Glenwood Springs Bootcamp

Getting fit isn’t a one time shot, it’s a lifetime goal. However, you have to start somewhere and there’s no better place than a Glenwood Springs bootcamp. Many people start their own workout program and either fail to continue because they don’t see results immediately or get lost in the mass of fitness information available on the internet and switch from one program to another, eventually quitting. That’s where a boot camp really helps. It provides a well defined program that’s created specifically for each participant’s needs. That’s because personal trainers run boot camps.

Before you start exercising, the trainer learns more about you.

Personal trainers want to know what your goals are and whether you have special needs. If your goal is weight loss, the type of exercise you’ll focus on will be different than someone who wants to build flexibility or endurance. Special needs, such as a physical limitation, may require modifying the form of the exercise or overall workout. The trainer also assesses your overall fitness, all your muscle groups and each type of fitness, endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.

You’ll learn a wide variety of workouts and how to do each one correctly.

Varying the workout is important. Not only does it prevent the body from becoming too efficient, which means it burns fewer calories, it also helps prevent boredom and keeps you focused. Learning to do the exercises correctly helps prevent injuries and makes them their most effective. Sometimes just turning a wrist wrong can cause an injury that puts you on the bench for weeks.

You’ll have fun at a boot camp and make friends.

It won’t be a picnic, that’s for sure, but you will have fun. That’s because the group at the boot camp bond. While everyone may look like they’re doing the same exercise, each person is doing it slightly different. Some will do more repetitions than others, some will do the workout with more intensity and some will even use a different form. Each person knows how hard it is to meet their goals, so there’s plenty of empathy. That forms bonds. You’ll often hear people cheering each other on to success.

Because there is a bond in the group, there’s even more motivation to do well, besides the motivation from the personal trainer.

At a boot camp, you’ll learn a wide variety of exercises you can use after the boot camp ends.

You’ll have the benefit of using the expertise of a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost. Everyone shares in the cost of the trainer’s time.

You’ll see faster results since the trainer’s plan is designed specifically for you.

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One Month Money Back Guarantee

Sign up for our group training program and make a commitment to stay on track for one month. If you're not satisfied with the progress you've made, and the way you look and feel, then we'll offer you a complete refund. That's one full month of free training and other program perks if you haven't enjoyed the results you were expecting.