Physical Activity: A Benefit or A Need?

Is physical activity important for the human being?

It’s easy to see how much working out at the gym has improved your friend’s energy and body shape and then decide, “I’m going to do that.” But when it is time to go, will you do it? When you get so sore that you have to fall on a chair to sit down and pray that you can get up, will you keep going? When something that sounds like more fun comes along, will you keep going?

-Joyce MeyerPhysical Activity

One of my passions is learning. I love to study human behavior and the environment effect on humans and physical activity affects our lives. As humans we love freedom, we like to do what we want to do and eat what we want to eat.

It is a normal part of the human behavior. Most children yearn to grow up because they don’t want to follow rules. They picture their life as adults making their own decisions of doing whatever they want to do, go to bed early, watch television all night or just play all day. However, every decision we make comes with consequences. And there are natural laws we can’t ignore. Our body, for example, is designed to perform regular physical activity. Our ancestors were very active; they only had animals and their bodies to do the work. They hunted, collected fruits, vegetables, grains, carried water from the river, transported by foot or horses, build things from scratch and by hand, etc. Everything they did was physical demanding. Now a day, we don’t even have half of the physical demands humans used to have. We drive everywhere, pumps deliver all the water, meat is farm raised and precut for us, meals are already prepared for us to eat, our fruits and vegetables are picked and ready at the super market for us… Yes, we still have some work that requires physical activity but not compared to before. Our bodies are adapting to the new lifestyle. Some of the consequences are early diseases, aging, illness and obesity.

Physical Activity 2Joyce Meyers, in her book Power Thoughts, talks about the real truth, not what people think is true or what others want to be true. She talks about Natural and Divine Laws. She said that people will be happier if people follow the truth. She made me think about a wise person who told me, “The truth is immense and deep and at the same time is glorious. Unfortunately, after many years and millions of mistakes, it is difficult for man to understand and reach the truth.”


Keeping your body active, constantly challenging it and getting out of your comfort zone is a positive habit. Exercise as a habit will help you to lose weight, slow down aging, fight many diseases, and have a higher quality life. I know it is not like watching TV. The body was not made to watch TV. It was made to be active and to be challenge. This is the reason why exercise has many benefits.


Do you want to improve your life? Are you ready to be sore? Are you ready to put negative and unproductive habits on the side toThree Beautiful Girls exercise? Or are you ready to be ill, age faster, and gain some weight? We are the architects of our own life. The truth is that physical activity improves our life and a sedentary lifestyle has a negative side effect. By the end, we are free to do what we want to do, but we are not free to choose the outcome of our choices.

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