Changing Your Negative Habits

“Changing is always difficult, but once we believe that we have the ability to find a comfortable balance on our new lifestyle, the new habits are automatic.” – American Council on Exercise

Positive habits lead us to our success in life. They do make us happy. They give us health, knowledge, wealth, peace and a long life span. On the other hand, negative habits destroy us, make us miserable, steal our health and kill us faster.

Last year, I went gun shooting for my first time. It seems easy, but when a real gun is handled for the first time, it is scary. It’s not like in the movies, it becomes very real!

Facing the patterns of negative habits

I learned the safe way to handle a gun. I remember my friend, a deputy sheriff, telling me to pull the “slack” on the trigger and then slowly squeeze the trigger, among other movements.

Then he said that if I continued to follow every direction step by step, my brain will remember all the muscle movements and I will create “muscle memory.” He added that, in the future, it will be easier for me to shoot many shots consecutively without a problem.

Many thoughts went through my head when he was teaching me.

I remembered that every change in my life followed the same pattern.

I used to smoke, drink, be sedentary, eat horribly amongst other bad habits. In the beginning, it was hard to drop these negative habits and learn new positive ones, but little by little it became easier.

Now I do not practice any of these negative habits and I successfully changed them for good ones

I have clients that have been with me for more than three years. Their goals, like many of us, are to be healthy, lose weight, shape their body, fight diseases and have more energy… Their testimonials tell me the same.

They struggle in the beginning, but once their body starts getting results by practicing the new habit over and over again, the new habits become easier, automatic.

Re-shape your muscle memory

Once we acquired ‘muscle memory’ our body and mind ask for the new habit automatically and it becomes easier.

However, notice that it works the same way with destructive habits.

To start smoking, for example, the body rejects the smoke. We even cough and more often than not seriously dislike it. We don’t like the smell and we feel drugged. Nevertheless, every time we do it, it becomes easier.

Exchange the bad for the good

A great psychologist once told me, to find all the destructive habits I have and fix them one by one, to exchange a bad habit for a good habit. Many people tend to replace a negative habit with a negative habit. Make sure, if your goal is to be healthy, to replace a negative habit with a positive habit.

So remember that in the beginning of acquiring a new positive habit, there will be movements and efforts that seem useless. Practice every day and every day will be easier until minimum effort is required. In the long run, it will pay off!

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Find Your Perfect Weight Loss Program

A wake-up call

I have learned that the first thing people need before starting a weight loss program is to unleash their desire to lose weight.

This could be a doctor’s call, a divorce, a true look at the mirror or the inability to perform physically. After that wake-up call, action is required to lose weight.  Some people take imperfect action and others hire a professional to help them.

What matters most is that action is taken

While many people get distracted, discouraged or busy in life and drop their program, others continue perfecting their actions.

For those who drop their weight loss program, nothing changes, they just go back to their pre-contemplation stage.

In contrast, for those who continue, something magical happens.

After a while, the body starts changing.  As they continue getting results, they notice that they need to modify their program according to their needs, and they do.

Program to lose the pounds

A walking-and-small-eating-habit program can be effective for you if you need to lose 100 pounds: Walking every day and cutting out some junk food may lead you to lose pounds of fat monthly.  However, results can come faster if a professional designs a program for you.

Exercise and diet program

If you are only 20 pounds overweight, the same approach may not work. It will help, but you need to work deeply on your exercise and eating habits. For example, you may need to find a more intense exercise than walking and work on your eating schedule and start getting into a cleaner diet.

Targeted exercise program

Now, if you don’t need to see a difference in the scale, but you want to tone your arms, get rid of the muffin top or inner thigh fat, lose inches on the hips and get a flat stomach, you need the deepest and most advanced exercise program.  This will help you get rid of the fat by getting muscle instead.

Weight lifting program

You may not lose pounds, but your fat levels are decreasing.  Walking, running or eating on time won’t do it for you.  At this stage you need a periodization weight lifting program. It means that you need an exercise program that is constantly challenging you.

Clean eating diet

This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to eat the foods that you like,  it means that you need to understand there are things that are not made to be digested.

This may get you into weighing the short-term pleasure of eating the wrong foods versus the damage they cause to your body.

Personal weight loss program

In whatever phase you are, make sure you continue taking action and improving your actions to get the body that you deserve.  Yes, it’s true. Not many people have the desire to pay the price (time, effort and what the program requires) to be in their best shape.

Be honest with yourself and find out how far you want to go. But don’t defeat yourself by thinking that it’s impossible.

Remember that the key is to continue taking action to get the body you want. And when you get there all you need to do is maintenance.

Committed to your happiness and well-being,

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Finding Happiness: The Zone Method

I love writing and sharing my knowledge with others.  Another thing that I enjoy is public speaking.  I often do seminars.  I have been invited to do seminars at local high schools, health and wellness symposiums and community events.  

People read my newsletters and articles and find out about me, and they ask me to teach their employees, students or clients about nutrition, exercise, motivation and so on.

I just enjoy teaching and helping others to be healthier, reach their goals and, by the end, find real happiness.

Last week I was invited to do a speech at Literacy Outreach

The topic was nutrition.  I honestly have no trouble talking about nutrition or eating habits.  However, I think the hardest part of a speech is making people interested in the information and helping them change their life.

So what I often do is remind people why they were born.

Many of us forget why we’re here

But the real reason we are born is to be happy.  Many forget because ironically they are too busy searching for happiness.

So when people understand how important their health is in achieving true happiness, they are interested in the topic.

Here, I’m suggesting that you take a moment and think about why you do what you do

The reality is that you do everything you do because you think it will contribute to your happiness.  Sometimes you will make the wrong decision and adopt bad habits, thinking that they will contribute to your real happiness.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. All humans do the same thing.

However, the more you know about the truth, the more aware you are about the choices you make.

Let me tell you about my experience

I had made many wrong decisions in my past by adopting bad habits that I thought would make me happy.  I used to smoke, drink, party, etc.  However, I had a hole in my heart that I couldn’t mend no matter how much I practiced these negative habits.

I thought I was happy because I rationalized and justified my acts. Sometimes I thought “Everyone does it,” “It feels good,” “Life is too short,” and so on.

Until one day my life changed.  

I asked the right quality question, and quality questions lead to quality answers, and quality answers lead to quality actions, and quality actions lead to quality results, and quality results lead to a high quality life!

I found that the human being needs to go through a series of zones to be happy

Here is where exercise and eating healthily makes sense. Otherwise, it is difficult for people to adopt these behaviors.  For many, the effort that they need to put into exercise is perceived as pain.

Remember that we do things searching for happiness, and many people keep happiness separate from pain.

Anyway, here I’m sharing with you what I realized people such as Abraham Maslow, Tony Robbins, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan and others have being following to find true happiness.

Zones to finding happiness

So far these zones have worked for me. I hope it makes sense to you:

1. Body Zone

Here we need to take care of the body by exercising and feeding it the right foods.  This zone is the base we need to be able to perform better in the next seven zones.

According to psychologists people can get stuck at this level with vices like greed, laziness, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. Any physical problems force us to devote priority attention to this zone.

2. Emotional Zone

Once the body is healthy and happy, we need to feel at peace, without fear, anger or fright. In the emotional area we seek to attain the fundamental spiritual balance.

3. Approving Zone

With the body and mind in peace, we begin to think about being accepted, admired and loved by others.  We all need a level of approval and here is where we share similar habits with our peers.

4. Material Zone

Once we’ve found a minimum level of approval, we start our search for goods, safety and economic stability.

Philosophers says that many people get trapped in this area. Greed and desire for power become a vice.

5. Learning Zone

Here we understand that we must grow and mature each day. We enjoy reading, listening, speaking, researching, studying and drawing conclusions.

6. Creative Zone

We enter this superior zone when we’re writing, painting, composing music, building models, weaving, designing etc.

7. Service Zone

Love is experienced in this zone. We venture into this area when we choose to put ourselves second and put the needs of others first.

When we think of the needs of others, we extend a hand to the helpless, listen to the lonely, comfort the afflicted, teach for free, take care of our loved ones and create happiness in others.

8. Mission Zone

This peak in life implies the awareness of having been created with a special purpose. People living in this area are capable of transcending and leave a trail of love and service wherever they go.

I can explain each zone deeply, but I’ll be writing a book! My point is that eating healthily is part of our happiness, and sometimes we put this positive behavior on the side and give priority to other negative behaviors.

Start eating healthy and exercising and your body and mind will thank you and you will find more joy in life.

Committed to your happiness and well-being.

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Take Control of Your Destiny

While many people believe they are doomed to their destiny or their behavior and shackled by fate, I choose to believe that I can control them.

Who has control?

The reason is very simple, I used to believe I was a slave to my destiny, my feelings, thoughts and emotions like many others.

However, one day I decided to take control over my life.

I study why certain people are so successful and others simply are not. I found out that successful people have characters they have developed throughout their lives.

They are not born with it – they develop them

Remember that success has been defined as the ability to overcome any challenge. And we find challenges every day in life.

We all face challenges that are out of our control and many of us believe that we are incapable of overcoming such challenges, because we have been taught the way.

Nevertheless, I believe that you have the ability to overcome any challenge. 

Therefore, I have made a summary or some characteristics you can work on to help you feel more confident and successful at any task:

1. Brave

They face challenges even if the challenges look intimidating.

2. Strong

They have integrity in difficult moments in life.

3. Diligent

They practice over and over again to defeat negative habits.

4. Seeker

They want to learn more. They ask questions and research issues that concern themselves.


5. Responsible

They know their results are of their own decisions.

6. Spiritual

They like to meditate or build a reflective time in their lives.

7. Active

They exercise and they avoid being lazy and other destructive behaviors.

8. Assertive

They resist negative habits and temptations. They make their own decisions and don’t let others decide for them.

9. Optimistic

They see the positive side to things. They trust themselves and are happy.

10. Adaptable

They are resilient and cheerfully deal with unexpected situations. They are flexible.

Now if you think about it, the antonyms are: coward, weak, lazy, loser, irresponsible, material, inert, nervous, pessimist and unadaptable.

Choose to develop good qualities

I believe you are smart and you choose to work on becoming better and develop good qualities like I do. They set you apart from the masses, people take you and your actions into consideration more often, you have more opportunities and you can succeed at any difficult task.

Don’t wait to until destiny makes it easy for you because is not going to happen. And if it does happen, you will lose the spot because you have not developed the characteristics needed to overcome challenges and maintain your ‘form’. 

Be better than that, work on your success every day and make things happen because you decide you want them to happen. If you do, your success is inevitable.

Work on each one of these positive characteristics every day and take control of your life.

Be the owner of your destiny. Create your own path to success and become the leader that you always wanted to become.

Your life will become easy not because it got easier but because you got stronger.

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Stop Making Excuses: How to Commit to Your Goal

Why you can’t lose weight

Have you tried to exercise and eat healthy to lose weight? Have you found yourself working on these habits and then you suddenly quit? Have you not been seeing results because you’re not consistent?

While exercise and healthy eating are the only way to lose weight healthily, there are many people who don’t see results.

There are many factors that contribute and one of them is not taking responsibility for our actions.

Excuses after excuses

We tend to start the program and then find many reasons why we cannot continue.

Many times I hear people say:

I can’t exercise today because I have a lot of work, I have kids, I’m married, I’m not married, I did not wake up on time, I don’t have time, I don’t have money, I’m sick, I’m tired, it’s cold

… and the list goes on.

Learning from your own experiences

I had the habit of being late to some of my appointments.

Nowadays, I’m a lot better because I have worked at being more punctual. It is very rare that I’m late.

However, once in a while, I’m getting out of the house right on time to be at my appointment if there is nothing and no one in my way.

When I get out of the house running, I get stressed out.

I start blaming everything that delays me; my dogs for going potty at the last minute, the snow on my car that I need to clean, my brother who is parked behind me, the pedestrian who is crossing the street, the person who is driving slow in the passing lane. You name it.

I soon started to discover the truth and the truth is – if I hadn’t hit snooze on the alarm.

If I only would have set my alarm 15 minutes earlier, or if I would have gone to bed earlier, or if I prepared things the night before to save me time in the morning, I wouldn’t be running late.


Certainly, it was no one else’s fault other than mine. I could have done many things different to be on time.

The reality is that excuses won’t change the situation

I read that excuses are for people who are not willing to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Excuses are justifications for the actions we take for doing or not doing something. Excuses are never the reason why we did or did not do what we were supposed to do. Excuses can make us feel better by blaming someone or something else, for something we did or did not do.

But, once again, it won’t change the outcome.

I have focused on the events I have experienced that I know turn into excuses, I’m to improve my behavior and become responsible for my actions by not blaming the dogs, the weather, my brother, the pedestrians crossing the street, or the person driving in the wrong lane.

Things don’t happen to me – things happen because of me and I choose for good things to happen.

I choose to be responsible, ethical, trustworthy and not make excuses for my actions and stop blaming everything and everyone for my mistakes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to tell you if you are making excuses or that reasons are valid or invalid to quit your exercise or eating healthy habits.

Fix the core problem

I’m here to point out that if you continue coming up with excuses each time you attempt to lose weight, you’re never going to lose weight. The problem might not be your exercise program or the eating plan you have, but the excuses that you make.

Being on time has paid many ways. However I wouldn’t have ever learned how to be on time if I continued making excuses for my tardiness.

We are human beings and for some reason it is easier for us to find excuses or blame anything or anyone, rather than take personal responsibility.

So, if you truly want to commit to your goal, and reach that goal, study your situation.  Maybe you can change your rationalization and get better at staying committed to your goals.

Keep in mind that this is how you are going to see results in your weight loss program.

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Massive Action – The Key to Change

I’m sure you’ll probably meet people who do nothing to achieve their goals (such as losing weight). 

They are leaving it for the “next time,” maybe next year or even later. They are waiting for something to change their lives. However, they get no results.

Then you find people who start something but when it gets difficult, they quit. 

They try dieting, exercise (Zumba, aerobics, weight lifting, biking, swimming), weight-loss products, you name it. But they always end up quitting. They are never consistent in their efforts and they get no results.

Then you have those who do average work. 

They want better results, but they don’t understand that they can’t get results that are better than the effort they put in.

Then you get people who kill it, people who stand apart from all the other categories. They take massive action and never get tired.

It seems like they are on some kind of mission. They are persistent and never stop until they reach their goal. These are the people that succeed in their goals.

Let me put it in other words

If you do nothing, you get nothing. If you do something and quit, you still get nothing. If you do average work, you get average results.

But if you want to stand apart, you need to take massive action.

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with failing to achieve your goals or with getting average results, body or health if you are truly satisfied. But you need to be honest with yourself.

Are you dieting because you want an average body?  Are you happy with your health? Are you happy not achieving your goal and giving up? Are you happy dreaming without doing something to realize your dream?

If you complain it probably means that you are not happy. The best thing you can do is to put your energy into taking immense action with persistence towards your goal.

No matter what you do, it will require energy.

Take massive action to achieve your goal

So if you are truthful with yourself and you really want to achieve your goal, then take massive action.

Be obsessive with your goal, write it down, do research about it, dream about it and create a plan. 

Make sure that people know what you are after.  Make sure that people have no doubt about you achieving your goal.

Back when I started lifting weights, people asked me if I was training to compete or fight or if I was a personal trainer. None were true. But it was clear to people that I was after something. I was obsessive about my goal.

These days my business is very successful because people see my passion and my obsession to help others.  They have no doubt about my mission.

I take massive action. I don’t doubt I’ll get what I want.

If I can do it, anybody can do it.  So next time you dream about getting something or achieving something, think about what level of effort you are going to practice:

“nothing”,  “half-hearted”, “average” or “massive action”.

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How to Avoid Distractions

Dangers of distraction

– Distraction is one of the worst enemies of humanity. On first thought it might not seem like the most dangerous of things, but if you ponder just a little longer you will realise it is the on-going cause of so many deaths.

– Distraction causes accidents while driving, during surgery, at work, while swimming, etc.  Honestly, I think most accidents are due to distraction.

– Distraction is not only applicable to the physical human life.  Distraction also causes other types of death. It can kill your dreams!

– Distraction can easily pull you away from your fitness and weight loss program.

– Distraction can manipulate you, draw you in and use you.

– Distraction has ruined many people’s lives. You can be distracted all your life watching other people achieve their dreams while you continue wasting your time and failing to concentrate what what YOU really want and need.

Look around you.

You will see a mixture of those who are being distracted and also find some people staying focused.

Can you see the difference?

Why do people who are focused achieve their goals? Do you see any distracted people achieving their goals?

Distractions come in all types and forms – alcohol, drugs, parties, television, video games, apps, material things, myths and so on.

Distractions are bad habits. Distractions are just waiting for you to take the wrong turn.

Distraction can easily enter your life. It can enter a people’s lives when they feel depressed, desperate, bored or lost or when they want attention.

These momentary feelings allow people to be weak

When people are weak they like to choose easy ways out.. however, when you understand that your feelings are momentary and are a creation of your thoughts, distraction is only  a choice.

You also have the capacity to defeat distraction, all you need to do is be committed to your goal.  Make sure that you know what you want and don’t doubt even a little bit that you can get it.

If weight loss is your goal, get into it and stay focused

How to avoid distractions? Planning your day, stopping the negativity, stopping the excuses, finding information and resources and being patient are some behaviors you can use to stay focused.

Many of us want an easy life and want the best

But the best and easy don’t get along!

They don’t match. They are opposite poles. The only way to be the best and to get the best is by paying the price, and the price is not necessarily easy.

You can defeat distraction by understanding that part of your life is going to be given to the dream you have. And the dream you have and distractions around it will never get along.

There is no way out. Easy is not part of your dream. When you stay focused, then you will see the results you always wanted.

I really don’t want people living their lives wanting. I want people to get up and do what it takes to get to their dreams.

Many people die wanting, and their dreams go straight to the grave with them; they never enjoy the pleasure of achieving their dream, never have the opportunity to wear the dress in their closet, to play with their kids, to hike the fourteener, to play hockey in winter or any other dream.

Are you going to let distraction kill your dreams?

What are you going to do today to make your dream come true? Do you think it is too late for you?

I encourage you to think about these questions and be honest when you answer them. You can make a change in your life today and make a change in other people’s lives, including your family.

Challenge distraction and take control of it.

You have the choice in the end. You are the architect of your life.  Every single decision makes your life better or worse.  Get distractions out of your life and start living your dream!

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Dealing with Negative People Mental Health Motivation

“Let the dogs bark, Sancho. It’s a sign that we are on track.” – Don Quixote

As we travel along our journey to success, there will be many people who support us. They believe in us, and we are like-minded. All of us strive to progress and become better each and every day.

They understand that your success is due to your hard work and dedication because they are also in the same boat.

Be aware of negativity

Nevertheless, the truth is that at the same time we find people who are not happy with our decisions, and they may be jealous of our success.

They talk negatively about us and they find even the smallest mistake and try to blow it out of proportion.

They don’t like it when you have achieved what they can’t achieve for themselves. Since they don’t want to put in the effort to get what you have achieved, it is easier for them to start saying negative things about your effort.

And a lot of their talk will be behind your back. They like to hide and sometimes are anonymous of their actions.

Don’t pay attention to the negative talk

It is important to respect people’s opinion about your success and what they think about you.

The truth is, it is only an opinion of their perception.

However, it is not okay to let their talking affect your actions and your desire for success. Remember that their goal is not to see you succeed. This is the reason they put a lot of negative energy into their words and gossip.

Don’t let negative people discourage you from getting what you want.

Many of my clients, my friends and even I have had experiences with people who always find a way to talk negatively about our success. I bet you’ll run across people like this, too.

The problem is not what these people have to say. The problem can be in how you take their words and what you do about it.

These people are here to stay and they are going nowhere. Therefore don’t pay attention to what they have to say about your success and what they say about you when you are not around.

Fly high like an eagle!

Has been a while since I read how the eagle defeats its big enemy – the crow. Joel Osteen does an amazing job re-enacting the event. When an eagle gets attacked by the crows, the eagle can’t attack each individual crow because all attack the eagle from different directions at the same time.

However, the eagle can fly high where the crow can’t fly, so all the eagles has to do is soar high into the sky where the crows can’t  reach, leaving them far behind.

Unfortunately we are going to have to deal with dog barking and crows attacking from all directions. You have the ability to understand why the dogs are barking and fly higher than the crows, just like the eagle does.

Continue with your goals, let the dogs bark and fly high leaving those crows behind!

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Take Control of Your Life: Decide Your Own Path

How can you start the day well?

Today you wake up after a night’s sleep. You lie there and you wonder what the day will bring. Because other days have brought frustration perhaps you may think that this new day will do the same.

Now wait a second, hold that thought and rewind it… today is a new day!

You are the creator of your circumstances

This time, your day is different. Why? Because you know you are responsible for what this day will bring to you.

From today on, you take ownership of your destiny. Your days are magnificent. Each week, month, year and decade are bringing self-fulfillment.

Today you have decided to do all it takes to make your day the best day it can be.

You are controlling all you can control, such as your thoughts and habits, and you are not letting things you can’t control affect you – such as others people’s decisions or the weather. You find and look for the best in life, in a rainy day, in a tragedy. Each tragedy brings a handful of opportunities.

You give thanks and enjoy all the small things in life.

You are paying the price for all your desires

There are obstacles in the way, but you continue to be persistent until you get what you are looking for. You may change the route, but you are not changing your mind about your goal.

You have a burning desire to reach it and you are sacrificing everything you have to do so, except for your human relationships, your health and your integrity.

Each day is a step closer to your goal, and you continue stepping even though you have done 30,000 steps and your body can no longer do it. As long as you live, you stay strong for your dreams.

You are not getting distracted by human pleasures!

These habits will only delay your dreams. However, you are fulfilling your heart and living a life of transcendence. You know you are a special human being, and you are powerful in the hands of a Superior Power.

You are given what it takes every day to smile and to make people feel special.

You do this because you want to be treated the same way and love is reciprocated. You think that all you do is easy because, even when it’s not, you make it easy.

You forgive yourself and forgive others

You learn from the meditations you are doing from your mistakes and those of others

You set free the aggressors in your life and don’t let them hurt you again, because they don’t have any control over you.

By the end, when you turn back and see all the obstacles you have overcome, the wrong and right decisions you have made, the people you have helped, the people who have helped you, the positive changes you have made in this world and in people, the people whose lives you have changed because of your smile and all the dreams you have accomplished, you realize that your happiness is in your journey and all you are accomplishing is only the fruit that you have created.

Thankfully you return it to the world.

The food is the fuel for your body

Today you are exercising like never before, you feel the burn in your muscles, and your heart is beating fast. Adrenaline courses through your body and you get excited because you know you are doing something to change your body into a more efficient, powerful machine.

You meticulously choose the right foods, because you know your machine will perform only as well as the energy you are giving it.

Your brain, the computer that runs this machine, is the most powerful organ you have, and you know that. Therefore you take care of it by programing it with positive thoughts and positive information and reset it every day by giving it some quiet time.

You decide that today is a good day

You make your day better because you decide that today is the day when all the bad habits no longer have space in your life. You have decided to be independent of the destructive habits. your stress relief is coming from all the good things that are positively contributing to your life now and later.

When you feel that you cannot take it anymore, think about all your achievements. Think about the seed that you are planting for your future. Remember that less than 1% of people achieve their goals and you are part of the less than 1%.

You are special.

What can be done today, you are doing it. You have faith. Not an empty faith but a faith that is built in action, persistence, commitment, dedication, discipline and passion. You trust a Superior Power, not because you let him do everything for you, but because you know you are doing the right thing and This Power will support you

Your destiny is up to you.

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Know Your Motivation – The Key To Success

The real motivation

Before you start any weight loss or fitness program…Wait.

Wait at least until you find out your real motivation, the factor that will heighten your desire to continue no matter the consequences, where no excuse is strong enough to make you to stop, when you can sacrifice everything to succeed (except your health, human relations and integrity).

Are you willing to work for it?

If you ask people if they would like an athletic body, if they are honest, they probably will respond “yes.” However, the answer may depend on the motivation they have to work for their health.

Many don’t care about that athletic body, not because an attractive, healthy body is not fulfilling, but because they know they simply won’t pay the price to get it.

And that’s OK, not everyone has to have a nice, healthy body. Nevertheless, you are the one reading this article, and these words are directed to you.

Let me repeat myself: How strong is your desire to get in shape and lose weight, and what is your motivation?

Your incentive is what will determine if you will be successful or not.

Start your fitness, lifestyle changes or weight loss program with these questions:

– By doing “this,” is my health jeopardized?

– Can I do “this” for my whole life?

– Why do I want “this”?

First, I think health is indispensable. Therefore, no matter how promising a pill, diet, or caloric restriction or other program sounds, if your health is at risk, you’d better research other ways to get fit.

Be patient; usually we make the wrong choice because we want results right away.

Quality results come over time, not overnight

If you’re planning to get into a caloric restriction diet, are you going to have the same energy?

Can you exercise and yield the same results? Can you sustain the diet for life? Because you know as soon as you drop the diet you’re just going to gain the weight you lost.

Be realistic with your life changes

Back in the past when I was young, I used to drink, smoke, eat junk food and so on.  I was naïve. I did not know much about my future and my health.

It was not until I met my friend Dave, a bodybuilder. His body was so built that he stood apart from the rest of the guys.

I knew that I wanted to build the same body. My desire was to attract the opposite sex and “stand apart” from the rest. I stopped smoking and drinking. Junk food was not a concern for me from this point.

Once I achieved my goal three years later, my exercise goal was no longer to attract the opposite sex but to motivate people to achieve their goals. However, I knew only about exercise, not eating habits.

As I continued learning, I found out which foods are simply bad for people’s health. 

Now I had an incentive to stop eating junk food: my health.  I wanted to be healthy and avoid disease such as cancer, diabetes osteoporosis, leukemia … you name it.

The incentive

My incentive was so pleasurable and painful that I stopped drinking and smoking, spent 6 days at the gym even when I worked 16 hours a day and spent more money on organic and real foods.  There was no excuse.

In fact, I was in debt when I switched to organic.  I owed at least $6,000 and had no job and a broken car.  I sacrificed sleep, money, hobbies and beliefs to get to my goal.

Remember this, if you start any program without a real motivation, soon you will drop it, thereby wasting your time, money and effort.  So start your weight loss or fitness program with the right incentive in mind.

Find out your real motivation and keep it in mind until you get to your goal.  Think about the consequences of the program and make realistic lifestyle changes. Hey, your goal might change as you grow, but it will always be to improve. 

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