Carbondale Boot Camp

Whether you want to go skiing in Aspen, ride the Rio Grande Bike Trail or play 18 holes without using a cart, a Carbondale boot camp can get you ready for action. Boot camps can also help you lose weight, if that’s one of your goals. Some boot camps are specifically designed for specific fitness levels, for either beginners or physically fit people. Others are for people of varying fitness levels. Some camps focus on strength and endurance, while others may be more for weight loss. No matter what type of camp you attend, a personal trainer leads it, and uses very little, if any equipment.

The trainer identifies your level of fitness.

Regardless of the boot camp’s focus type, the personal trainer leading the group first assesses everyone’s level of fitness, including all muscle strengths and weaknesses. He or she then finds the goals of each person and checks to see if they have any special needs. Only then does the trainer design a workout program for each individual that challenges each person, but is still within the person’s capabilities.

You’ll get all the benefits of private sessions, but at a fraction of the cost.

Personal trainers do everything at boot camps that they would at private sessions, from designing individual plans to insuring each person does the exercises correctly. However, since everyone in the group shares the cost of the trainer’s time, you’ll only pay a fraction of what private sessions would cost, making boot camps a huge bargain.

You’ll learn exercises you can do at home.

Personal trainers use exercises at boot camps that require little or no equipment. They vary the exercises frequently, so you’ll never become bored. The trainer not only shows you how to do each exercise, he or she watches to insure you do it correctly, which prevents injury and maximizes the benefits of the exercise. You’ll have plenty of workouts to do at home after the boot camp ends.

Boot camps offer a great deal of camaraderie. Since everyone works out to their maximum capability, they understand how hard each goal is to reach. You’ll often hear cheers of encouragement and applause when someone accomplishes a particularly difficult goal.

Not only does the trainer design a program to match your fitness level, as you improve in fitness, the trainer adjusts the routine to reflect that improvement.

You’ll feel tired, but more refreshed after working out at a boot camp. Exercise helps counteract the hormones aggravated by stress and your body to produce the ones that make you feel good.

You’ll watch your muscles build faster and notice you have far more energy than you did previously. You’ll also see weight drop away rapidly.

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