Great Family Activities You Can Do In Glenwood Springs

Great family activities you can do in Glenwood Springs include both active and sedate types of fun. I believe the best types of activities should get you moving, exploring and expending energy, to get extra benefits from each outing. Active play not only helps you burn calories and build muscle tissue, it also teaches your children how to live active and healthy. I have so many activities I love, so it’s hard to pick just a few.

Downhill and crosscountry skiing can keep you fit in the winter.

I love both these sports for a fun family day, but especially love crosscountry skiing. It’s a way to have family fun that keeps the family together. I find that when we go to Sunlight Mountain Resort, it’s close and reasonably priced so we get more time skiing. We manage to do several runs together or just go our separate ways and meet back at the lodge for lunch. We bring healthy snacks and a sack lunch from home and purchase warm drinks at the lodge. I absolutely love eating outside with a view of the beautiful scenery. There are instructors for both skiing and snowboarding for those new to skiing and a special snowboarding area. There’s also a Nordic (crosscountry) and snowshoe area for those who want the most exercise for their time in the great outdoors. Ironbridge Golf Course also has runs for the crosscountry skiers and snowshoers.

Hiking can be a great family event that can introduce kids to the beauty of nature.

If you’re ready for a hike that will lead to an amazing finale before turning around and going home, Hanging Lake Trail is sure to please and the best part is it’s just three more minutes to Spouting Rock, which is totally amazing. The trail follows Dead Horse Creek and has a steep incline at the top. While the hike is difficult for some, it’s not impossible. Wear comfortable shoes made for more rugged terrain. There are handrails where it gets steeper. Take along plenty of water for along the trail. Stay together along the trail, since you won’t have cell service if anyone strays from the group. Go earlier in the morning. The lake is the most beautiful before noon, around 11:00 and the crowd is thinner. Take a healthy snack and expect a steep climb.

Whether you walk it or ride a bike, the Glenwood Canyon Bike Trail makes a great family outing.

If you want to stay active, love riding bikes or just enjoy spending time walking through beautiful country, this is the perfect spot for you. While the river brings a load roar to your ride, don’t underestimate the manmade noise from the interstate, which is the only negative on this trail. It’s not throughout the whole trail, so it’s a small bit of interruption when traveling the path watching the natural beauty. The grade isn’t too difficult, so no matter what route you take, it’s a comfortable ride. For those who don’t own a bike, there’s bike rentals. There are rest areas along the way with restrooms and picnic tables for a nice meal in a beautiful area.

  • For summer adventures, white water rafting is a great sport. It’s so much fun and gives you a good workout in the process. You can choose your level of difficulty, so it’s great for the whole family.
  • While I don’t recommend it for the whole family, mom and dad might enjoy a get away at the Vapor Caves. It’s great for relaxing, as long as you like steam rooms or saunas.
  • Grizzly Creek trail is another great path to hike and is less crowded than Hanging Rock. It’s a milder hike for the whole family. Limited interstate noise is a bonus.
  • Take a hike to the Linwood Cemetery. It’s just a half mile ad you get a good view of Glenwood Springs at the top. You also get a slice of history, including viewing a monument to Doc Holiday. There are two different routes, one is far more gradual. There’s also benches and stops along the way.

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Great Family Activities You Can Do In Glenwood Springs

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