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A Carbondale personal trainer may not be a miracle worker, but he or she can help you improve your fitness level so you can have more energy for fun. You’ll often find people are crankier as they age, while some blame it on life’s experiences, in many cases, it’s simply lack of energy or built up stress. Personal trainers can help you increase your energy to get more out of life, while also improving your spirits.

Trainers first identify your fitness level.

A personal trainer doesn’t use the same program for everyone. Instead, they first assess your fitness level, identify any weaknesses, learn about your goals and any special needs. Only then do they create a program specifically for you. Some people think they have to be fit to use a personal trainer. That’s simply not true. Trainers work with people of all fitness levels, from the couch potato to the seasoned gym visitor.

The trainer may help you improve dietary habits, if it’s necessary.

Not everyone needs to lose weight, but everyone does require healthy eating habits to feel his or her best. Personal trainers can help guide you to a healthier lifestyle, through exercise and healthy food choices. You may learn simple tricks to cut calories or add extra nutrients to your diet. For instance, seasoning food with herbs and spices and baking them rather than frying them, can lower calories. Herbs and spices add extra vitamins and minerals, which improve your health, with very few calories.

You’ll burn off stress and improve your disposition.

Stress stimulates the brain to create hormones necessary to run or fight. It’s the flight or fight response. It was important when people lived in jungles or forests, facing predators and needing to run from danger. These instincts don’t prove useful today when the stress comes from traffic, angry customers, or a slow computer. The hormones created then become dangerous because we don’t respond to them by running or fighting. They make changes that cause harm to our body. Not only does vigorous exercise release stress hormones, it stimulates the brain to create hormones that make you feel good, such as dopamine and endorphins.

You’ll have more endurance after exercising a while, to start doing the fun things of life.

Your health will improve. A healthy diet and regular exercise can improve or reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis, as well as many other serious conditions.

You’ll sleep better at night and that alone can make you less grumpy.

You’ll look and feel years younger. While the calendar may show you’re a specific age, your body won’t realize it.

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