Weight Loss Adaptation

Here is how your body may adapt to weight loss at your training sessions.

Every month we have new people joying our team at Custom Body Fitness. I always pay attention to all our members and I feel great when I see their bodies changing. Of course, people who are consistent and push to get results, end up seeing their bodies change faster.   I notice their arms and legs become toned over the course of two or three months or their stomach is flatter.

When I see members who have been at Custom Body Fitness for a few months and I notice their transformation, I remember the theory of adaptation:

Organisms face a succession of environmental challenges as they grow and develop, and are equipped with an adaptive plasticity as the phenotype of traits develop in response to the imposed conditions.

In other words, the body adapts to the stress to which it is put.   Keep in mind that adaptation is a process, not an event.  It is where the transformation happens. The more you safely stress the body by working out and weight lifting, the more the body will adapt to the stress you are putting on it. Here let me explain it in a different way, If you can lift a 12 lb. weight with your legs (doing lunges), and you never up the weight, change won’t happen because the body already adapted to the stress given. So for you to keep seeing improvements in your body, you need to step up to the next level by increasing the weight to the next level. This is called periodization and is how the body starts changing into the fit body that you are looking for and you will start losing weight.

So it’s simple:  at your training challenge your body safely to get those toned arms and legs, flat abs and achieve weight loss that you are looking for. How much you shall push? Depends how far you want to go and bad you want it.

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