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Avoid Getting Old And Stay Young

My job as a professional trainer is not only to design programs, improve eating habits and count repetitions. Part of my job and the greatest challenge of my profession is to find out what will drive you to reach your goal.  Let’s put it this way, if everyone had the same excitement that they have about the Broncos going to the super bowl about their health, everyone would be healthy.  However, the Super Bowl is fun, exercise and eating healthy for many is not and it requires some effort.

My goal in every meeting is to find out how and why your health is important. Your intensity of exercise and the time you put into eating healthy will vary depending on the importance of your goal.  Once you understand how important health is, how it contributes to your happiness, and how to maintain it, the rest becomes less difficult.

Goals are different for a person who is 20 years of age compared to someone who is in their 50s.  While many of us exercise because we want to look great, the older we get the more we understand the importance of exercise in our lives.  Many middle-aged people exercise because they want to avoid injuries, avoid aches, build strength and control a disease.  What motivates this age group may be reasons like, staying healthy and strong for their significant other, to enjoy their grandchildren or simply they want to enjoy life to the fullest.

As many of you know, there are many levels of exercise. Chewing your food could be considered an exercise.  For many walking and yoga are exercises.  Others, need to run, hike, or swim to get adequate exercise and some need weight lifting.  While all are exercises, all have different levels of difficulty and work difference systems in our bodies.  Depending on your goal, there is an appropriate exercise you should practice.

The truth is that we are all getting old.  That is the beauty of life.  The only way to stay young is by knowing how to cope with stress, eat healthy, exercise and be happy. We lose muscle mass, stroke volume, flexibility, and bone density everyday as we age and the older we are the faster we lose all these.  However, exercise does decrease the loss of all these nutrients in our body by adding it as we are losing it.

The questions are, what is more painful, exercising or getting old fast? Not being able to enjoy life or putting a little more effort into our health?  Becoming dependent on someone (relying on the mercy of others) or exercise?  I can’t answer these questions for you.  I know what I want.

If you are reading this column it means that you care about your health.  You might already doing something to improve your health or you are thinking about doing something positive to improve your health. You may have enough knowledge to do it on your own or you may need guidance.  Maybe you are doing something, what I call imperfect action, but you want to know what can you improve or what will challenge you even more. The point is to take action.

Many Of Your Health Problems Are Not Genetic But A Lifestyle

Many Of Your Health Problems Are Not Genetic But A Lifestyle


“Permanent weight loss is a process not an event. It is a lifestyle,” I stated, as my client attentively listened.  “You need to change your life.  Acknowledge you’re your negative habits and change them one by one. Don’t rush into changing everything. That won’t work…  You’ll probably be overwhelmed and fail. Find the most important bad habits and modify them bit by bit.”

“But I have problem,” she protested. “I have diabetes, so it’s really difficult for me to lose weight.”

But I countered with research:  “Let me explain. Many diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, and many types of cancer, develop due to our lifestyles. Gaining weight is NOT the cause of the disease but instead a secondary factor of the bad habits we may acquire over the years.”  She smiled but didn’t look convinced.  I continued, “Don’t get me wrong, weight loss still important. Once we lose weight, we have healthier articulations, increased self-esteem, more energy and fewer injuries. Nonetheless, weight loss is not the solution to your diabetes problem. The solution to your diabetes problems is your LIFESTYLE. Therefore, don’t concentrate on weight loss, but the changes you are going to make on your life. Just as your lifestyle put you where you are, changes in it will help you become healthy. Weight loss will be a secondary effect of your new healthy lifestyle.” I had her attention now.  I finished with: “You can achieve permanent weight loss if you change your lifestyle to a healthier one and, at the same time, you will beat diabetes too. Once again, your concentration should be focus on the changes you need to make on your life, not in a scale; that it will come alone.”

She smiled a more sincere smile now and said, “Well, it does make sense. Now I understand why my aunt who is coming to Custom Body Fitness has actually overcome diabetes. She is taking care of herself by exercising, eating more healthily, and dealing with stress better. By the way, she told me that you even recommended that she meditate and face her thoughts and she told me that has being working great for her,” my client suddenly frowned, “But what about if diabetes is hereditary?”

Many researches now show nothing is genetically programmed. A person may have a predisposition to a condition or disease, but a predisposition does not mean a predetermination. In other words, you make be susceptible to diabetes and your percentage of developing diabetes may be higher than other individuals. However, for you to actually develop the disease, you need to practice certain unhealthy behaviors for many years. In the case of diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle and eating processed and refined foods and sugars will set you down the wrong path.”

“Got it,” she answered, “so I can defeat my problem and stay healthy even though I have a predisposition. All I have to do is change my lifestyle. I will kill two birds with one stone, defeat diabetes and weight loss.  When can I begin?”

“The soon the better,” I smiled and signed her up for the next session.

Is Pain A Sign Of A Chronic Injury?

As humans we have an unconscious mechanism that makes us run from pain. This affects a lot of our decisions. For example, a child who touches fire gets burned and learns not to touch it again. But the fear of pain can also make people stop achieving their dreams or refuse to take a risk for a better life.

It is typical that as a child we learn that to avoid getting burned we should not touch fire. However, as we grow we can make more informed decisions. For example, if our loved ones are in danger and we can save them only by crossing a layer of fire, we will get burned to do it. We are willing to go through the pain of being burned to avoid the pain of losing our loved ones.

It is very important to understand pain and discomfort if we want to have a better life — we must accept some pain to avoid a bigger pain.

For instance, the other day a woman came to me because she needed help. She said that she had been trying to lose weight as long as she can remember. I always listen attentively to my clients to understand their stories. She told me about what she thought were injuries.

I noticed that she had some beliefs about chronic injuries and regular activity (mild) injuries. A chronic injury is a serious problem like a joint dislocation while a regular activity injury is minor problem like a muscle spasm. A dislocation might require surgery and could affect a person for life. A muscle spasm is only a problem until the muscle releases, though that could be as long as two months.

She told me about her ankle injury, her back injury, her shoulder injury and her knee pain. She was telling me that each time she starts an activity such as dancing or biking she gets injured, and she backs off from physical activities within two weeks.

After she told me about all her injuries, she started to tell me about the discomforts from not exercising, such as knee pain when she climbs steps, difficulty getting up from a chair and other daily tasks.

She told me the story of her dad. Her dad is over 90, and he is completely independent. He exercises and stretches every day. He is in a nursing home. While he can perform physical tasks independently, his peers are using canes, chairs or walkers, even though some of them are younger than him.

She can see the suffering of these older adults, and she does not want to go through the same life, yet she feels that she is reaching that point in her 60s.

As I listened to her story I concluded that she was afraid of pain, and any pain she had she perceived to be an injury. I told her what I thought, and she started to make conclusions about what her dad and her sister (a fitness instructor) told her, which was the same message.

While it is smart to pay attention to pains that can lead to chronic injuries, it is also true that many pains are normal or may lead to only a mild injury.

For example, I had a client who had a lot of knee pain, and he went to see his doctor, who determined that he had some cartilage loose from an old car accident. On the other hand, I had another client who had a lot of knee pain, and she went to see therapists, doctors, chiropractors and orthopedists and never found anything wrong. Then we discovered that the only reason she had pain was because she had tight knees. As soon as she started stretching, the pain was gone.

I have been exercising for 17 years now. I have had many ailments — back injuries where I could barely walk or stand up out of a chair, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain — and I always recuperate with no chronic issues. The only chronic problem I had was when I dislocated my knee by playing with my friends in Mexico, and after that I never had a chronic injury in the gym.

In other words, there are pains that we need to pay attention to that tell us there is something wrong with our body. However, there many other pains (not soreness) that we need to go through to continue improving our quality of life, which is something active people understand.

Running away from all pain may not be the smartest option we have. There are pains that are telling us that there is something wrong, and there are pains that are stopping us from becoming better.

Balancing Your Life To Be Happy

I’m going to reveal to you a secret that has made a big difference in my life. Since I have applied it, I have been happy, and my life has been running smoothly.

Back in the past I lived like many people. I thought I was happy. I lied to myself, just like many people do. I became accustomed to an average life. I never asked more of myself, and I never stood up for my real beliefs. I never researched the truth. I let others think for me. I was comfortable because everyone around me lived the same way. No one helped me to understand I was a mediocre person, and I later concluded that their beliefs were limited to themselves; therefore, they could not believe in me as well.

Then I decided to change my life and not look back. I noticed that many people are not happy, but just as it was for me, they think they’re happy. They live under stress, and they never seem to catch up. They are saving money, paying bills, paying their mortgage, hoping that one day they can retire, not enjoying their life fully.

I don’t blame them. I was there one day. However, I’m happy I had a realization when I was 28 instead of 40. Since then I have applied the next secret I’m going to reveal to you. Before I tell you, I don’t want you to think that I’m the only person who practices it. People who are icons in our society have done it and are great examples of its effectiveness. Tony Robbins is one.

I divide my life in categories, and I prioritize them accordingly. Your categories and priorities do not need to be like mine. Your find your priorities, and you can segregate your life as you want. However, be realistic and understand that the human being has needs to be met, and if you don’t meet those needs, you will always be stressed.

Make sure you always check on your categories by making sure you are seeing results in each one.


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

–Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Before my change I did not have a spiritual practice. Sometimes I went to church because I felt forced to. I felt guilty, and I knew I was wrong the way I was living. Therefore, I wanted to compensate by going to church. Instead of focusing on what the priest was saying, I had negative thoughts in my head. When it was time to give my charity, I would carefully get 2 dollars out of my pocket to show others that I was cooperating with 2 bills that actually were very hard to give. I would get out of church as fast as possible and drive away fast, cutting people off and cursing inside my head.

Now I make sure I have a list I follow every day. God is not practiced in church only but in my life everywhere and at any time. I pray every day, and I’m grateful about all I have. I meditate every day, I listen to people’s needs, I help when people need my help, and contribute at least 10% of my income to charities that are helping the environment, humans and animals.


My family was very dysfunctional. Having a heavily alcoholic mother that was lost in alcohol and a dad who left my mom when she was pregnant, I had no role model to follow. I was lost for many years until I understood that our family does contribute to our happiness and success.

I’m not married yet, but I make sure I’m there when my brother needs me, and I make sure I make time to spend with my significant other every day. We have a ritual that we follow every Friday, no matter how busy or tired I am. We go out to eat, and Saturday we do something fun. I treat my animals like I’m never going to see them again. I play with them, and I walk them every day.


When you are not improving, you are declining. This is true for mental and physical health. Even when we think that we are maintaining, by walking and eating somewhat healthily, we are declining. This is what aging does. Therefore, health needs a constant awareness. You can’t be negligent about this area. If you don’t take care of your health, you can’t focus, think clearly, stay awake or give your best.

I make sure I exercise every day by lifting weights and running. I used to hike often, but now that my dogs are injured I opt for running at 5 a.m. I choose my foods carefully by eating at home and don’t eat out often. I invest money in my foods by buying the cleanest foods I can find. I read books that are going to help me progress. I control my thoughts every day, and I choose what I think. I control my thoughts instead of my thoughts controlling me.


Nothing is more bizarre than focusing on money just for the money itself, sacrificing my peace, my family and my health. I used to do that, and it did not help me.

Now I improve my value not by the money I make, but by the person who I become to make myself valuable enough to make more. A challenge to improve and learn more every day is on my daily list. I read every day, I watch seminars, I sign up for workshops, and I experiment with new ideas. It’s the same as with health: When we are not improving we are declining. Therefore, it is important to push yourself to continue progressing in your profession.


Money used to be my focus, and it was the reason I worked. It paid for my car and made it faster, got me cool clothes, and allowed me to party all night, drink, eat out and have fun.

Now money is not my focus. It helps me progress; help people, the environment and animals; and even hire people to continue giving the best service in town. I make sure I save at least 10% of my income, and I invest the rest in food, learning, my family and my freedom. I do this every time I get paid.

What would happen if I put all my focus on my spiritual health: Would my finances suffer? Or my health? Or my family?

What if I focused only on working? Would my health suffer? Would I lose peace in my spiritual area? What about my health? What is more valuable: making a couple more dollars or keeping my family united or myself healthy?

When you take the time to divide your life into categories, you can take care of them every day, week or month by checking how are you doing in each area instead of thinking that you need to exercise, work, pay attention to your wife, play with your kids, cook tonight, save money for your next house, go to church, help the charity cause this week, take a course, find a workout buddy and the rest.

You can focus on only one of your categories: spiritual, family, health, profession and finances. Just make sure that you go back and check every day, week or month that you are on track in all areas. Otherwise, your life may be stressful.

The Science Of Your Habits

Neurons are the nervous system’s cells.  They are in the brain and all over the nervous system, of course.  They send signals to and from the brain.  I learned that these neurons have connections that are either strengthening or weakening.

Let me further explain.  Any time we experience a significant amount of pain or pleasure our brain searches for the source and stores it in order to continue making decisions accordingly.  This is the reason we make many of the same choices every day such as drinking, exercising, partying, watching TV, reading, and eating some particular foods.  In other cases we avoid particular behaviors.

Every time we make a choice and repeat it, we subconsciously make a neuro association based on our emotions on a consistent basis.  When we make these decisions continuously we strengthen a particular neuro connection.  For example, the need to drink coffee every morning can be associated with the feeling of waking up, which can give us some level of pleasure.  This behavior strengthens the neuro connection each morning we opt to drink coffee.

The reason it is so difficult to drop old habits and we relapse often into them is because the neuro connections are so strong.  Here two events need to happen before we can drop an old habit and develop a new one.  We need to make the neuro connection of the old habit weak, and we need to strengthen the neuro connection of the new habit.

Let’s say for example that you have the habit of stopping at a convenience store to get your breakfast every day. You’re buying ultraprocessed foods, and you’ve been doing this for years.  The neuro connections become so strong that even if you decided not to do it again and to start making breakfast at home and exercise, you will relapse because of the strength of the neuro connections.

However, you have started a pattern, and if you continue making breakfast, someday the temptation to buy ultraprocessed foods will no longer be strong because you are weakening the connection of the old habit and strengthening the connection of the new habit.

Once again, the neuro connections of the old habit are becoming weak, and the connections of the new habit are becoming strong.

When you feel that you want to give up and drop your exercise program and continue eating the wrong foods, think again.  Everyone who wants to change their habits has relapses.  Keep in mind the neuro connection theory and understand that your old habit neuro connections will become weak and your new habit neuro connections will be strong enough someday. Your new choice will become easy.  Keep persisting.

Fix All Your Problems By Applying This Advice

Suffering changed my life for the better. I would not change for anything the pain I went through that put me in depression. Thanks to this pain I understand the world and other people. This does not mean that I am enlightened or that I know it all. It means that I understand that pain exists and all of us experience it in one way or another.

The moment when I fell into depression was not a coincidence or fate. The truth was that it was the result of the wrong decisions I made throughout my life. Since then I have been very careful about the decisions I make because I know they could affect my future.

Seven years have gone by since then. Thanks to many of the good decisions I have made, I am in a better place than before by improving all areas of my life. I am financially free, I am healthy, I have good relationships, I have control over my emotions, I love my profession — I usually have good results in all areas.

However, I also made many mistakes in my younger years. While many of the results of those mistakes may not be felt right away, they show up a couple of years later. I am going through an emotional problem because of one of those mistakes, and it’s one of the first real problems I’ve had since I changed my life.

Also, around 2 years ago, both of my dogs had accidents where both needed immediate surgery. I suffered emotionally and financially. I had to pay around $8,000 for both surgeries, which is acceptable when it’s concerning my family. However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t affect my wallet.

These are two small examples of negative events that have affected in my life; one was caused by me, and the other was not.

The farmer can neglect his crops and won’t get anything, or he can plant thistle seeds instead of pumpkin seeds. A farmer who plants his crops and takes care of them is mostly getting a return. But a hailstorm can destroy his crops.

Studying history, my life and the lives of many of my members led me conclude that there are two types of results: those that we consciously or unconsciously cause and those unexpected ones that life brings us. The decisions we make daily will cause results in the future. For example, eating healthily every day and exercising will help prevent diseases created by bad habits and will keep us in shape with a healthy body weight. Another example is if we invest our money instead of buying useless or unneeded stuff we will have more money and we will save resources, making this earth a better place with less waste and pollution.

On the other hand, if we start eating junk food and being sedentary, we can develop a metabolic or cardiac disease, gain weight, get osteoporosis or cancer, become weak and age faster. If we spend our money unconsciously, we can go broke and have more useless things to take care of and pollute the earth with. So nothing happens overnight, and there is no quick fix for the bad decisions we have made. We often repeat decisions continuously and for such long periods of time that we see negative results only when we wonder when our life is going to change. These negative results have been repeating for years yet we ignore them until we finally get tired. Then, when we are ready to fix them, we are looking for a quick fix. For example, being overweight usually is from all the bad habits accumulated from our parents’ lives and how we have lived our lives. All the years of bad decisions accumulate in being fat and out of shape. When people want their problem fixed — in this case, being overweight — they want to take pills, do a quick diet or undergo surgery. None of that will resolve the real problem, because the person will usually continue making the wrong decisions he was making in the first place.

The only solution to fix many years of mistakes or making the wrong choices is by starting over right now — start to make the right decisions immediately. Of course we want to see results next week. However, it will take more than a week to see the results that we are looking for. Why would we expect to fix a problem caused by more than ten years of wrong decisions in one week? It takes effort and discipline to get fast results, and even then we will have to invest a couple of years to see real results.

The other type of negative results are those that are beyond our control. Not long ago in Mexico City there was an earthquake that destroyed part of the city. This natural disaster affected people with good habits, people with bad habits, hard workers, lazy people … It affected everyone. What did the hard-working people do to deserve this? Nothing. This is the type of world we live in. For example, when I changed my life and became a better person, I did not do anything that I think was wrong to make my animals suffer. However, it did happen. These are examples of disaster that can happen to anyone.

In other words, we have control over many of the negative results we are experiencing today in our life, community, country and planet by the daily choices we are making. The only way to fix these problems is by starting to make better choices and being patient waiting for the results that will take years to realize. On the other hand, there are events that we don’t have control over like accidents, other people’s decisions and the weather that may bring negative results to our lives.

Taking control over the decisions we are making today to have good results is the best solution I can think of for the first type of negative results. I used to have negative results in almost every area of my life because of the decisions I made. After understanding life, I starting making better decisions, and now I have a lot more positive results than I ever had before. This is also what I have seen with our members at Custom Body Fitness.

For the second type of negative results all I do is deal with the consequences, forget about my loss and just work with what I have and continue moving forward.

Being Honest With Yourself Will Help You With Anxiety

When I watch movies, I usually like to watch movies that offer a life lesson and move my heart, movies that make me cry, think or get excited. It’s been a while since I watched Traffic. There are three stories in the movie. One of them is about a politician trying to change the world by fighting drug dealers and Mexican drug trafficking. But what he did not do was pay attention to his family. Therefore, his daughter got into drugs. He did not understand what was going on, and his daughter’s problem got worse. One day he was giving a speech, and he noticed he was being dishonest with himself. That moment is when he understood that to fight drugs and to change the world he needed to start with his family.

My job is to improve other people’s lives. This is the only way they can lose weight permanently. I look for patterns they can change and how they can change them, and I think I have this ability thanks to being honest with myself. Now I always think about the message I learned from Traffic: The only way I can improve people’s lives is by improving myself. Start the change with me and then with those closest to me.

I find my mistakes and work on them. There is no way I can be better without finding my mistakes. Improving myself has not been easy. Recognizing all the mistakes I have made is hard because it’s painful, but there is no better way to learn and help others. That does not mean that I have to make mistakes to get better, but we all are going to make mistakes. Once again, the hardest part of this is recognizing it, then being true to yourself and others.

When we decide to be better, we can help others to be better because they know that we are genuine. In addition, the action of helping others gives us the courage to work to become a better person. It is a cycle that helps improve everything around us. We help ourselves, we help others and in turn we help the world.

One of the ways I find out that I have made a mistake is because I have anxiety. For example, if I have an argument with a close relative and I don’t feel comfortable afterwards, I feel anxious. That means that there is something wrong. These types of issues accumulate over time. This is why many people feel anxious as well, an accumulation of events that they aren’t proud of.  While many people opt to drink, overeat, shop, party, watch TV or do drugs, I opt to go back and recall the argument to find out if I made a mistake, which most likely I did, which is why I felt uncomfortable.

After I find my mistake, I get desperate to fix it. Therefore, I take immediate action by asking forgiveness or by doing what I should have done in the first place. Once my mistake is fixed or I have done everything I can to pay back my trespass, all my anxiety goes away. This process causes me discomfort, which teaches me a lesson, so next time I make better choices.

It is hard to be around someone that you don’t like. This is one of the reasons people choose bad behaviors and are high, drunk, drugged or disconnected from the world — because they don’t like themselves.

I believe to improve oneself we must like ourselves, and the only way to like ourselves is by being completely honest with our feelings and true to ourselves no matter the consequences or losses that we are going to experience when we take the right action for everyone. No one likes a liar or someone whom can’t we trust. Why then would I like myself if I am a liar and can’t trust myself to do the right thing?

There is no way we can give money away if we don’t have it, and the same is true for love, knowledge and understanding. We also can’t save someone from drowning if we don’t know how to swim.  If we want to give peace we must be in peace. To help others improve their lives we must improve our own. One step to accomplish that is being true to yourself and accepting your mistakes to better yourself.

Your Biggest Limitations Are Your Beliefs

Myths are popular in our society. There are myths about money, ghosts, cars, science … and, of course, exercise and food. Myths are beliefs that are not true. Obviously, if myths are not true, but people believe them, they can become a barrier. Any person can believe a myth, from your neighbor to a professional with a high-level degree. This could be one of the reasons why myths are so popular and can make people powerless.

Since I hear many myths about exercise and food, I’m going to uncover some of them in this article:

  • Weight lifting makes women big. No, eating the wrong foods make women big. The reality is that women have 95% less testosterone than men. Testosterone is a muscle-building booster, and it is unique to men. I have at least 80 female clients, and many of them lift heavy weights. Many of them started lifting weights being afraid to “grow big.” The more they lift the smaller they become, and their muscle tone improves. I have not come across any women yet who grow big muscles (maybe they don’t take any testosterone).


  • High repetitions will tone muscles. High repetitions will waste your time. After 20 repetitions, your muscles are not challenging themselves. They have no resistance to work against anymore. The only thing that they are doing is building lactic acid. Therefore, if you want to see results, lower repetitions and more weight will help tone your muscles.


  • Lactic acid makes the body sore. Lactic acid is a sign that your body has no more fuel and needs to remove waste. Soreness comes from a microscopic tear of the muscle. When you have these tears, it means that you have challenged your muscles, and your body needs to rebuild them, making more live tissue. You spend energy making this process happen, hence burning more calories. Anyway, the microscopic tear makes you sore, not lactic acid.


  • Cardiovascular training is all I need to tone my body. Cardiovascular training will help you lose weight and in fact is a great contributor to that. However, it may burn some muscle as it’s burning fat along the way. Cardiovascular training works the heart, lungs and blood vessels. To tone muscles, muscles need to be built, and any strength training will do that, such as weight lifting and rock climbing.


  • Sugars will make me fat. Refined sugars — those removed from their natural state — will make you fat. However, sugars that are in a natural state, such as those in fruits and vegetables, will contribute to your weight loss. Fruits and vegetables are low in sugar and high in water. Plus, their sugars are naturally made, and the body breaks them down differently compared to the processed or refined ones. Also, processed sugars and refined sugars are very high in calories, while fruit and vegetable calories are low. In addition, fruits and vegetables have all kinds of vitamins and minerals with benefits, while refined and processed sugars have only calories.


  • I should not eat late at night. Not eating late at night will make you overeat when you give up. What makes people gain weight is not the time of ingestion, it is the type of foods people snack on. And usually they snack on junk food during the night in front of the TV. The body burns calories 24/7/365 days. This does not mean that you must eat at night, but you set up a healthy schedule that allows you to eat at night if you need to.


  • Carbohydrates make me gain weight. If you don’t eat carbohydrates, you will be a zombie all day. This myth is the same as the sugar myth. It is very important to understand that carbohydrates are good for the body. However, there are so many processed carbohydrates that people eat that make them gain weight that they tend to blame all carbohydrates for the cause. If you get bitten by one dog that does not mean that all dogs are aggressive. Not all people from the same nation have the same habits. Choose the right carbohydrates to have energy during the day.


  • I’m not drinking mixed alcoholic drinks. Instead, I’ll drink plain drinks. Drinking one drink will make it easy for you to drink two, three and so on. There are 9 calories in one gram of fat, 4 in one gram of protein or carbohydrates, and 7 calories in one gram of alcohol. Alcohol has empty calories. What does that mean? It means that when you eat protein obviously you are getting protein and some minerals, such as iron. Carbohydrates have all kinds of minerals and vitamins that are too many to list. In contrast, in alcohol there is nothing other than calories with no benefit to your body.

I recommend that you research the topic that you are most interested in and find out more about myths. My goals is to help you take some obstacles down, so you get to your goals more quickly and easily.

How to be successful in your weight loss!

How many times have you started a weight loss program or a new diet and gave up in the first few weeks or within a month? If you are like the rest of us I would imagine that it has happened on more than one occasion. I can’t help but wonder what your thoughts were behind the actions that you took. So many times we have tried to make changed in your lifestyle and they just don’t stick. I always wondered why this was the case. Why did I give up so quickly? Below is a great video to help you set up your mind and become successful in your weight loss once and for all. 

Weight Loss Or An Attractive Body?

When I was  traveling recently on  my holiday break, when  people asked me what I do, I told them that I make  people’s lives happier by helping them lose weight and be healthier.

Most people with whom I talked had a point of view about weight loss, and some others wanted advice.  Some told me that Zumba, running, shakes, or diets are effective for weight loss. But what really got my attention was that these people were overweight and out of shape.  If all those great ideas really worked, why weren’t these people really doing them? Go figure.

A paradigm is a belief about what the world is like. You can tell what people believe by watching what they do, because they always behave consistently with their deeply held belief.  It is not necessarily what they say they believe, but what they really believe that counts.

While is true that many of the methods people mentioned work, what is important is to take into consideration that people need to be consistent and do them regularly.

“Weight loss can be simple,” I explained to some of my fellow travelers.   “But I don’t recommend focusing merely on weight loss. My clients and I get healthy results and toned bodies using varied routines and techniques.  None of the methods people list works alone.  I could be wrong, but it seems to me that people don’t want to lose weight just for the sake of losing weight since they often end up with a sloppy body when they are only focused on the scale. The reality is that they want to look their best and hopefully amazing. They want legs and arms toned, flat abs, a nice straight back, and overall an attractive body.  This is where my being an expert comes in. I give my clients all the techniques, routines, motivation, and encouragement they need to get the results that they are looking for.

No one I had a conversation with on my trip mentioned weight lifting as being important for weight loss, but a large part of my fitness plan is weight lifting for people of all ages and body types.  It surprises me that many people are not aware of the importance of weight lifting. Let me enumerate a few of the benefits.  It lifts the gluts, tones arms and legs, makes flat abs, and makes the waist look smaller and over all shapes the body and increase the metabolic rate among other benefits. It also prevents bone loss in older men and women, which helps them stay agile and fit.

So I recommend getting a weight lifting plan incorporated into your weight loss program.  You will notice the difference after two weeks.  But don’t forget to be consistent.  Persistence pays off.