Can Frogs Help You Lose Weight?

Not really, but if you understand the frog’s behavior, it may motivate you to get out of the boiling water.

IMG_3537I have being assessing various Custom Body Fitness’ members. As expected, all yield great results. However, I have stuck in my head one member in specific. She has been a member for 4 months already and she lost 21 pounds so far. When she started, she was obese with a fat level of 38%. Now she is 33.4%. Our member said that I would be proud of her for all the chances she has made. She said that it was not easy in the beginning, but now she is eating her breakfast, lunch and dinner when she used to skip all meals and over eat at night. She comes at CBF 3 times a week and started an active lifestyle.

I asked her if she was ready for her before and after and she said to give her more time. She is looking great, but she wants to look better. So I decided to show her the before pictures we took 4 months ago. We were looking at her pictures and she said, “gross!” By the way, she is very funny. She mentioned that she did not realize how bad she mistreated her body. And what she said is true. Many people do not have the idea how unhealthy their body is until they get out of the old frame.

That reminds me when I used to live in Mexico. I’m from the poorest area. There are a lot of gangs, violence and crime. I saw people shooting other people, guys being beaten into a coma, people doing drugs and other negative behaviors. I had no idea that I
was in the dangerous zone until I got out of that frame.

I read that frogs are cold blooded animals. They adjust accordingly to the temperature of the environment they are in. When a frog is submerged into a pot with room temperature water, and temperature is increased slowly until boiling, the frog will adjust its temperature until is too late to escape and will die cooked in the pot.

Humans and frogs have something in common, we both are accustom to our environments, and we are losing our life in the same way – as the frog boils in water. We think we are adapting while we are putting ourselves on the burner. We practice negative behaviors and we don’t realize that those behaviors are taking our body from us.

Our member saw in her before picture a person that she was not empathizing with. She did not recognize herself. She said that she is very happy by the decision she made by joying Custom Body Fitness as we were looking at her pictures, specially that one of her back shot. We both stared at her back shot picture and stayed silent for more than 10 seconds and she asked me, “Doesn’t it excite you!?”

frog1Since she is very funny and makes some jokes out of context, I replied, “Of course, not.”

She laughed and replied, “No, I’m talking about the results that your clients get when they come to you.”

I laughed with her and I told her yes. I told her that I assessed at least 4 other clients that week and all got good results. This is exactly what we do at Custom Body Fitness. Help our members get results, by education, positive atmosphere, fun programs, empathy, being an expert in the body transformation and weight loss, and understanding that we all are human beings and we need support and comprehension.

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