Factors Add Up

Are you familiar with compounding? If not, here is just a little information about it. The exact definition of compounding is: “make (something bad) worse; intensify the negative aspects of.” In this case we are talking about weight loss and how your decisions good or bad can compound to produce certain results. This video goes into great detail about the decisions and factors that you are making or that are compounding to yield the results you are experiencing. This seems like common sense, right? If we make good decisions and all the right choices all the time, ultimately we will get exactly what we want. Even though there is much truth to this conclusions, it is not realistic and many times we are not making the “right” choice that will produce positive results. Rather, we make poor choices and then justify them thinking that we will do better next time or it is just this once. This is normal human behavior due to the fact that we are pleasure seekers, and often times the things that bring us pleasure are not always the things that will move us closer to our goals. Therefore, we must learn how to be realistic and understand that some choices are OK once in awhile, but if we continuously make poor choices, and justify them over and over, they add up quickly and will leave us running in circles, ultimately trapping us in a viscous cycle that will keep us from reaching our weight loss goals.This video will help you realize what you can do to break this cycle and live a happier and healthier life!

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