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Traits People Who Lose Weight Share

Recently I assessed a new Custom Body Fitness member who had lost 13 lbs in 15 weeks. It reminded me of another member four months ago who had lost 15 lbs. in the same amount of time. Both of these members were overweight, and most heavy people lose between 2 to 4 lbs a month.  Therefore, I was surprised to see people lose more than 10 pounds in the first 5 week assessment.  Another sort of member Custom Body Fitness have are those who fall into the “fit” scale.  They were active before they walked in the door. This people can put into an “athlete” category.  Fit people generally cannot lose 10 lbs in four months, because they are already in the most healthy weight level. However, they also impress me when they lose 2 lbs or lower their fat levels by 1 percent, since few do that. This raises a question:  Why do some people, in the same “fat level category” lose a significant amount of fat and others don’t? After assessing hundreds of Custom Body Fitness members, I have found a pattern:  Different sorts of habits and behaviors get us different results.

  • People who get results are usually open to change. They listen to my suggestions, learn about healthy eating and exercise, and then they put this new knowledge into practice.
  • They find a balance between work, family, exercise, and other activities in their lives.
  • They change their eating habits by cooking at home, cutting meat intake, adding more vegetables and fruits, eating organic, substituting added beverage for water, and eat five times a day.
  • They have an active lifestyle; they come to Custom Body Fitness 3 to 4 times a week, and hike, walk, run, or bike on their own.
  • They find support by seeking out active people like themselves who are striving for the same goals.
  • They take time to analyze their life—they meditate.
  •    They figure out their goals, write them down specifying each one, and work towards them.

Some people come to CBF with some knowledge of healthy ways already and just need to be reminded;  others simply don’t know how to start they journey to health and weight loss. My hope for all members is that they learn to find a balance in their life in order to accomplish their desires. I want them to feel less frustrated about losing weight and concentrate on their habit changes, not on the weight they are trying lose. So if you want to lose weight in a healthy and fun atmosphere that fits your lifestyle, think about the suggestions above.  These pointers have been proven to work, so why not let them help you.

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Don’t Confuse Fit with Healthy

Last week I assessed one of my clients.  He had lost 12 pounds in 2 months. He said that he recommends me to his group of friends.  He enjoys our sessions, feels healthier, has more energy, is stronger, and — the most important reason he talks about CBF to his friends — he’s happier.  When he refers me to his friends and shows them my website, some of them expect to see a picture of a bodybuilder.

He was telling me that he knows a couple of guys who are huge; they use drugs to increase muscle mass.  Some other guys he knows use supplements.  Since I advocate “natural fitness,” he assumes I don’t take any drugs or supplements.

While it is true that 6 years ago I used protein shakes and creatine, I now know that these products don’t really help me perform any better or add value to my health.  Also, they are likely to do more harm than good.  In my experience, acne and lack of oxygen at night were only two side effects of these products, which is why I stopped taking them.  When it comes to drugs everyone seems to have a different opinion about them.  My opinion is that drugs simply don’t contribute to health even though they may increase muscle mass, endurance or some other facet of human performance.

Even though it sounds sad, many professionals nowadays don’t distinguish between fitness and health; but being fit does not mean being healthy.  Someone taking drugs or using supplements may be able to run fast, have tremendous lean muscle mass or lift incredible weights and can be classified as fit.  However, this person may not be healthy.  Such a person may suffer or develop side effects such as sex impotency, osteoporosis, high blood pleasure, cancer and others.

However, fitness is a factor that contributes to health just like eating nutritious foods and controlling thoughts and emotions.  But many people put their health in jeopardy to be fit.

Weight loss has also taken the same path.  Many people have heard from their doctors that they need to lose weight because of their high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, knee problems, etc.   Many look for the easy exit, taking pills, using hormone therapies, taking supplements or undergoing surgery.

Even though weight loss is the goal, the purpose can get lost while trying to attain the goal.  The purpose of weight loss is to be healthy.  While some people are looking to lose weight for a better appearance (and there’s nothing wrong with losing weight to be physically attractive), they, also, miss the real purpose.  Losing weight in an unhealthy manner won’t help an individual become more attractive.

Getting to know the difference between fit and healthy helps us a lot with the habits we need to practice.  It helps us be aware of our health while we get fit and to remember that we get fit to contribute to our health.  Weight loss is not about being fit only.  It is about being healthy by incorporating fitness in our lives.

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Exercise According To Your Goal

I have learned that the first thing people need before starting a weight loss program is to unleash their desire to lose weight.  This could be a doctor’s call, a divorce, a true look at the mirror or the inability to perform physically.

After the wakeup call, action is required to lose weight.  Some people take imperfect action, and others hire a professional to help them.  But what matters most is that action is taken.

While many people get distracted, discouraged or busy in life and drop their program, others continue perfecting their actions.

For those who drop their weight loss program, nothing changes, they just go back to their precontemplation stage.  In contrast, for those who continue, something magical happens.  After a while, the body starts changing.  As they continue getting results, they notice that they need to modify their program according to their needs, and they do.

A walking-and-small-eating-habit program can be effective for you if you need to lose 100 pounds: Walking every day and cutting out some junk food may lead you to lose pounds of fat monthly.  However, results can come faster if a professional designs a program for you.

If you are only 20 pounds overweight, the same approach may not work. It will help, but you need to work deeply on your exercise and eating habits. For example, you may need to find a more intense exercise than walking and work on your eating schedule and start getting into a cleaner diet.

Now, if you don’t need to see a difference in the scale, but you want to tone your arms, get rid of the muffin top or inner thigh fat, lose inches on the hips and get a flat stomach, you need the deepest and most advanced exercise program.  This will help you get rid of the fat by getting muscle instead.  You may not lose pounds, but your fat levels are decreasing.  Walking, running or eating on time won’t do it for you.  At this stage you need a periodization weight lifting program.

This means that you need an exercise program that is constantly challenging you.  You may need to have clean eating habits.  This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to eat the foods that you like.  This means that you need to understand that there are things that are not made to be digested.  This may get you into weighing the short-term pleasure of eating the wrong foods versus the damage they cause to your body.

In whatever phase you are make sure you continue taking action and improving your actions to get the body that you deserve.  Yes, it’s true. Not many people have the desire to pay the price (time, effort and what the program requires) to be in their best shape.  Be honest with yourself and find out how far you want to go.  But don’t defeat yourself by thinking that it’s impossible.

Remember that the key is to continue taking action to get the body you want.  And when you get there all you need to do is maintenance.

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Best Exercise Tips

There are different exercise tips that need to be fulfilled in an exercise session to reach your fitness goals. Attending an exercises session is the first step; however, it is not all it takes. You could compare this to attending a lecture class and not paying attention to the teacher. Nothing good will come of just showing up. There should be a sense of concentration, taking notes, reading, participating, actively asking questions, etc. The same goes with exercise, engaging our muscles and our minds. Here are six exercise tips that you should follow if you want to see results:

  1. Be in discomfort: Any well designed program made to give results should not keep you in a conform zone. You should feel some sense of challenge all the time. If you don’t feel any challenge, the body is accustomed and will not change to meet the demand. Therefore, you will not see results.


  1. Don’t go backwards: Many people think because they pushed last week, they don’t need to push in the present. Remember that the body becomes accustomed to the resistance given. In other words, if instead of increasing your weight lifting from 15s pounder dumbbells to 20s and go down to 12s, or if you run less or slower than most times, the body will get used to the new resistance. This means that either you get more toned and lose weight by increasing your weight lifting or running distance, or you get gain fat and lose muscle by decreasing your weight lifting or running distance.


  1. Have a “progression” mentality: Think “what can I do better today?” Some examples could be, increase your weight lifting, increase your intensity of the exercise, try to do your entire program in less time, add other exercises and so on.


  1. Live the moment: Concentrate in your exercise and forget about everything else. This is your time to get in shape. Everything else will have its own time.


  1. Find people who are more motivated than you: People who do what it takes to get results usually motivate us, both by personal encouragement and by inspiring us. These people will help you get to your goal.


  1. Enjoy the exercise: Exercise should be challenging, but you must have in your mind that you love it. If you think the opposite of it, you will drain all your energy and you will not get results.

Take these six exercise tips into consideration and get results. My goal is to give you tools to continue your fitness journal. Exercise is a need to stay and live healthy.  I think we all want to do it right, enjoy it and get the most out of it. Don’t waste your time and start this week!

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Exercise Routine

If you don’t belong to Custom Body Fitness yet and are wondering what type of workouts and training we provide, here’s a short introduction.  You can learn this program and take it with you on your summer or other travels.  This program designed are for those who’ve been with us a while and for you who just started on your fitness journey. Keep in mind that this program designed is for people who have no physical limitations. Warm-ups:

Run, bike or do some  other cardiovascular activity from 6 to 10 minutes.  You can also do the following:

Jumping jacks x 1 minute, mountain claimers x 1 minute, jump rope x 1 minute; then repeat the sequence. .

Once you are warmed up,  you may begin doing the program. Rest one minute every time you finish an exercise sequence.

First sequence:

  • 10 Push ups
  • 20 Alternative lunges
  • 20 Double crunches
  • 1 minute Jumping jacks
  • Rest one minute

Repeat the sequence three times.

  • 10 Inverted pulls ups
  • 10 Romanian death lift
  • 20 Alternative curls
  • 1 minute Mountain climbers
  • Rest on minute

Repeat the sequence three times.

  • 10 Overhead triceps extensions
  • 10 Military presses
  • 1 minute Plank
  • I minute Jump rope
  • Rest one minute

Repeat the sequence three times.

To cool down, develop a series of appropriate stretches for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you have any question about these exercises, email me @  If you aren’t sure what some of the above exercise are, look online, Google Images or YouTube.   Have fun, challenge yourself, and make working out  part of your life routine, wherever life takes you.

Use These Tools Ta Make Sure You Are Going In The Right Direction For Weight Loss

While I still believe that the best tools for you to lose weight are commitment, discipline and the desire to lose weight, there are many other useful tools that you may use to help you stay on track and monitor your progress.

It is important to check your progress for many reasons. It helps you stay motivated by releasing dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical released by the brain that is highly addictive. Alcohol and drugs also release dopamine, which is why people become addicted to them. Once you have the feeling of accomplishment by checking your progress, you will become addicted to your new behavior.

It also helps you understand that you are not wasting your time with your program and that all the hard work is paying off. It helps you psychologically. Plus, you can always go back and find out if you are moving forward or not. Maybe your plan is not working and you need to change the approach, such as your exercise intensity or the exercise itself, or your way of eating.

Here are some of the tools I use myself and with our members to help them stay on track to deliver the results I promised.

Skinfold to track your body composition…

This tool helps me to find out how much muscle and fat our members are gaining and losing. It’s not uncommon for our members to lose up to 15 pounds of fat yet gain 12 pounds. The scale does not tell you how much fat you’ve lost; seeing the change in your body composition is more convincing than going with the scale and thinking there is no progress.

Periodization assessment to check your weight lifting progress…

As with anything, you would like to know if there is progress. You may know how much muscle you have added and how much fat you’ve lost, but how do you know what is helping you add muscle and lose fat? Weight lifting periodization does help you understand how your muscles are becoming accustomed to the new resistance and therefore increasing your muscle mass and metabolism. Going over your weight lifting progress and testing each big muscle group can give you an idea what you should be expecting or lifting next month, or the months to come.

Goal setting revisit or resetting to make sure you are hitting your goals or at least are close to them…

It is important that you know you are on track by reaching your goals or at least being close to them. Going over your goals every week, month or three months is a good idea. You will find out if you either are wasting time or doing the right things to reach your dream.

Belief check to discard myths 

There are all types of information. You can get information from the personal trainer who believes in myths or did not do research, or you can get information from a well-trained personal trainer. You can get information online from any deceiving website or from a credible one. You can get information from your friend who listened to another friend who listened to another friend, and the information may get distorted, or you can get information from a well-informed friend. Many times everyone has good intentions, but they don’t have the right information. It is good to question everyone (including me, of course) and make sure everything makes sense to you, so you can end up doing the right thing for you.

PH strips to test your alkalinity…

To find out if you are eating the right foods, there is a good tool that you can use: pH strips. Your body will turn alkaline when you are eating healthy foods and will turn acidic when you are eating the wrong foods. Being acidic contributes to many diseases and being overweight. So if you want to know if you are on track, use this tool. I test myself every weekend to make sure my body is alkaline.

These are very useful tools to meet and continue with your health and weight loss goals. If you use these tools you can stop worrying if your program is working or not or if you are making the right decisions for your health or weight loss.

How Far Are You Willing To Go?

I have heard many stories about women who were anorexic or overweight, men who used to drink, or do drugs who have changed their habits to exercise.  Even though exercise is a good habit, it can become negative.

After these people found a better way to cope with their negative behavior, they start going to the extreme.  Now they do almost anything to get a perfect body.  They take steroids; they start doing unhealthy dieting and spend an unhealthy time exercising.   Now, if you research, you will find many testimonials from these people and how they got lost in the other end. When they find out that their lives were not sustainable and realistic, they start looking for a balance.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a nice body, lose weight and tone your body.

My fat levels are 11% and I am happy how my body looks and how I feel.  Back in the past I wanted to be like the guys on the magazines. Then, I found out that they are not natural and they health is in risk. Also, I am not willing to be a fit only by season.  Many of these magazine models are fit only for the season and when they are in off season usually are out of shape and overweight.

I am not against their decisions and desires or I don’t think what they do is wrong.  However, I don’t know how someone can sustain that lifestyle and stay healthy.

This is what I teach my clients., to be healthy, look great, have a balance and have a happy lifestyle.

Everything has a price.  The more you want the more you need to pay.

What would you like to do? Lose a 5, 10 or 20 pounds? Or tone your body? Anything is fair, but you need to make sure what is that you want because your program depends of this.

I know I am not going to look like Arnold looked in his best because I am not taking the extra help with steroids.  But that is okay because I am happy the way I look. I keep a balance.

The same you should take into consideration. Before starting your weight loss rutting, it important for you and your trainer to know how far you want to go.

If you want to increase some strength and lose 5, 10 or 20 pounds, almost any exercise and eating healthy can do it.  You can do zumba, you can run, hike, swim, bike or light weight lifting. However, if you are planning to tone your body, you need more than just any exercise.  You need a structured weight lifting program that allows you track your progress with periodization.

The body accustoms to the resistant you put it into it.  For example, according to NASA, if astronauts don’t exercise, their bodies start losing bone and muscle, bone and muscle loss mean decreased size and strength.  Once they land on Earth, weakened muscles and bones would make walking difficult.

This is because the body is adapting to the gravity in space which is much less than the one in earth.  In other words, if you give minimum resistant to your body, your body will accustom to it.  If you want your muscles to tone you must increase your weight lifting as you progressing.

One more factor, we are fighting against aging, as we age we lose muscles mass and the only way to regain muscle is by strength training.

Keep This In Mind If You Plan Is To Tone Your Body

One of the most important activities for astronauts is exercise. People on the moon lost their strength — and therefore their muscle — in days. That’s because of the lack of gravity.  Astronauts have difficulty walking on earth after a trip to the moon, according to NASA. After a couple of days the astronauts readjust to the earth’s gravity, and they start walking normally again. This is why exercise is very important. If you think about it, the body needs to develop a level of muscle to be able to survive on earth. I want you to think about this when you want to grow muscle to tone your body.

You’ve probably seen commercials featuring girls with very nice, toned bodies doing aerobics with 3-pound dumbbells. Of course, we all want the easy way to get results. Usually if the commercial is trying to sell an exercise program, it is not going to advertise it as hard work. If you really looked into the routine of those toned girls you’d find that it’s nothing like the 3-pound-weight commercial.

Many people are not looking for weight loss. They are really looking for a nice body. They try everything — even exercise — and it seems they can’t get it. Many people who lose weight will still have flabby areas; that’s because they still have fat to get rid of, and without having much muscle, they look flabby.

So the reality is that as we age we all lose muscle even if we don’t want to, we eat healthily and we take basic care of our bodies. There is no way someone can tone his body without building muscle. Exercise in general will not lead to a toned body. Any exercise can help you lose weight, but toning your body requires more. It requires weight lifting and periodization.

Just as the body on the moon gets accustomed to the resistance on the moon — hence the loss of muscle mass — the body will adjust to any new resistance anywhere. The body transforms itself when subjected to new resistance. In other words, if the resistance is low, the body becomes weak, loses muscle and adapts to the need of that specific resistance. If the resistance is high, the body becomes stronger, gains muscle and adapts to the need of that specific resistance.

To say it differently, if you want to tone your body, you must build muscle. Muscle is hard, and fat is flabby. To grow muscle you must challenge your body to a higher resistance. Our members do this and are very happy with their results; they have strong, toned bodies and are getting rid of the undesired fat. The secret is very simple: Increase your weight lifting by following periodization.

For example, if you are squatting 20 pounds, you must go to 30 pounds when your body allows you and so on. When you are a beginner your progress is measured in weeks. Nevertheless, the stronger you become the longer it takes to go to the next level. It may take you months to advance after 6 months of constant training.

Now, if you were squatting 20 pounds and go to 30 pounds and then to 40 pounds, you have gained enough muscle to lift 40 pounds, and your body has responded to the new resistance. What happens if you decide to go back to 20 pounds or 10 pounds because you’re tired and don’t feel like doing it? Of course, your body readjusts to the new resistance and you lose all you have gained. This is why people who only exercise without following a plan or without knowing how to use periodization never can tone their bodies.

The key to having a nice, toned body is discipline, and many can’t do it. If you’re looking for weight loss, any exercise will suffice when coupled with the right eating habits. If you are looking to tone your body then you need to lift weights using periodization. And don’t be afraid of gaining big muscles. That is not true. It is a myth. I have trained lots of women who have toned their body by lifting heavy weights, and they have the most amazing toned bodies without having big muscles. There is no science that shows the development of big muscles in women unless they’re taking some kind of drug.

If you have being trying everything to tone your body, even exercise, and can’t seem to do it, try something new that works. I promise that if you follow these recommendations for at least 6 months you will find yourself seeing a toned body in the mirror. You will not regret it.

This Is One Of The Most Important Tools To Succeed

There are three rules I learned to be able to reach my goals. Those are organization, organization and organization. Everything should start by organizing. It should continue by organizing and it should end by organizing. I have noticed that people who are not organized in their life don’t have goals and there for can’t achieve their dreams. The less organize the person is the less this person achieves. If you look around you will find that people who are successful with their families, business, health, trips, and life in general are organize.

There is a law called entropy that states that there is a tendency from the entities more organized to the entities less organized. There is never an increase of order unless is coming from a exterior force.  In other words, disorganization will always exist unless we do a conscious effort to organize the de mess.  Look around and you will find out that the more organization you will find, the more successful the person, the family, school, community or country is.

It impresses me when I see many of my clients coming to their assessments with a package with all the paperwork from past assessments. These are the people who keep track of single detail, organizing their progress and make conclusions accordantly.

I personally achieve more when my day is planned and organized. Many times I have left small project for later and soon you will see me going back and finishing it. Takes me more time coming back later to finish the project left than just doing it in the moment. For example, finishing my laundry and leaving it on my bed instead of folding it in the moment, it takes more time later because my cloth is all over the bed, under, on the sides between the bed frame because I decided to sleep on my bed, or rest or I set other stuff on top of it before folding my cloth.

If I finished cooking and I leave the dishes for later, when I come back later to wash the dishes, I ended up finding more because someone in the house already saw there was duty dishes and left extra ones, or the food dries and is more difficult to wash them. While organizing seems very simple and it seems that won’t affect our day and life, by the end it will take more time to go back and fix what we could have organize in the moment.

Planning is a way of organizing your life. Let say for example that you don’t organize your life and leave everything for tomorrow. “I will give time to my son when I have more money,” I will exercise when I have time,” “I will start cooking when I work less hours,” “I will spend time with my wife or husband when I don’t feel tired.” Can you see where all this will lead? Of course, it will have consequences and it might be too late by when things are prefect. You may try to organize your life then when the “will” but maybe by then you are divorced, overweight, your son is a grown man or you are in the hospital.

What is the rush? Live is easier when everything is in place and you don’t have to think about fixing something later. You don’t have to worry about being overweight when you exercise and eat healthy everyday and not thinking about doing it tomorrow if you organize your day. You won’t have to think about going back and find an important paper and get frustrated or pay money to get a new one or spend all day looking for it or miss an important trip/appointment if you organize your paperwork because you will know where to find it. You don’t have to get divorce, suffer if you organize your life with your significant other. You don’t have to miss all those unique moments with your son if you organize your time with your son.

I have some level of discipline when it comes to organize and planning. Nevertheless, I am not perfect and I have to work on organizing my life event better. Organizing has given me freedom, more time, less frustrations, save money and reach my goals. I am being honest with you. I can still have to work more in organizing.

Everything detail is important in life. Even though the atom is the smalls matter it just as important as the universe. We can’t remove any of the components. Thanks to the atom, we have molecules, cell tissues, organs, organ systems, organism, populations, communities and so on. Everything is important to built the universe. The same goes with organization. Organizing your day is just as important as organizing your year and your life. Organizing your health is just as important as organizing your job and your family.

Today is a good day to start, not tomorrow or next year; today is a good day to start. Find out your weaknesses and start organizing your day and week. If you have an overweight program maybe start with your meals or time to exercise. If your relationship is not in its best, start by setting time aside and talk to your wife or husband. If you house is a mess, maybe you want to do laundry, wash dishes. If you have trouble finding paperwork maybe is where you want to start by organizing your paperwork. Or maybe you are struggling financially. This is where you need to start your organization.

The point is to start somewhere. Wait… one more thing; don’t just do this for one week or one month. Start keeping it as a habit. There is no other way. I wish there were another way to be successful and reach your goals. Believe me. You will be super happy in 5 years you started today.

Instructions For Weight Loss

If you want to successfully fly an airplane, you need to learn how to fly the airplane. I don’t think you will just jump on it and “try”. I would say the same about visiting a new place. If you want to be there safe and actually be there and on time, you may need instructions from a friend who was there before, from a GPS, Map or others. We need instructions to do everything successful, even the things that come to us naturally such as talking need instructions and practice.  Someone else thought us how to do it. The better the teacher the faster and better results.

Weight loss is not the exception and since I have being helping lots of people in the valley to reach their goal, I have learned a lot of useful tools that I want to share with you for you to get in shape. I promise you if you follow these 9 tools, you will lose weight, get a nice body and keep it forever young.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started…

I read that somewhere and I don’t remember who I should credit this to. The truth is that if you want to see results soon, you must make up your mind and start now. Leaving it for tomorrow will only prolong it because usually tomorrow becomes next week, next month or next year.

You never fail; you learn…

It is hard for many people to go back in track into a weight loss routine or fitness routine when they have tried a couple times and they have not seeing results and things simple did not come out the way they wanted. An injury may happen, a negative experience with other people at the gym, a bad relationship with the trainer. There will be always these types of events. However, this is not a sign to give up.

This is an experience to learn and move on. Maybe the exercise form was correctly learned or taught or you were distracted and got hurt. Maybe people are in their own world and they are not trying to be rude; they just had a bad day or maybe there is other facility where people are nicer and you can try. Thank god there are so many personal trainers. There is one of each taste and need. You don’t have to stick with one. Learn from the event and move one.


When you lose fat and see the change in your body, recognize and don’t focus on what you have not achieved yet. Instead reward yourself by going to the hot springs, a massage or new cloth. In the other hand, if you don’t lose any fat or you gain, make sure you know that you did not work for it. Make it painful in you and understand that is a mistake. However, once you know that you made a mistake, let go and go back in track and feel the passion that is coming from your mistake and that now you will get great results.

Break all complex tasks into small tasks…

The other day my girlfriend’s car was parked just by my car and the three dogs where in her car. I was transferring them to my car and I open her door and my door. I asked them to get in the other car. Max was the first to think about it but got it right away. He jumped down to the ground and then up to the other car. Ashes and Pelon were trying to figured out. They wanted to jump from car to car. While Max broke such a “complex” task into pieces, Ashes and Pelon wanted to eat the whole elephant with one bite. You have a long way to get a fit body. Don’t make it to complex find the basic on your eating habits and exercise. Eating whole foods and starting with walking is not complex. You don’t have to follow the fad diet or start with a structured weight lifting program. You may progress there, but the point is to break the complex task into simple ones.

One thing at a time and everything will flow smooth…

Be patience. When you are doing everything that is in your hands, everything will fall into place. Results are not over night. Results will come at the right time. When we try force things or make try to get them faster, things never happen. Do your best and wait for magic to happen.

Destiny chooses our parents; we choose our friends…

Another great quote that I can’t remember the author. You are an ambitions person. If you are waiting for everyone to support you, you may stay like that for your whole life. There are many people that don’t want you to change, not because they are bad people. Simply, they don’t want to stay behind and they don’t want to change and is easier for them to try to stop you than work to your level. Find the right people who are doing what you want to achieve and let them help you. They want to see you succeed.

Go Pro…

Many of us feel intimidated because never gone for a run, never lifted weights, biked, hiked, or be active. We focus in what other people are going to think about us. Everyone started somewhere, no one born doing it. Get your exercise outfit and act like a pro and learn as you go along or hire someone who can teach you.

Keep your promises…

I am not sure about you, but I pray everyday no matter what. However, when I am in more need is when I pray the most. When I want something to happen in my life and I need an immediately or desperate change and I can’t find an exit, I always make a deal with God. I don’t forget about my deal and I honor God. If you asked for help and made a promise, make sure you keep your promise.

There is no end…

Weight loss is not a trend, can’t be approach by pills, surgeries, lotions, magic tricks, wraps or any other fast method. Weight loss and being fit is a lifestyle. It can’t be only done for 1 month, 1 year, 10 years. The road to weight loss has no end.

There you have the 9 tools. Put them into practice and wait for your body to change. Everything takes time, but is worth the time. Remember that you will get the body of your dream thanks to the reasons you have to change your body. Before starting to practice these tools, I recommend you go back to the reason why you want to transform your body. The reason will give you the motivation to get momentum.