Aspen Boot Camp

If you want to get a head start on fitness, an Aspen boot camp can help. It doesn’t matter what your goal is. You may be getting into shape for hiking or skiing season or want to lose weight. A boot camp is good for each situation. A personal trainer runs a boot camp and designs programs that work you harder than you’d ever work on your own. However, you’ll also reap many rewards from a boot camp in Aspen, such as seeing results faster.

Personal trainers first evaluate your level of fitness.

While some boot camps may be specifically for beginners or advanced fitness levels, most have people with a wide selection of different levels of fitness. In order to insure that each person works at his or her maximum, but can still achieve the different exercises, the trainer first assesses each person, including identifying weak muscle groups. Then the trainer listens to goals and any special needs. Only then does he or she design personalized plans for each participant. While the exercises are difficult, the trainer makes sure that they’re still within your ability.

Boot camps may include nutritional information.

Some boot camps are strictly designed for weight loss, so the personal trainer also includes nutritional information. Personal trainers don’t hand you a diet, but show you how to eat healthier. If you have special needs, such as gluten or lactose intolerance or food allergies, you’ll find ways of eating healthier, while still considering those needs. You’ll learn how to make substitutions to lower calorie counts and improve nutrition, such as substituting fresh vegetables for potato chips or Greek yogurt for sour cream. You may even learn how to cook your favorite recipes with fewer calories. Sliced zucchini can replace lasagna noodles and it tastes delicious, but is far lower in calories.

Each person may be doing a different variation of an exercise or varying the reps.

While everyone may be doing push-ups, some who are less fit may be doing them on bended knees, while the more fit may be doing challenging hand clap push-ups. Even though everyone will be doing a form of the exercise, the trainer may adjust the form for special needs, too. Fitter members of the class will do more repetitions of some exercises. Each person, however, will work to his or her maximum potential.

Boot camps use little if any equipment. Instead, they rely on exercises using body weight and calisthenics. Personal trainers vary the exercises greatly so you’ll be learning many you can safely do at home after the camp ends.

Not only do personal trainers show you how to do each exercise, they also watch to insure you do them correctly to maximize the benefits and minimize the potential for injury.

There’s a lot of camaraderie at a boot camp. Everyone works hard and knows how difficult accomplishing a goal is. You’ll often hear applause for achieving a particular goal or cheers of encouragement.

You’ll get all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but at a much lower cost than private session. Since everyone pays for a portion of the trainer’s time, it’s much less per capita.

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