procedures. Employees in this position monitor all processes of the Custom Body Fitness area. Employee also aids in maintenance and cleaning of the studio.


1. Assist to conduct Fitness Tours and Fitness Orientations when necessary.
2. Provides information, assistance and direction for new participants with respect to Custom Body Fitness programs.
3. Conducts daily walk through of studio for operations standards.
4. Assists in assessments and evaluations to determine and recommend member exercise program.
5. Make sure cleanliness of the studio such as clean mats, get used equipment back in place and make sure the obstacles are kept at the designated area.
6. Provides group fitness instruction, educates patrons on fitness and safety, and maintains a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for class participants by providing weights, timing clients, get equipments ready for use for the next set, preparing mats for the stretching at the end of each session and picking them up after.
7. Cleans and disinfects equipment and instruments after each use and at the end of the day.
8. Assists in developing successful strategies to achieve CBF goals and objectives.
9. Maintain high professional standards of service, appearance and behavior.


* Some knowledge in all areas of fitness leadership instruction.
* Experience working with the fast paced busy environment is highly preferred.
* Ability to maintain effective working relationships with other employees, and resolve conflicts and problems courteously and tactfully.
* Ability to instruct fitness classes when required.
* Be committed to encourage and motivate others to exercise and maintain healthy life style through personal example.

Please email us your resume along with your cover letter, a full body picture and a description about your passion at