Weight Loss: Ask Yourself the Right Questions To See Results In Your Fitness Program

Weight Loss: Ask Yourself the Right Questions To See Results In Your Fitness Program

I remember when my life started to change for the better.  I underwent a unique change in my thought process.  I became more curious and asked myself many deep questions.  One of the questions I asked was, “How come everyone is happy except me, even though I’m in a better place with many of my dreams achieved?”

Sometimes we take as truth information from the government, doctors, teachers, our parents or anyone else we classify as an authority or weight loss expert. For this and many other reasons, such as finding the truth too uncomfortable, we often stop asking ourselves quality questions. We go with the flow and copy what others do and wonder, after a short while, how we can change our life.

After I asked myself how I could be happy, my brain started searching for the answers, and I found them.  The answers did not come easily.  I had to meet capable people, read, meditate and experiment to find all the answers.

Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”  I think he has a point since many do not make time to pose questions and search for the answers.  Just like exercise, weight loss or healthy eating, thinking is a positive habit that adds more value to our lives.

Questions have a lot to do with your weight loss success because the quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of the answers you get.

The answers will create emotions, and your actions are determined by those emotions.

For example, it’s better to ask yourself, “What do I need to do promote weight loss?”, “Am I taking the correct steps for weight loss?” or “How can I improve my weight loss?” rather than “Why can’t I lose weight?” or “Why does nothing work in my weight loss program?”

Have you noticed that these questions create different emotions?  Once you ask the right questions, your brain will start to search for the answers.  But once again you have to ask the right questions.  “What do I need to do to lose weight” questions will lead to many resources.  On the other hand, “Why can’t I lose weight” may lead to answers that don’t make sense, such as “because you never have.”

Not asking yourself quality questions will lead you with no results on your weight loss or the wrong answers.

When you get no results or a wrong answer, the chances of you taking action is 0%, delivering no positive change to your life or weight loss efforts.

Now keep in mind that the better the question is the longer it will take to get an answer.  Albert Einstein said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”  It is important that you are persistence with the quality question to get a quality answers.

My life improves every day.  I become more knowledgeable and make better choices thanks to the questions I ask myself.

I want you to succeed in your weight loss…

My goal is to help you as much as I can.  So today set aside some time and ask yourself deep questions and start looking for real answers.  This will lead you to get the results you are looking for.

I Am Obsessive Compulsive (OCD). Do I Need A Psychiatrist?

When I was young I liked to play video games. Back in the day when Nintendo was the new toy I played a game that is called Mega Man. I loved that game. It had different levels and bosses to defeat. This is one of the reasons why I used to wake up in the morning. If I could, I would play all morning, I would take a break to eat and go back to play until dark or until I was tired enough to go to sleep.

Even though the game was fun, I was defeated many times and I needed to repeat a mission and I spend hours doing it. I think the difficulty made it even more fun.

When I learned how to drive, I was the same way. I am from a very poor family. We had no money for shoes, so a car was an unreachable dream. Therefore, I started hanging out with people who work as drivers. I bugged them and get on their nerves until they taught me how to drive.

When I decided to get in shape, I was obsessively exercising until I reached my goal. When I was learning English, I read, wrote and practice until I could communicate. When there is a problem I don’t stop until I find a solution. When I find something I want, I don’t stop until I get it.

This is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

My level of commitment with myself is to the point that I will succeed or fail. For example, starting a business and signing a commercial lease is either all in or all out. I either sign the lease or walk out, but I don’t do it half way. I get into debt and deliver results to my clients and whether I succeed or I fail and pay the debt. When I know I am going to become obsessive to make something work, all I need to do is commit and take massive action to achieve my goal. I am extreme.

Those who I have seen achieve their dreams, are happy and have changed the world, are those who are OCD and are committed to their dreams because just like the video game, real life will bring difficulties and will defeat us, hurt us and plan something different than we have planned. We are going to fail, suffer, but when we are not willing to give up and continue moving forward with passion, the world has a unique way to make our dreams come true.

This is one of the reasons why only less than 5% of people can lose weight and maintain a healthy body for the rest of their lives. This is the reason why only less than 5% of people love their career. This is why only 5% of people continue progressing in making changes in their lives and other lives.

I have been rejected, mistreated and humiliated. Nobody likes to be rejected, mistreated or humiliated, especially humiliated, but those are the risks I am willing to take to learn and grow and become stronger. I won’t stop until I reach my goal.

I honestly think the biggest reason why many people can’t reach their fitness goals or any other goal is because of life’s difficulties. The key to overcoming life’s difficulties and to becoming fulfilled is to be obsessive compulsive, be extreme and be committed until the end. When I fail I don’t regret because I know I gave it my all and when I succeed I know that I am part of the less than 5%.

Avoid Getting Old And Stay Young

My job as a professional trainer is not only to design programs, improve eating habits and count repetitions. Part of my job and the greatest challenge of my profession is to find out what will drive you to reach your goal.  Let’s put it this way, if everyone had the same excitement that they have about the Broncos going to the super bowl about their health, everyone would be healthy.  However, the Super Bowl is fun, exercise and eating healthy for many is not and it requires some effort.

My goal in every meeting is to find out how and why your health is important. Your intensity of exercise and the time you put into eating healthy will vary depending on the importance of your goal.  Once you understand how important health is, how it contributes to your happiness, and how to maintain it, the rest becomes less difficult.

Goals are different for a person who is 20 years of age compared to someone who is in their 50s.  While many of us exercise because we want to look great, the older we get the more we understand the importance of exercise in our lives.  Many middle-aged people exercise because they want to avoid injuries, avoid aches, build strength and control a disease.  What motivates this age group may be reasons like, staying healthy and strong for their significant other, to enjoy their grandchildren or simply they want to enjoy life to the fullest.

As many of you know, there are many levels of exercise. Chewing your food could be considered an exercise.  For many walking and yoga are exercises.  Others, need to run, hike, or swim to get adequate exercise and some need weight lifting.  While all are exercises, all have different levels of difficulty and work difference systems in our bodies.  Depending on your goal, there is an appropriate exercise you should practice.

The truth is that we are all getting old.  That is the beauty of life.  The only way to stay young is by knowing how to cope with stress, eat healthy, exercise and be happy. We lose muscle mass, stroke volume, flexibility, and bone density everyday as we age and the older we are the faster we lose all these.  However, exercise does decrease the loss of all these nutrients in our body by adding it as we are losing it.

The questions are, what is more painful, exercising or getting old fast? Not being able to enjoy life or putting a little more effort into our health?  Becoming dependent on someone (relying on the mercy of others) or exercise?  I can’t answer these questions for you.  I know what I want.

If you are reading this column it means that you care about your health.  You might already doing something to improve your health or you are thinking about doing something positive to improve your health. You may have enough knowledge to do it on your own or you may need guidance.  Maybe you are doing something, what I call imperfect action, but you want to know what can you improve or what will challenge you even more. The point is to take action.

Getting Weight Loss Results Is Just Another Chore In Life

I’m amazed by people who get astonishing results when I assess them.  I usually ask myself what is the difference between the people who get results and the ones who struggle. Family responsibilities, work, knowledge, support, money? Even though all of these are contributing factors, one thing sets apart those who get results from those who struggle.

I have clients who work, have more than one child and the support is not ideal. They are some of my best members and lose pounds every week.

Persistence I think is the answer. When people really want something, they make it happen.  I have no doubt about this.  Many of my clients have shown me that they are capable of doing more than I think they can.

Many people think that those who lose weight have it easy.  They may not understand that they needed to make time and not wait until they have time.  Nobody has time.  They cut television time and ask their husbands to help them with their children. They wake up earlier to cook.  They plan their day and find ways to attend their sessions. They continue learning and focus on the healthy things they can do. They improve their eating every week and their strength in training sessions. Weight loss becomes part of their life in a healthy way — not an obsession but a lifestyle.

Do these people have no problems: no bills to pay, family issues, car issues, work issues, healthy issue or other worries? They are just as human as we are.  They have problems just like anybody else.  This is what really amazed me — the persistence they have, and there is nothing that can stop them.  They make no excuses.

If people had no worries it would be easy to lose weight and to have a nice body because there would be no interventions in their program.  Everyone could do it.  The reality is that no one has no problems, including those who get what they want.

Believe me, I’m aware that life is difficult.  I live it myself, and when things get in the way, I find ways to continue persevering toward my goals.  Just like my clients, I give away many things that many won’t give way.

Life is always changing, sometimes things are just perfect (up), sometimes they’re crazy (down), that is life.  In those down times is when growth happens, when amazing things take place.  When only  the strong keeps moving ahead.

When things get out of control and are not coming the way we planned, that it is the time when we want to be strong.   Anybody can be positive and smile when life is easy, when everything is normal, when there are no problems, when our family is just fine.  However, in the hard moments is when we need to be strong, smile, stay positive, find the good in everything and continue persevering toward our goals.  This is what sets my clients (and you) apart from the rest who don’t get results when life gets crazy. This is what speaks highly of you!

This Is How To Tone Your Body

Brittany was raised in a family that focuses on working and doesn’t have strong beliefs about exercising. Nevertheless, Brittany was an active child, playing basketball and volleyball, running track and doing other activities. As she grew older, she continued doing some biking and hiking. She eats somewhat healthily and has managed to maintain a healthy body weight.

When she hit her 30s, she started to discover that her body was not the same as it used to be when she was in her teens and early 20s. Her body was saggy and no longer toned. She discovered some areas that she didn’t like anymore, such as the inside of her thighs, the muffin tops, the wings on her arms, and her butt not being rounded anymore. She is not the only one to notice these changes at this age. Many other women are in the same hunt for their younger body.

She has heard about weight lifting, but weight lifting is only for men — women can get bulky because of it. She tried it once for a couple of weeks, and it was too difficult, and she heard that she can tone her body by lifting light weight and doing numerous repetitions, so she stuck to that for a while. But she gave up after a year of not seeing results, and tried exercises other than a structured weight lifting program. She is now 50, and she has not discovered how to recover her younger body.

When astronauts are sent to the moon, one of the requirements is to exercise before, during and after the trip. Many of the astronauts upon returning to earth need to relearn how to walk. Since gravity in space and on the moon is minimal, the body does not need to make much effort to travel from place to place or for many other physical tasks.

The human being is very adaptable to the environment in different ways, including physical. For example, Brittany failed to notice that when she was younger she was more active than in her adult life where there are many worries and responsibilities that she needs to prioritize. Even though she has been somewhat active and she has eaten somewhat healthily, she is aging, and the activity that she is doing is not enough to keep up with the biological process of aging.

Just like an astronaut loses his strength because he doesn’t need it in space, Brittany is aging because she is not challenging her body.

Jessica discovered that she can keep her body young at an earlier age. She grew up with a brother who is into weight lifting. In the beginning, Jessica was not interested in weight lifting at all. All she wanted was to tone her body, so in her earlier 20s, she focused on cardio. She noticed that she was losing weight, but her body was not gaining toned. She start noticing that her brother was toned from weight lifting, but she didn’t want to get bulky. So she considered lifting light weights.

She started to make her own superficial research about weight lifting. She found out that what she needed to do is to lift light weights and do high repetitions. But what she didn’t know at that time is that the body will transform only when it gets challenged, and light weight does not challenge the body. But she tried it. After 2 years of light lifting, she didn’t see any definition.

She wondered what she was doing wrong and finally asked her brother, who gave her a quick explanation that guys can get big because of their levels of testosterone. It won’t be possible for her to get bulky because of her level of testosterone. Plus, he reminded her that he is 4 times stronger than her, and for her to lift that much weight is impossible. It took him years of dedication and effort to get to that level.

Jessica trusted her brother, so she decided to try lifting heavier weights. However, she knew that if she tried to lift too heavy a weight she would get hurt. She did not know how to start and let her brother guide her. She learned periodization, the act of increasing resistance to the muscle group as the muscles becomes stronger. Also, she learned about muscle groups and many exercises for each muscle group. Jessica is now in her late 30s, and she has a toned body and feels like a teen again.

To be healthy one needs only to eat healthily, exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, be flexible and know how to deal with stress. But to take one’s health and appearance to the next level and tone one’s body requires a lot more effort. Not everyone should have a toned body, and not everyone is willing to make the effort to have a toned body. For example, to make $1,000,000 a year requires more effort than making $100,000 a year; having 3 children requires more effort than having one; having a mansion requires more than having a house. Not everyone wants to do the work to make $1,000,000, have 3 children or take care of a mansion.

Nevertheless, there are people who do want more than others, and these people are willing to pay the price for it. The same goes for your body. You are not going to make $1,000,000 with the same effort you made $100,000 or properly raise 3 successful children with the effort you raised one or maintain a mansion with the same resources to maintain a small house. You have to put in more effort. Therefore, I want you to think that you can’t tone your body with the same effort it takes to just lose weight or maintain your body.

For example Brittany was doing only enough to maintain her body weight but not more to tone her body. Her lifestyle is healthy, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, she is not happy with the way her body looks, and she wants to tone her body. Her actions and desires are in conflict. Either she needs to accept her body and continue what she is doing, or she needs to pay the price to have a toned body, so her actions and desires are not in conflict anymore.

Jessica, on the other hand, knew what she wanted, and her beliefs were aligned with her actions. Even though she did not have the right information in the beginning, she researched and put in the effort until she achieved her goal.

Plan Your Day To Improve Your Weight Loss Results

Hard to lose weight?  Planning your day can really help you get on the right paths

My reading and continuing education are very important to me. It is a habit that have helped me to understand myself, others, and life. By reading, I find new concepts that I apply in my life. These new concepts, theories, truths or whatever you want to call them, often deepen my thinking and improve my life.

I have read that God forgives, humans not always, but time never forgives. Once the time is wasted, it is GONE! According to many experts, planning your day is an efficient way to get the most of your day and, therefore, your time.  You’ll get more of your goals and activities done, including your weight loss lost program.

Here is an example of my Monday:

4:50 am- Wake up, shower and dress, cook and eat breakfast, check my calendar, drive to work and pray at the same time.

6 am- Welcome Custom Body Fitness members and help them achieve their goal by training them and making their day a great day!

10:15 am- Eat my snack and exercise.

11:30 am- Go for my meditation walk.

12:30 pm- Drive back home, cook lunch, and take a nap.

1:00 pm- Study, check for Custom Body Fitness members’ needs and continue working.

3:30 pm- Do any errands that need to be done, as an example, pay bills, make phone calls, scheduled assessments.

4:30 pm- Drive back to Custom Body Fitness for afternoon sessions.

5 pm- Welcome Custom Body Fitness members and train them and help them with their fitness and weight loss goals.

9 pm- Drive back home, cook dog’s food and my dinner for me to eat; watch a webinar, seminar or conference.

10: pm- get ready for bed and pray.

If you notice, many habits keep me on track. My health depends on my exercises, meditation, self-education, food intake, job, interaction with my clients, as well as errands that need to be done. As you see, everything is planned so it’s easy to manage my physical, spiritual, intellectual, and professional needs. Of course, sometimes there are emergencies or inconveniences once in a while. However, if you are decent at managing stress, you can get back in track in a few hours or a couple of days. Getting back to your healthy habits makes you feel so good.

Back to the main point of my pep talk today:  if your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, it is important that you start planning your days, so you don’t miss your workouts, duties, and regular and healthy meal times too.

Also, experts have shown that when you’ve planned your day and look at your upcoming schedule the night before, your brain unconsciously knows how the day is going to be and you have to do less effort to get everything done.

So there you have it, another tool for you to lose the weight you are tired to carrying.  Remember, if you really want to achieve your dream body, you need to act now and change your habits.   New behaviors and a positive attitude will get you to the new you.  So start applying planning in your life and you will find out how great it works.

My Big Secret For Weight Loss

I wake up in the morning; the first action I take is go straight to the kitchen and prepare my oatmeal. I let it cook as I meditate and shower. This is how my day starts every morning. From 5am to 10am I am usually training our members at Custom Body Fitness. By 10 am, I am ready for my fruit snack. I exercise, go for a walk, have a meeting and eat my lunch between 12 and 2 pm. After my lunch, I continue working until 4pm when is time for my next snack, fruit or a smoothie. I go back to train our members from 5 to 8 pm. I come home and prepare my dinner. I read, continue working and go to bed between 10 and 11 pm.

This is my usual routine. Many people think that I stay in shape because that is all I do and others think that my body is in shape just because of it. However, weight loss and being in shape is not luck. It is called a lifestyle.

If we take my life as an example, there are various things I do to stay in shape, first I eat a healthy breakfast; second I have a food schedule that I follow; I snack on fruits and prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never drink sugar added drinks, beer or alcohol or eat candy, or fast food, or skip my breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also, I don’t usually eat out. That helps me stay in shape by cooking the right foods and knowing what is on my plate. Plus, I save money.

Now, there is no day that I skip my exercise, even if I don’t have the energy to do it. I never do a mediocre workout. I go all in. The day my brain cuts me some slack on my exercise, that day I will become weaker mentally and physically, and start gaining some weight.

I don’t have to count my calories because there is no way I can eat extra calories eating the right foods. Also, by increasing my muscle mass I burn more calories than a regular human being who does not. In addition, I burn calories by exercising.

While this is a lifestyle, everything I do fulfills a human need. Eating, exercising, and sleeping do contribute to my physical need; meditating, walking and helping others helps me with my spiritual need; having a community of members who I help and coworkers who have the same goals, helps me with feelings of acceptance; working helps me with my material need; spending time at work learning and researching helps me with my learning need; teaching my coworkers and members all my knowledge aids me in my creating need; knowing that I am making a change by understanding our members and listening to their life’s concern also helps me with my caring need.

By the end I know I have a purpose here in life and I am living it every day. This is what is called a lifestyle. Weight loss is part of my life because I live it every day without questioning if I have do to things because I need to lose weight or get in shape. It is just part of my life.

To get here was not very simple. First I needed to find myself. I needed to start questioning everything and everyone. Everyone has beliefs and they teach what they believe. I don’t take advice from doctors or any other professional who I know it is not capable of helping me. Knowledge is not the only thing that I am looking for. I am looking for the lifestyle the person has when the person is giving an advice. If someone is telling that I should not take risks to do something because I could regret and that person is unhappy with his life, I don’t take the advice. However, if the person tells me to take calculated risks and I see the person is fulfilled, successful and happy, I am taking the advice.

Nevertheless, what I want is what matters. I don’t let anyone persuade me to do anything if it does not fit with my values or morals. Staying true to myself is more important than lying to myself. No one likes to be with some who is not true to himself and breaking my values and moral is not being true to myself. Therefore, I would not be happy with myself and the gain of any action taken only because if gives me something in return. It is not worth losing my integrity.

Before you can create a lifestyle that deliver results for your weight loss and health, first find yourself and make sure you are ready to be true to yourself.


Embrace Your Pain

Today is a new day. I have learned that to live to the fullest and avoid suffering, I have to let go of the past and forget about what it used to be. I have to plan my future, and not expect that everything comes as I expected. In other words, I can only live in the present. One day at a time.

That I should always do my best to expect the best, to stop making excuses, accept my mistakes and take responsibility for all that happens in my life, to let life happen and let time uncover the reasons why things happened. Like Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking back.”

Mistakes bring pain, losses bring pain, risk brings pain, trying brings pain.  But if we don’t make mistakes, we don’t learn; if we don’t lose it means we don’t make mistakes; if we don’t risk, we don’t make mistakes; if we don’t try, we don’t risk. To become better everyday we must try, risk, make mistakes and lose. Therefore, pain is inevitable and it is needed to continue progressing which leads to happiness.

I have experienced two types of pain, physical and emotional. Physical pain I am very used to. I know it will go away soon. It is only a discomfort of my body telling me that I hurt it, but it will heal. It will only take time.

Emotional pain is a little more complicated for me. It is hard to fail and start over, to realize that my life will not be the same because of my loss. Emotional pain brings me to my knees, it makes me cry and ask God for forgiveness. It makes me ask God for his wisdom to understand this pain. It makes me a better person. It makes me humble. It makes me human. It makes me understand others. It teaches me that I still have more to learn about life.

I have noticed that only people who transcend are capable of embracing high levels of pain. Martin Luther King is an example. He went to jail for months for doing what is right. His life and his family’s lives were threatened many times. Living everyday wondering when and where another bomb was going to detonate and always leaving his family behind because of his high purpose in life.

Gandhi is another great example, walking for more than 500 miles to free his people from unjust laws. He fasted many times, almost to death to help his people to do the right thing. Giving all his material things and sourcing by only necessary means. 

Mother Teresa also sacrificed her comfortable life to help others. Without support and resources she was begging for food to help the needy. She was rejected so many times and she never gave up.

Jesus also suffered. The thought of him knowing the pain he had to go through that I’m sure was pure agony. He knew he was about to get whipped almost to death, and then he needed to carry his cross, nailed and crucified, exposed in the sun, hungry and thirsty while many people were laughing under his feet.

I notice that to achieve something extraordinary, I must become extraordinary and to become extraordinary, I must endure pain and discomfort. The good thing is that pain is not here to stay and will leave some day. It may last hours, days, months or years, but one day it will be gone and I will be better, stronger, wiser and more skillful.

My life will be average like many others if I am not willing to risk and try, but great achievements come from great endurance. Therefore, I am willing to continue moving forward and not give up on my dreams, because with God I can overcome any difficulty. Today I am a better person thanks to the pain that I am living and pains that I have overcome. I am living today for what I have and for who I am. The past is in the past, and the future is not here. Consequently, I am living my present like there is no future or past, doing my best.

Start Your Weight Loss Program With the Right Tools

Ryan has been in the hospital three times for two diseases he could have avoided, diabetes and gout, where he gets a quick fix to go back to his routine of working. He is a workaholic just like I am (I don’t blame him). He loves what his does and his business depends of him. He is always looking forward to work. He also has a family that he loves and a baby on his way.

Ryan is overweight and he does not know why he wants to lose weight. The reason why he is seeking professional help is because other people are asking him to do so. He knows exercising and eating healthy will help him to lose weight, but work and other “important” activities get in the way.

He has no motivation to lose weight what so ever. However he has done it twice in 30 years, lost 30 pounds and regained it. When I sit with him and talk about his life, I noticed that problem. He does not have his whys clear. He does not understand yet that weight loss is not what is important. And maybe not even his health. However, what is important to him is his family and his career.

Nevertheless, if Ryan continues in the same path, he will end up in the hospital again with very high possibilities of depending of machines, surgeries or even dying. This means that he won’t be able to take care and enjoy his family. He will need to stop what he loves to do; his job and his might run out of business. As soon as he understood his why to exercise and eat healthy, he got the motivation he needed. Now he is losing weight and balancing his live between work, his family and his health.

Business that have their mission statement clear and people who have their whys clear have been proven that they are the most successful in life.

My whys wake me up everyday very at 4 am. They are clear and give me the motivation to do what it takes to achieve my goals.

Lession1: Have you whys clear to lose weight. Without a why you don’t even know WHY is important to lose weight.

Bethany lost her mom two years ago. Her mom died of heart complications. The mom did not take care of herself. She did not exercise or ate healthy. Bethany fall in depression and suffer a lot. I understand her. I have been there. However, she is not dwelling anymore and she understood something very important and made a promise. She understood if she does not do something for herself, she will end up the same way her mom.

Bethany knew that her mom would like the best for her. So the promised she made was to lose 60 pounds and be healthy. She made it!! She was devoted to her promised. She needed to suffer before she understood the why she needed to lose weight.

Many of us need to suffer to improve our lives. All successful people have been through a crisis before they achieve an important goal in their lives.

I am very good with pain. I had had three knee surgeries and the last one was three ligaments in one surgery. Never took a pain killer pill. We have become good friends. However, depression is one of the most painful situations I ever been. It makes me kneel, cry and ask God for his wisdom. Depression is so painful that made me understand that I was in the wrong path and therefore I decided to change to a better person.

Lession 2, be smart. You don’t have to go into a very painful situation or crisis to change and do something for you now. Change now.

Pedro is one of five siblings, three women and two guys. They are all overweight, including mom and dad. The doctor told them that they are overweight thanks to their genes. All the family belief it and decided to stayed overweight except for Pedro. Pedro was not buying it and he decided to go against his destiny and genes. He changed his eating habits and started to exercise. No one in the family believes that Pedro can make it happen because it is “genetic.” It took him 5 years to get to his goal and now he is in great shape. He is an athlete.

People used to belief that the earth was flat. The school used to teach it. The government agreed. No one was open minded to take the risk and find out. Everyone was doomed to the flat theory. However, one day someone decided to die falling of the earth or discovered new land. I think you know the story.

I used to think I was slave of my manly desires. I used to think my emotions and pleasures control me until I decided to fight them. We can choose our destiny.

Lesson 3, challenge all your beliefs. Stop believing what fools believe and do something for you.

I hear of an experiment where a group of people were asked to walk straight to the end of a large room. They pointed where they end was. As people walked, they found chairs. Many people walked around the right, others around the left, others went over them and others moved the chair. All the participants got to the end.

A second group of people were asked to walk straight in same room. As they were walking, they found the same chairs. They stopped were the chairs were and never got to the end of the room.

People who knows their why, have changed and challenge their beliefs, set clear and defined goals. They get to their goal no matter what chair, obstacle, gets in their way.

When I set my clear goals and develop a plan and I take action. I have achieved many of my goals since I practice goal setting.

Lesson 4, when you have defined goals, you will get to your goal no matter how many chairs or obstacles get in the middle.

When you have figured out these 4 lessons, exercise and eating healthy will be easy and surly you will lose weight and keep it off.

Your Personal Argument

“This is hard.”

“No, you can do this.”

“You know you can stop anytime you want. You are making yourself uncomfortable.”

“Yes, but I have done this before.”

“You don’t have to prove to anyone that you can do it.”

“Yes, but I want to prove it to myself and I want to be in shape.”

This is the argument I had in my head last Friday when I was training with one of Custom Body Fitness’ member. I was doing step ups. I like to put myself in my clients’ shoes to feel the same they feel, so on Fridays, I enjoy the group training.

It came to me that many people give in to their negative thoughts. They don’t like discomfort, and often their negative thoughts are stronger than their positive thoughts.

Why some people are more susceptible to giving up and don’t give their best in training sessions? The discomfort that we all feel during workouts really bothers some people and not others.   Some see the discomfort as negative pain, while people with positive outlooks, concentrate on this discomfort as progress.

It may also be that many people have been fed negative thoughts most of their life and those govern they brain, unlike the optimistic, who have been fed positive thoughts.

These personal habits of negative thinking that make people fail can be changed, though such adjustment in attitude cannot be altered overnight. It requires an effort and sacrifice from individuals. I call it sacrifice because many people do not want to leave their unchallenging habits or environments, which can include TV and even friends who contribute negativity to their lives.

I know is difficult to change, because not that long ago, I was on that negative road.   These days, however, every time that I discover a negative contributor to my life, I change it, and , magic happens: I feel good about myself, I see that I am further towards my life and fitness goals.

This attitude adjustment is a factor that will help you succeed or fail in your fitness journey. Find your thoughts and find out how you perceive the worlds. This is an important step for your fitness success.