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You may miss all the fun if you’re too embarrassed, overweight or out of shape to participate. That’s where an Aspen weight loss specialist can help. Personal trainers help you make lifestyle changes that can eliminate the need for dieting for the rest of your life. A personal trainer not only provides motivation and knowledge, they design a program specifically for your level of fitness, special needs and goals.

Personal trainers first listen to what you have to say.

One of the problems many people have with health and fitness specialists is that they don’t listen. Personal trainers aren’t like that. They first assess your level of fitness and then find out if you have any special needs. If you’re lactose intolerant, you certainly don’t want them to recommend dairy in your new way of eating or suggest exercises that put stress on your leg joints if you have bad knees. They also find out what your goals are and if you don’t have any, help you make achievable ones. Only then does the trainer design a program specifically to help you lose weight.

You’ll learn to eat healthier.

Eating healthier includes making substitutions and wiser food selections. You might keep fresh fruit on hand for snacks or substitute Greek yogurt for higher calorie sour cream. Eating healthy doesn’t mean food has to taste “healthy”. In fact, many dishes, which are extremely healthy, are also extremely tasty. That’s because they use herbs and spices to flavor them. You’ll be amazed at just how good whole foods are, particularly if many of the foods you eat come in a box or container. You’ll never be hungry when you follow the dietary suggestions of a personal trainer, but you’ll see weight come off rapidly.

Combining exercise with a healthy diet is lethal to fat.

To lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than you consume. By eating a healthy lower calorie diet and combining it with regular exercise, you’ll both lower your caloric intake and increase the caloric output, giving fat a double whammy. Exercise also builds muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat tissue does. The more muscle tissue you build, the more calories you’ll burn, even when you’re not exercising. You’ll be boosting your metabolism.

Personal trainers provide a great deal of motivation to stay on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Simply knowing you’re meeting with a trainer can be a huge incentive to stay with a program.

You’ll sleep better at night when you exercise regularly. Lack of sleep can cause you to reach for sugary treats to boost your energy.

You’ll burn off stress hormones that can induce stress eating and may cause weight to build around your midsection.

You’ll look and feel great. You won’t miss a chance to enjoy all this area has to offer, such as hiking, skiing and biking, which also helps make you fitter and burns calories.

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