I Am Obsessive Compulsive (OCD). Do I Need A Psychiatrist?

When I was young I liked to play video games. Back in the day when Nintendo was the new toy I played a game that is called Mega Man. I loved that game. It had different levels and bosses to defeat. This is one of the reasons why I used to wake up in the morning. If I could, I would play all morning, I would take a break to eat and go back to play until dark or until I was tired enough to go to sleep.

Even though the game was fun, I was defeated many times and I needed to repeat a mission and I spend hours doing it. I think the difficulty made it even more fun.

When I learned how to drive, I was the same way. I am from a very poor family. We had no money for shoes, so a car was an unreachable dream. Therefore, I started hanging out with people who work as drivers. I bugged them and get on their nerves until they taught me how to drive.

When I decided to get in shape, I was obsessively exercising until I reached my goal. When I was learning English, I read, wrote and practice until I could communicate. When there is a problem I don’t stop until I find a solution. When I find something I want, I don’t stop until I get it.

This is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

My level of commitment with myself is to the point that I will succeed or fail. For example, starting a business and signing a commercial lease is either all in or all out. I either sign the lease or walk out, but I don’t do it half way. I get into debt and deliver results to my clients and whether I succeed or I fail and pay the debt. When I know I am going to become obsessive to make something work, all I need to do is commit and take massive action to achieve my goal. I am extreme.

Those who I have seen achieve their dreams, are happy and have changed the world, are those who are OCD and are committed to their dreams because just like the video game, real life will bring difficulties and will defeat us, hurt us and plan something different than we have planned. We are going to fail, suffer, but when we are not willing to give up and continue moving forward with passion, the world has a unique way to make our dreams come true.

This is one of the reasons why only less than 5% of people can lose weight and maintain a healthy body for the rest of their lives. This is the reason why only less than 5% of people love their career. This is why only 5% of people continue progressing in making changes in their lives and other lives.

I have been rejected, mistreated and humiliated. Nobody likes to be rejected, mistreated or humiliated, especially humiliated, but those are the risks I am willing to take to learn and grow and become stronger. I won’t stop until I reach my goal.

I honestly think the biggest reason why many people can’t reach their fitness goals or any other goal is because of life’s difficulties. The key to overcoming life’s difficulties and to becoming fulfilled is to be obsessive compulsive, be extreme and be committed until the end. When I fail I don’t regret because I know I gave it my all and when I succeed I know that I am part of the less than 5%.

Embrace Your Pain

Today is a new day. I have learned that to live to the fullest and avoid suffering, I have to let go of the past and forget about what it used to be. I have to plan my future, and not expect that everything comes as I expected. In other words, I can only live in the present. One day at a time.

That I should always do my best to expect the best, to stop making excuses, accept my mistakes and take responsibility for all that happens in my life, to let life happen and let time uncover the reasons why things happened. Like Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking back.”

Mistakes bring pain, losses bring pain, risk brings pain, trying brings pain.  But if we don’t make mistakes, we don’t learn; if we don’t lose it means we don’t make mistakes; if we don’t risk, we don’t make mistakes; if we don’t try, we don’t risk. To become better everyday we must try, risk, make mistakes and lose. Therefore, pain is inevitable and it is needed to continue progressing which leads to happiness.

I have experienced two types of pain, physical and emotional. Physical pain I am very used to. I know it will go away soon. It is only a discomfort of my body telling me that I hurt it, but it will heal. It will only take time.

Emotional pain is a little more complicated for me. It is hard to fail and start over, to realize that my life will not be the same because of my loss. Emotional pain brings me to my knees, it makes me cry and ask God for forgiveness. It makes me ask God for his wisdom to understand this pain. It makes me a better person. It makes me humble. It makes me human. It makes me understand others. It teaches me that I still have more to learn about life.

I have noticed that only people who transcend are capable of embracing high levels of pain. Martin Luther King is an example. He went to jail for months for doing what is right. His life and his family’s lives were threatened many times. Living everyday wondering when and where another bomb was going to detonate and always leaving his family behind because of his high purpose in life.

Gandhi is another great example, walking for more than 500 miles to free his people from unjust laws. He fasted many times, almost to death to help his people to do the right thing. Giving all his material things and sourcing by only necessary means. 

Mother Teresa also sacrificed her comfortable life to help others. Without support and resources she was begging for food to help the needy. She was rejected so many times and she never gave up.

Jesus also suffered. The thought of him knowing the pain he had to go through that I’m sure was pure agony. He knew he was about to get whipped almost to death, and then he needed to carry his cross, nailed and crucified, exposed in the sun, hungry and thirsty while many people were laughing under his feet.

I notice that to achieve something extraordinary, I must become extraordinary and to become extraordinary, I must endure pain and discomfort. The good thing is that pain is not here to stay and will leave some day. It may last hours, days, months or years, but one day it will be gone and I will be better, stronger, wiser and more skillful.

My life will be average like many others if I am not willing to risk and try, but great achievements come from great endurance. Therefore, I am willing to continue moving forward and not give up on my dreams, because with God I can overcome any difficulty. Today I am a better person thanks to the pain that I am living and pains that I have overcome. I am living today for what I have and for who I am. The past is in the past, and the future is not here. Consequently, I am living my present like there is no future or past, doing my best.

Your Personal Argument

“This is hard.”

“No, you can do this.”

“You know you can stop anytime you want. You are making yourself uncomfortable.”

“Yes, but I have done this before.”

“You don’t have to prove to anyone that you can do it.”

“Yes, but I want to prove it to myself and I want to be in shape.”

This is the argument I had in my head last Friday when I was training with one of Custom Body Fitness’ member. I was doing step ups. I like to put myself in my clients’ shoes to feel the same they feel, so on Fridays, I enjoy the group training.

It came to me that many people give in to their negative thoughts. They don’t like discomfort, and often their negative thoughts are stronger than their positive thoughts.

Why some people are more susceptible to giving up and don’t give their best in training sessions? The discomfort that we all feel during workouts really bothers some people and not others.   Some see the discomfort as negative pain, while people with positive outlooks, concentrate on this discomfort as progress.

It may also be that many people have been fed negative thoughts most of their life and those govern they brain, unlike the optimistic, who have been fed positive thoughts.

These personal habits of negative thinking that make people fail can be changed, though such adjustment in attitude cannot be altered overnight. It requires an effort and sacrifice from individuals. I call it sacrifice because many people do not want to leave their unchallenging habits or environments, which can include TV and even friends who contribute negativity to their lives.

I know is difficult to change, because not that long ago, I was on that negative road.   These days, however, every time that I discover a negative contributor to my life, I change it, and , magic happens: I feel good about myself, I see that I am further towards my life and fitness goals.

This attitude adjustment is a factor that will help you succeed or fail in your fitness journey. Find your thoughts and find out how you perceive the worlds. This is an important step for your fitness success.

Develop Your Persistence By Following These Steps

Many people want results the so-called easy way. They buy pills or “exercise belts,” follow promising fad diets, get into hormone programs or other outfits that promise the moon with no effort from the person. While many of these ways to lose weight come with negative side effects, they may help you lose weight but in unhealthy ways: You lose muscle mass, carbohydrates, and water, while leaving your body with same fat and actually slowing down your metabolism.

The effective approach to weight loss is not a magic pill or fad diet plan but a change in lifestyle. And guess what? A lifestyle change takes commitment and persistence. Persistence is a virtue that can be developed, just like patience. You may have other virtues, but if you don’t have persistence, you won’t succeed in much, let alone a weight loss program. Thomas Edison was asked once how it feels to fail 1,000 times. And Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 10,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 10,000 steps.” Edison lived persistence. If he had given up at the first, second, third, or fourth attempt, he never would have invented the light bulb. So for you: You’ll get results in your weight loss program only if you are committed, give what it takes and, more important, are persistence.

Develop your persistence virtue by making sure you want it, not others.

Avoid procrastination–Leaving everything for later is a weakness.

Look for real knowledge. Put your common sense to work.

Make definite and organized plans.

Face your mistakes. Blaming others for your mistakes or your situation is a sign of not facing your own shortcomings.

Don’t give in to your body’s desires that may sabotage your weight loss program. Instead, trust and follow your spirit to your goals.

Considering giving up to your weight loss program will probably make you fail and not persist.

Instead of only wanting, act.

THIS IS VERY INPORTANT: avoid looking for shortcuts instead of doing what it takes for you to get the body and health you want. Face the difficulties; they are part of your success.

Your possibilities to success are higher if you are persistence.

Be Ready For Those Unexpected Moments

Be Ready For Those Unexpected Moments

Seven years of hard work have paid off for me. Since I decided to change my life, I have being working towards my goals and I have achieved many of them.  When I look back, I can conclude that my life has changed because of all the changes I have made, not because of luck.

I think about many of the Custom Body Fitness members who started years ago. Many of them have lost a significant amount of weight and transformed their bodies. Others have lost weight, left Custom Body Fitness only to later return because they lost motivation and gained weight back.

Those who lose weight and continue getting in shape are those who are the most disciplined. No matter what happens in their lives, they continue eating healthy and exercise regularly. Many times they come and tell me their stories and struggles with their family, business or job, health, finances, losses and emotions. It amazes me that they continue taking care of themselves.

I can tell you that in these seven years I have learned a lot from my experiences. I had struggles like many of my clients do, unsuccessful knee surgery, my brother’s car accidents, my dog’s life threaten surgeries, car issues, identity theft, unsuccessful heart breaking relationships and lack of help at CBF. However, just like many of our members, I did not stop taking care of all areas of my life; spiritual, family, health, professional and financial.

What I know is that life happens to everyone and whatever happens is not here to stay. It will pass and the two options we have is to stop and be devastated or continue with our goals and take care of the situation as we move forward. Many of our members know this as well.

It reminds me of the analogy in the bible about the dream of the pharaoh that Joseph interpreted.  There are seven fat cows and seven skinny cows. The skinny cows come and eat the fat caws. According to Joseph, there will be 7 years of abundance and 7 of scarcity.  Therefore, when we are in abundance, we must take care of our areas and have reserves for the 7 years of scarcity.

Like I said, these past 7 years have been a blessing for me with a couple of inconveniences mentioned above. Nevertheless, 2017 has been the most difficult one. I have been spiritually/emotionally, family, financial and professionally hit. I think right now I am in my best shape ever, but the rest of my areas are suffering significantly even though I continue doing my best.

This does not mean that I am giving up on my dreams; it means that tough times have come and I need to endure to my dream, my hearts desires and continue taking care no matter how difficult it gets. It means that I should have been prepared for this time like Joseph did by reserving.

I once heard that life is a series of problems coming and the only break we have is a crisis. So it goes like this, problems, problems, problems and more problems, crisis; problems, problems, problems and more problems, crisis.

And I also heard that we should not ask for fewer problems, we should ask for more wisdom and skills.

In other words, weight loss or any other goal you have will never happen unless you know how to deal with all these inconveniences as you continue moving forward. They have always existed and will always exist.


Take Care Of Yourself To Be Able To Take Care Of Others

I am blessed to feel that my life is wonderful, even though it’s busy and stressful. You know why? Because hard work it pays off. When I want something, I dedicate time and effort to obtain it. It’s common in sense: you work for it, you get it.

The other day I had a conversation with someone who was interested in training at Custom Body Fitness. Let’s call her Penelope. She has many things to do, with two sons, husband, and work. In fact she would admit to you that she has a very stressful life. However, I have other clients who are in the same boat, yet they make the extra effort that it requires to get the healthy body they want and be happy.

Penelope told me that her sons are first in her life that she doesn’t really want to take time from them to exercise. She said this even though she admits that she is not happy being overweight. Of course, I didn’t council her to forsake her love ones. But it seems to me that often people waste more time surfing on the web, watching television, or doing other questionable activities instead investing time in something that will benefit both their bodies and their minds.

Talking with Penelope reminded me of a conversation I had with a young man recently. He was confused about life and had some problems. He confided to me that he felt alone and not accepted by his dad. He even started to cry as we were talking and told me something that I will never forget: “I don’t understand, the Bible says that I need to give before I can get, and people say that I need to take care of myself before I can give.” At the time, I told him, “I understand your confusion. The truth is that both are right. You just need to understand it. Before you can give, you have to have it. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t give love others. If you don’t have money, you can’t give it to who needs it. If you don’t feel safe, you can’t make someone else feel safe. Not that we need to be selfish. Care about you, learn, get it, understand it, but once you are blessed, then give it and care about others.”

So I told Penelope that to be able to give the best to her family, she needed to care about herself a bit more. It wouldn’t do her any good if she only worked like a machine, giving all with no thought to her own self. You have to take care of your health to be able to give the best to your family. And there’s the other concept that a parent needs to set an example for his or her family. Sometimes in my own family, I hear an adult tell a youngster to go to college, and the adult makes excuses that he or she is too old to go back to school. But this is nothing but excuses. Especially in the U.S., age is nothing but a number. If you want people to do something good for themselves or to make the right decisions, be a role model and do something for yourself, so in the future you are not a burden to them.

To conclude, if you really want it, you can get it. All it takes is an extra effort that, sadly, many won’t do. Invest your time in something that is beneficial for you and get rid of bad habits. There are other people in the same situation or even more difficult situations who are have done it. Help yourself so that you’ll be able to help others.

In What Ways Are You Different From Everyone Else?

In what ways are you different from everyone else?

You wake up early, have a shower, cook breakfast, prepare your lunch with veggies, get your workout in, get to work, have a healthy mid-morning snack, focus on work goals, eat lunch, slog away all afternoon, finish the last task at work, and go home. You pick up the kids on the way there, take care of the household chores, cook a good dinner from scratch with the family, and eat with them.  Finally, you give yourself 20 minutes alone before bed and choose to read a self-improvement book instead watching TV.  Then it’s late; you get ready for bed and go to sleep.

Even if you’re  disciplined enough to follow this healthy routine five  days a week,  perhaps  some part of you  wants to live a less responsible  way: to eat junk food for meals, to stop at the bar after work, to plop onto the couch at home and veg out watching TV instead of reading.  But you’ve e tried that before and recall that it didn’t contribute positively to in your life, so you stick to your wiser plan.

The good news is the payoff:  After a few months of sensible eating and regular exercise, you start to notice a change in your body and your mind too.  You feel fit, have more energy, and have been several months without getting sick.  In addition, you breathe better, your back is not in pain anymore, you run around  with your kids after work, you feel more alive, and wonderfully you find that YOU ARE LOSING WEIGHT! How exciting.  Also, you are smarter, your mind is clearer when making decisions.  You perform better at work; in fact people have started coming to you for advice. The healthy habits of exercising, eating healthy and reading good books are now paying off in your life.

Your family has grown stronger as well.  Your strong bonds have deepened with this change of lifestyle.

You feel proud because you know your life makes more sense now. Your life and health goals—some of make New Year’s Resolution—are coming true.  It’s not like last year when you didn’t do it even though you tried.  Back then healthy goals were merely a wish list.  But now it’s real.   You’ve learned that positive change doesn’t happen unless you do something about it, and you did do something about it!   You’ve taken your life under control and your quality of life has improved.

This is the reason why you are special, because you pay the price of good habits, every day and every hour of your life.  You are improving your life, your family’s life and your community over all.

I know you are a leader, and have changed your life for better.  Something inside of me tells that I’m not alone in this world and that you have changed your life, because you know you deserve more.  This is the reason why you continue reading this newsletter.

I have faith in your, your family have faith on you and the world have faith on you…

How to be successful in your weight loss!

How many times have you started a weight loss program or a new diet and gave up in the first few weeks or within a month? If you are like the rest of us I would imagine that it has happened on more than one occasion. I can’t help but wonder what your thoughts were behind the actions that you took. So many times we have tried to make changed in your lifestyle and they just don’t stick. I always wondered why this was the case. Why did I give up so quickly? Below is a great video to help you set up your mind and become successful in your weight loss once and for all. 

Many People Do Get Fat After 30: This Is Why

While back when I started exercising, many people would asked me if I was a personal trainer which back then I was only a guy with a dream to improve his appearance.  My only goal was to get in shape.  On the other hand, I had other “friends” who wanted to discourage me to stop exercising.  They would say something like, “When you get older and turned 30 years of age, your body will start getting loser and you will start getting fat.”

Many people start gaining weight after their puberty stage.  And the reason it could be because of the habits they have developed.  I started lifting weights since I was 19 years of age.  I never stopped since then, so I don’t really know what is to be out of shape and I’m very happy with the results weight lifting have brought to my life.

Maybe my friends who thought I would be a fat person passing my 30s believed that I would give up my habits and focus my life in drinking and seating in the couch watching TV like they do.

I don’t think is nothing wrong with their lifestyle if it’s what they want.  However, many people want to improve their self esteem, health, appearance and over all their quality of life.  And I don’t think practicing negative habits will help them do that.

Here is my little secret I’m reveling to you.  Honestly, it is not a secret.  If you take some time to think about it, you will notice that it just make sense:

Every single thing you do in your life has consequences.  So if your goal is to be healthy, lose weight, be in shape, improve your appearance, run your first marathon or wherever it is, you should start working on it every day.  You either work towards or against it.

After hurting my back, completely dislocating my knee, lost a loved one, being in debt, be punished by USA migration and sent back home for months, I continued practicing my good habits and guess what?  The prophecy my friends proclaimed did not become true.  I’m over 30 years of age (I know I look like I’m 26, but it is just my habits that keep me young) and I continue lifting weights and eating healthy with no pains, healthy, disease free and very happy.

I keep in mind one of the laws I read in my personal development- We create our destiny, nobody else has control of it.

So just practice your good habits every day and they will pay off in the future. Great investment!

Thank You For Being Such An Amazing Reader

All the articles that I have written have been created because of you. If there are no readers, then it does not make sense to write. But all passionate writers do so because they are hoping to have a reader. And as you may have noticed, my emails are full of information that I have to share with you to help you in your journey to be healthy, to tone your body, to lose weight and ultimately to find happiness in your own life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my narticles and apply the lessons mentioned in such to your own goals. At the end, I myself have been inspired by other writers and have learned from their knowledge, so I can succeed faster in my journey. The chain of us helping each other to succeed is indeed what matters.

I really enjoy writing the information I share with you and think that the topics I’m exposing will help someone to understand all the choices hi or her have in their life and be able to achieve his or her goal. We all are in the same boat and we want to help each other to navigate to our destiny.

Once again, I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your health, concerns, goals and other questions or comments. However, I promise you to continue my research and education about the myths and truths about fitness. And along the way find out what works and helps you to stay healthy. Truly your health is my priority.

I’m hoping you are enjoying all the articles as I enjoy writing them.