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Are you tired of the yo-yo weight loss syndrome that often occurs when people attempt to lose weight, only to regain it and more after they quit dieting? A Carbondale weight loss expert can help get you on track to lose weight faster and keep it from returning. Many of these experts are personal trainers that help you make lifestyle changes so you’ll never have to diet again.

Losing weight requires you to consume fewer calories than you burn.

The concept of weight loss may not be difficult but losing weight certainly can be. Your body needs have a bigger caloric output than input. Personal trainers design an exercise program to help you burn more calories. Not only are you increasing the calories you burn while you’re exercising, you’re also building muscle tissue, which burns additional calories whether you’re exercising or not. Muscle tissue requires more calories.

You’ll learn a new way of eating.

Changing your eating habits to healthy ones doesn’t mean you’ll be dieting. Dieting doesn’t work. Not only does it leave you feeling deprived, it also ends, either in success or failure. You then go back to your old eating habits that put weight on in the first place. Healthier eating doesn’t leave you feeling hungry. In fact, many people find they eat more and never feel deprived. The trainer may show you small changes that you can make that can reduces calories, such as using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream or poaching eggs instead of frying them. He or she may show you how to change recipes to make them lower in calories, but are still quite delicious. You’ll make dietary changes that last a lifetime, so you’ll never have to be on another diet for the rest of your life.

Personal trainers create exercise programs specifically for you.

A trainer first assesses your present fitness level, including identifying any weaker muscle groups. He or she then finds out your goals and any special needs. If you don’t have specific goals, the trainer may help you create achievable ones. Only then does the personal trainer design a program that challenges you but is still within your ability. You’ll work hard, but you’ll also see success relatively quickly.

Exercise can help you sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep can reduce the desire to eat sugary treats to help you stay more alert.

Exercise is a stress buster. It helps to reduce the hormones created by stress linked to abdominal fat. Stress can also be a cause of overeating or consuming higher calorie comfort foods.

You’ll feel fantastic when you exercise. Exercise stimulates hormones that make you feel good, such as endorphins.

You’ll have more energy to do more activities, which also burn more calories to keep you thin.

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